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  1. Hi David, I do have a pedal. Maybe I wasn't too clear... I simply want to correct some pedalling rather than playing through portions of the song again. I seem to have figured it out now. Click at the top left of the pedal graphic to move it to pedal sooner and to the bottom right to allow a longer sustain. Thanks to everyone who has offered help!
  2. Hi I've been trying to add some Pedal Sustain in the PRV but every tool I try just makes things worse. I've tried using the Alt Key with the tools but no luck. Old Cakewalk Tutorials do not show the correct method. Does anyone have experience with this in Cakewalk by BandLab? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hello Scook, I followed all the instructions (even though this all freaked me out) and was able to re-install Cakewalk by Bandlab successfully. There was a small glitch, but stupid me, I didn't make a note of what it was but was able to continue through the install. I now have a beautiful UI - Tungsten Dark Theme and the choice is there if I do want to switch back to Mercury. I probably won't because it was too hard on my eyes. One weird thing... I've always had a problem with the Waves plug-ins coming up with errors on the VST Scan but now everything scanned perfectly - first time in maybe 6 months! I want to thank you and the other members on this site for taking the time to help. I hope I never have to do all of this again - I absolutely hate going into the directory and deleting stuff! Bye for now, Paul
  4. Hi again Scook, Cakewalk is not uninstalled. Both Home and Bandlab version are still working. So I installed BandLab Assistant OK. Then tried to uninstall as you suggested and the Uninstaller File is missing. Not sure what to do now. It's too bad that BandLab does not seem to allow a new download of Cakewalk or a Repair Function. If I could reinstall it, perhaps the problem would be gone. Please see pic of what I see when I follow your instructions to uninstall. Incidentally, thanks for your advice re: deleting my email address in a previous post. I've done that. Thanks, Paul
  5. Hello Scook, Thank you for your reply. It seems my problem is worse than I thought. There is no folder "Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes". So I did what you suggested and when I clicked on Uninstall in All Control Panel Items, it came up with an error and has since disappeared from the list. So I went into CC Cleaner and it was there so I clicked on Uninstall. And once again, it disappeared. I can't uninstall it with either program! What method would you suggest to uninstall it now? My worry is that if I (for instance) delete the folders, I will destroy my copy of Sonar Home Edition and perhaps inserts or plugins that came with one or the other. So Cakewalk is obviously corrupted.
  6. Hi, I would like to know how I can install the Tungsten Platinum or Tuncury Themes. I have the older Sonar Home and newer Cakewalk by Bandlab but only have Mercury available in Cakewalk. Tungsten is ok in the Sonar Home. Problem is... I have searched and searched and there no folder Cakewalk Content with shared themes. I have spent hours trying to find the folder where Mercury is hiding! Can anyone please tell me how I can add Tungsten Theme? Thanks so much.
  7. Hi everyone. I have a stupid problem. For some reason I only have the Mercury Theme. I would love to try the Tungsten Theme. I've tried going to Bandlab to install but always comes up with my Cakewalk software is 'up to date'! So is there a fix? Thanks, Paul
  8. Hi I have both Sonar Home Edition and Cakewalk by Bandlab installed. I have a problem with a missing folder called 'Overloud'. This folder houses the Tube Emulator VST (or should!) It must have been deleted so I get constant errors when scanning VST's. Does anyone know how I can obtain the files again and install the Tube Emulator? Or... if this is impossible, how can I disable it for good so it won't keep appearing as an error? Disabling in VST scanning only gets rid of it until next scan then the problem is there again. FYI I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the Home Edition and Cakewalk by Bandlab - it did not resurrect the missing folder so problem still exists. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks, Paul
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