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  1. Thanks Erik! I also edited my earlier message to you to remove the link to the old file. Brian
  2. Are you planning to update the Tungsten Clear theme with the 2021-12 archive button changes? Thanks, Brian
  3. Erik, are you planning on updating the Logical theme with the 2021-12 updates for the archive buttons? Just curious... Thanks, Brian
  4. Thanks Colin...my Google Chrome had no problem downloading the updated link in the top post.
  5. When I "Inspect" the web page, your link for the MIL-SPEC-ALPHA.zip download goes to an http:// URL which my Google Chrome doesn't like. But (for the sake of comparison) your link for the FLAT_WHITE. zip download goes to an https:// URL which my Google Chrome has no problem downloading from. I tested Microsoft Edge, and it has no problem downloading from the http://URL. I can actually download the MIL-SPEC-ALPHA.zip using my Google Chrome if I right click on the http:// link, "Copy link address", and then paste and go in a new tab. Maybe you could change the MIL-SPEC-ALPHA.zip URL to an https:// URL also in case others have a problem with the http:// URL. My Google Chrome also had no problem downloading the file when I manually edited the URL to the https:// version of the URL: https://www.prodigalsounds.com/sonar/themes/MIL-SPEC-ALPHA.zip
  6. The download link isn't working for me at the moment. It has always worked in the past. Nothing at all happens when I click on it.
  7. @Colin NichollsYes. I was focused on the clips in the track view, and didn't look at the Piano Roll view. You are showing what I was questioning--the black foreground notes on the dark gray background clip on Track 1 in the Track View on both of the graphics that you posted above. I can use the Inspector to change the background color of those clips, but not the black foreground notes color of the clip. If I change the background color of the drumkit clips only, then they stand out like a sore thumb compared to the background color of all of the remaining clips that aren't drumkits. Anyway, black notes look awesome on the background colors of the clips in your new Flat White theme. Since you are the author of the Young Lady's Primer, I thought you might be interested in this anomaly. When you copied the MIDI clip to MIDI track 3 and see the green color, this makes sense. If you then went on to change track 3 to TTS-1 15360-Preset Rhythm Standard Set, then the green color notes in track 3 would change to black notes also. Thanks again for taking time to look into this!!
  8. @Colin NichollsI created a new topic in the UI Themes forum "Drum-Kit Clip Notes Always Black and Unchangeable". Thanks for being willing to look into this further! Thanks also for creating the great new Theme!!
  9. @Colin Nicholls Here is a way to demonstrate my issue. Switch to Mercury theme (but the issue is the same in all themes). Pick any MIDI track with notes in a clip. Insert the Soft Synth TTS-1 (since this results in the demonstrating the identical problem I have with MIDI hardware drum kits). Using the Inspector, change the track's output to Cakewalk TTS-1. Change the Bank to 15360-Preset Rhythm, and change the Patch to Standard Set. Click on the Track Number or the clip itself to select the clip. The notes become black and the foreground color of the notes can't be changed. Go to the Inspector and try to change the Clip foreground color. Uncheck the Use Track Colors box. The color can be changed in the Foreground properties box, but the actual note foreground color in the clip does not change to match the color in the Foreground properties color box. VST's such as Session Drummer will behave differently because they are not duplicating the functionality of a MIDI hardware drum kit the same way that the TTS-1 soft synth 15360-Preset Rhythm bank does.
  10. @Colin Nicholls CbB is like Henry Ford. It will only allow me black notes in the situation that I described. If I want light colored notes for a theme with black or dark gray clip backgrounds, CbB will only let me have black MIDI instrument drum-kit notes. I want the same color for all of the MIDI instrument drum-kit notes, but I want choices other than black only.
  11. Colin, sorry I wasn't clearer. My problem is not with your theme, my problem is with CbB. I am referring to the Clips in the Track View/Clip Pane. If I import a MIDI file with numerous tracks, CbB will let me change the foreground colors of all of the various instrument track notes with one important exception. CbB will not let me change the foreground colors of the notes on any track if the track points to a complete MIDI drum-kit (various percussion sounds mapped to various notes) to be played by one of my MIDI instruments, for instance a Roland GS Drumset with 0=Standard Kit, or 16=Power Kit, or 32=Jazz Kit, etc.) associated with a list of .Note Names for each drumset (...36=Kick Drum, 37=Side Stick, 38=Snare Drum, etc.).
  12. Thank you very much Colin! This theme may save me quite a bit of time. I work a lot with MIDI tracks and often those MIDI tracks include drum-kit tracks with multiple drum kit sounds/notes on the same track. Whenever the current Cakewalk by Bandlab identifies one of these MIDI drum-kit tracks (presumably they are identifiable because in my master.ins file each drum-kit has its own corresponding list of sounds in the .Note Names section), it forces all of the MIDI notes in the drum-kit clips to be a black foreground color and does not allow me to change the black foreground color. Since most themes have some sort of dark gray or charcoal gray default MIDI track background color, then the result for my drum-kit tracks is an unpleasant-to-view black on gray. If I want clips that are pleasant-to-view, then I must manually change the background color for the clips to a lighter color that will contrast with the impossible-to-change black foreground MIDI notes color. Your theme's solution is much more elegant and doesn't require me to change any clip background colors.
  13. I have four computers successfully upgraded to Windows 10 2004, but I also have two computers with multiple failures upgrading to Windows 10 2004 that I have given up on, and two computers that I haven't risked attempting to upgrade to Windows 10 2004. I will wait at least until "Update & Security" tells me that the remaining four computers are ready before I will waste any more time on them. As an example, one of the failed computers Blue Screened around 75% installed with 0xC1900101 - 0x40017 The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during BOOT operation. The other failed computer Blue Screened during installation with a Memory Management stop code. Both have older AMD graphics cards that no longer get new driver updates made available from AMD. One is a desktop and one is a laptop. Just one of several theories...
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