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  1. Yes, well, it would be best as an option. Even a moment of feedback can damage equipment or cause other problems. The difference between Input Echo and other track states, such as Record or Mute or whatever, is that none of those settings have the potential to create problems on startup if the audio system has been changed in the meantime. This is an issue with other DAWs as well, but I happen to use Cakewalk for most of my recording work, so it's where I encounter the problem, and I do appreciate that you listen and develop with the users in mind. The point about Aux Tracks is that when you change the input from the aux to an audio input, the input echo state is actually changed to off. Then when you change it back to aux, the input echo state is changed back to on. So this is a case where the input echo state of audio tracks is treated differently from aux tracks. In the same way that Cakewalk recognizes when the input of a track is switched to an Aux, it could recognize on startup when tracks are monitoring an Aux and leave their Input Echo state unchanged. Anyway, it would be helpful to me, and I can imagine that other people encounter huge amounts of feedback from time to time when they open a project with their monitors up and a live mic, so it might be helpful as an option. There's a difference when the mics are in the same room as the monitors, as is true for me, versus a conventional studio where there's a control room and a live room. I'd guess many of Cakewalk's users have everything in one room. Thanks for listening.
  2. I'm working with a lot of live recordings right now, where I monitor myself through headphones using various effects within Cakewalk - so I have to use input monitoring while I'm recording. I record for a while, then take a break, then record for a while. Sometimes while I'm doing other things, I use my monitors. Sometimes I forget to turn off input monitoring before I save the project, and then sometimes I forget to mute my monitors before I open the project. As a result, I'm getting massive feedback from my live mic, which upsets my dog. I'd like Cakewalk to check to see if any live inputs are being monitored, and disable them, when I open a project. It would be best if this was an option, just for the odd case where it's necessary to save the state with the project - perhaps someone has a large live-recording template that they need to load up quick to record rehearsals while monitoring the mics, for example. Personally, I would just make it always turn off input echo when opening projects, and if I had some special case where I wanted to easily have a bunch of tracks' input echo enabled when I start up, I could group the input echo buttons so that it would require only one click. But I generally think it's better to have more functionality than less, so the optional approach would be good. I've noticed that with Aux Tracks, when you change the input of an aux track from the "aux" to an audio input, Cakewalk turns off input echo. Then, when you switch the input back to an Aux, Cakewalk automatically turns on input echo. On the other hand, it's logical to turn off input monitoring when you switch to a live input, precisely because there could be a live mic on that channel. By the same reasoning, I think it would be smart to have Cakewalk disable live inputs when opening a project. Thanks
  3. hmmm... with regards to aux tracks, having fiddled with it a little, this is actually a good example demonstrating exactly what I'm looking for. When you change the input of an aux track from the "aux" to an audio input, Cakewalk turns off input echo. Then, when you switch the input back to an Aux, Cakewalk automatically turns on input echo. This makes sense, because, as you note, the whole purpose of the aux track is to monitor its input. On the other hand, it's logical to turn off input monitoring when you switch to a live input, precisely because there could be a live mic on that channel. What I'd like is for Cakewalk to take the same action when I open a project - check to see if any live inputs are being monitored, and disable them. It would be best if this was an option, just for the odd case where it's necessary to save the state with the project - perhaps someone has a large live-recording template that they need to load up quick to record rehearsals, for example. I guess I can assume that such a feature doesn't exist, or at least it isn't well-known enough so that we here in the Cakewalk community know about it. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks - that's closer to what I'm looking for, but it is only operational during playback - so that when I open a project, any channels set to input monitoring will still be active. I actually want input monitoring to work exactly the same as it does, but simply to have input echo state set to "off" when I open a project. Can anyone think of a reason why you would want the input echo state to be saved with a project? It seems so easy to turn it on as necessary.
  5. Yes, exactly, my templates do not have input monitoring. However, in the midst of my endeavors, I sometimes save an existing project with input monitoring set. Since there is no reason I would ever need input monitoring set when I re-open that project, I am looking for a way to set Cakewalk to disable input monitoring when opening existing projects.
  6. Well sure, I don't have input monitoring set on my templates for new projects. What specifically happens is that I am using a Cakewalk project to set up audio for live streaming, so that I have the input monitoring enabled on a track, and I'm listening on headphones. I'm also recording at the same time, so I save as I exit. When I then open the project up again later to continue streaming/recording, if my monitors are not muted, then I get feedback. Obviously it would be great if I remembered to disable input echo before saving, but there are a lot of things going on at once, you know... The point is that there is never a time when I need to have input monitoring turned on when I open a project, since I can easily enable it at will, but there is often a time when having it enabled is detrimental. So, I'm asking whether it's possible to set it to default to "off", ie for it not to be saved as an element of the project.
  7. Is there a way to set Cakewalk to disable input monitoring on startup? What happens all too frequently to me is that I open a project with a live mic, and get a blast of feedback until I disable the offending track's "input echo". I personally do not ever want input monitoring to be saved with the project - I can think of no reason why I would ever feel burdened by the need to turn it on, while it often creates problems - but presumably this is something other people like, or it would not be designed this way. Obviously it would be a fine thing if I remembered every time to mute my monitors, but it occurs to me that the option to have input monitoring turned off automatically whenever a project is open might a useful feature, perhaps even one already implemented. Thanks you.
  8. I understand some of your reasons for making that choice, but I think there are good reasons to make a different choice. I know a guy who is still running Sonar 7 or 8 on Windows XP, making records every day. I personally will most likely switch to 10 when necessary, for a variety of reasons, but it would be nice if until then I could use 2019.05. Not the end of the world, but puzzling why the world is the way it is. Also, I would have liked to know what the cause of the issue is, and why its effects are limited to Win 7. Anyway, thanks for your work on the program. One thing I really appreciate about your current business model is how updates are real quick and painless, which I recognize is connected to your policy about providing a stable Win 7 install file.
  9. Apparently this only happens in Windows 7, as Klaus has revealed above. Something definitely did change as of 2019.07, as was discussed in the thread for that version. In the course of documenting this behavior of track envelopes, I was aware of the existence of clip envelopes, and was not confused about which is which. "Select track envelopes with clips" does not affect clip envelope behavior. Here, using 2019.09 and Windows 7, there is no complicated process necessary to reproduce the behavior. New project. Create clip. Create a track envelope on the track with the clip. Create 4 nodes on the envelope within the duration of the clip. Attempt to select the middle two nodes using the lasso. Press the delete key. If "Select track envelopes with clips" is checked, all four nodes will be deleted, as all four will have been selected. If "STEWC" is not checked, the middle two nodes will be deleted, as well as a portion the envelope. See first screencap. Thanks for your help! After your suggestion about clip envelopes, I have tested them as well. Create clip envelope on clip. Create 4 nodes. Selecting the middle two with the lasso behaves correctly (pressing the delete key deletes those two nodes and nothing else). Select the middle two by swiping the selection tool. Press delete. The two nodes are deleted, as well as the clip underneath the selection area. "STEWC" does not affect this behavior. See second screencap. If all of this works properly in Windows 10, then I can understand that it may not be a priority, though I'd be wary of assuming that whatever has changed won't cause problems down the line in 10 as well. I would appreciate it if you could at least help me understand what underlying change has caused this, and whether I can prevent it by changing an option somewhere. I'm guessing it is related to changes to comping, as I believe some of that was implemented recently. Thanks Oh, also if this is a Windows 7 issue, can you please please please provide an installer to roll back to a version which hasn't been changed in this way? Thank you. Specifically, I believe the last functional Windows 7 release is 2019.05. It would be a great service to anyone still using Windows 7 if you could make 2019.05 available in perpetuity. Thank you.
  10. Is there any change to the automation node selection/deletion behavior? I've described the issue here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/7171-201909-feedback/page/6/&tab=comments#comment-77103 It would be great to at least find out how it is intended to work. Perhaps this is related to changes to comping? Please provide a way to go back to the old behavior. Thank you!
  11. What are people's preferred methods for selecting and deleting a group of automation nodes? As I discussed most recently here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/7171-201909-feedback/page/6/&tab=comments#comment-77103, the behavior for node/envelope selection has changed in the last several months. Since I can't understand why the behavior was changed, I'm hopeful that it will change back soon as I requested at the link above. However, until then, I'm curious about what other people are doing. A specific scenario I have found to be more difficult in the current release would be when there is one node directly (or almost directly) above another one, and I wish to select that node as well as several others on the same envelope, followed by deleting the selected nodes. Previously, I would lasso-select the nodes on the main track (for various reasons I prefer to edit all automation curves on the main track without expanding lanes) and press the delete key. I explain why this is no longer possible in the above-linked post. As far as I know, in the current release, the most efficient method would be to expand automation lanes, then swipe-select the nodes as well as the synchronous nodes I wish not to select, then to control-click on those synchronous nodes to deselect them, then to press the delete key, then to collapse the automation lanes. This is less efficient and also incurs a degree of unpleasant cognitive dissonance as I have to select and then deselect the synchronous nodes. Does anyone have thoughts about what is supposed to be happening here, why it changed, and whether there is an efficient way to do this now, either intended or workaround? Thanks
  12. I'm still noticing strange behavior with lasso selecting nodes on a track automation curve. Actually it appears to have gotten worse since 2019.07, about which I had some discussion here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/5539-201907-feedback/page/3/&tab=comments#comment-48602 As far as I can tell, the 2019.07 behavior is still happening, in that if "select track envelopes with clips" is checked, then all track automation nodes on a clip are selected when I lasso a single node. Also, even when "select trk env w/ clips" is unchecked, if I use the lasso to select a node, it selects the envelope itself, so that deleting the nodes deletes the envelope, leaving a "jump" style dotted envelope. This is really not helpful to me, and as far as I can tell it's no longer possible without expanding automation lanes to select a group of nodes and delete them without also turning that part of the envelope to "jump". If I expand the automation lanes, and then select multiple nodes with the lasso, the clip on the main track is selected and deleting the nodes deletes the clip. So, what remains is to use the swipe-selection method on the nodes after expanding the automation lanes. Expanding automation lanes is for me an unnecessary complication, and I prefer to see all automation curves at once on the main track. Swipe-selecting using the selection tool is inferior for selecting nodes, because the nodes are often nearly or completely vertical to one another, meaning that it is impossible to select only one of them by swiping. The lasso is (or was) basically perfect for selecting nodes. I am unaware of any reason for any of these changes. I would humbly request that the behavior be reverted to how it was several months ago, which was the way it had been for as long as I can remember over the last ten or so years I've used the program.
  13. It looks like after the hotfix, clicking during playback in the bus area still sets the now time - the "set during playback" option only changes the behavior of the track area. Not sure what the intended behavior is now but I think the bus and track areas were both safe before.
  14. OK I started a new project, recorded a bit of silence, and it looks like when "select track envelopes with clips" is checked, lassoing one node will select all the nodes within that clip, but unchecked it will select only the one node. Before it would always select the one node.
  15. Another new behavior is that when I try to select a couple of nodes on an automation envelope with the right-click lasso, it selects all automation on the clip. (This happens even if I expand the automation lanes, which I normally never use except sometimes while creating envelopes.) Is that the way it is now, or am I missing something? I can see how it makes a kind of sense since the right click lasso would select the clip were the track's edit filter set to clips, but the vertical swipe-to-select thing doesn't work well for selecting nodes that are stacked up above each other, and ctrl-clicking each node or moving them one at a time is kind of clumsy. Anyway, is the behavior supposed to be different now? Is there a way to use the lasso on only a few nodes?
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