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  1. I was not able to get it to work with the SY77 connected up to Cakewalk. However, I connected the SY77 to my Kawai Q80ex sequencer and was able to get it to work. So issue is now solved and I now have the files in .MID format.
  2. I have my SY77 plugged into Cakewalk through my UMC404HD audio interface and Cakewalk does see the SY77. I can see the meters moving when I start the sequencer on the SY77.
  3. I didn't press the start button. I pressed the RECORD button to the right with the red dot and got the message you indicate. I just tried again pressing the start button instead of the record button and get the same message however Cakewalk does not record.
  4. I must be missing something here. I have Cakewalk set as Preferences / Project-Clock / MIDI Sync. The SY77 is set to send the MIDI clock. I have Cakewalk setup as an EMPTY project with one MIDI track inserted. Cakewalk is armed to record and the record button is pressed however, when I start the SY77 Cakewalk hears the MIDI input but the transport does not start recording.
  5. Also, according to this link, http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=Synchronizing.05.html in order to configure Cakewalk to be the SLAVE I must go to Preferences / Project-Clock. Where is Project-Clock? I don't see this anywhere? How do I configure BLCW as the SLAVE? UPDATE: Ok, I found Project=Clock after setting Preferences to ADVANCED and set it to MIDI sync however, nothing happens when I hit play on the SY77 sequencer.
  6. Ok, so it sounds like Cakewalk needs to be the SLAVE and my SY77 the MASTER in this case. Cool. What about my other question?
  7. I have a number of compositions I created many years ago on my Yamaha SY77. The SY77 has a built in multi voice sequencer but uses it's own proprietary file format meaning it does not save as a .mid file format. I would like to get these sequences into Cakewalk and have a couple questions: 1. If I connect a MIDI cable from the SY77 OUT into my UMC404HD which supports MIDI and play the sequence on my SY77, will Cakewalk record the sequence and separate all the individual tracks? If so is there anything in particular I need to setup within Cakewalk prior to doing this? 2. I assume I would need to have Cakewalk listen for a MIDI clock start command? If so, how is this setup in Cakewalk? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Songroom for the very clear answer here. I appreciate it. So, one more question. Under DEVICES it does list the Keystation 49 MK3 as you show and also my UMC404HD digital audio interface. Is it OK to have both the keyboard and the DAI checked at the same time? I am hoping so as there are times when I would want to play the keyboard and sing into a mic at the same time. Thanks
  9. My new Keystation49 controller does not have a MIDI in or out. It only has USB connection. My Roland MIDI controller has MIDI in and out which plugs directly into my digital audio interface. How do I use the Keystation keyboard with Cakewalk as it is supposed to plug directly into my computer? How do I tell Cakewalk to listen to the keyboard?
  10. Thanks! That worked. However, when I go to C:\Users\ yourusername\AppData\Roaming\ Bandlab Assistant\ there is no Download folder. There is only a Logs folder. But under C:\Users\ yourusername\AppData\Roaming there is another folder called bandlab-assistant (lower case plus hypen) and it did contain the Download folder where I was able to install the Cakewalk update.
  11. Yes, I've upgraded to the latest version of BandLab Assistant. No difference. Same crap happens. So, how do I update Cakewalk now? It's been stuck at updating 3 plus hours now. How do I fix this? This is maddening!
  12. I launched BL Cakewalk today to work on a project and got a notice of an update. I clicked Update which brought me to Bandlab Assistant and I clicked up date there. That was over an hour ago. It's just hanging and flashing at INSTALLING. So.. can't work on my project. How do I fix this?
  13. I am using the Behringer U-Phoria UMC4040HD Digital Audio Interface with Bandlab Cakewalk. The Behringer U-Phoria UMC4040HD comes with a power supply however, everything with the Behringer U-Phoria UMC4040HD seems to work just fine only with the power it receives from the USB connection to my computer without the power supply plugged in. Is there a benefit I am missing by not using the power supply for my audio digital interface?
  14. Correct. I played the kick and snare first and then recorded over on the same track and added the closed and open hi hat. I don't understand what Bounce to Clips is all about. I read the documentation and it's not clear to me how it works.
  15. All the MIDI data for the TTS is on one track.
  16. I created a basic 4 measure drum track with kick and snare using TTS-1 drums set. And then recorded over it adding closed and open hi hat. I want to copy the 4 measures 3 times for a total of 12 measures. However, when I try copying the 4 measures only the kick and snare get copied. I've tried selecting all and that doesn't work. How do I get ALL the drums in the 4 measures to copy? Thanks
  17. tdehan

    Stuck note

    How can I find what is causing a stuck note in my recording? I am recording a church organ instrument plugin. At almost the very end of the piece I have a stuck note/chord. I've deleted where it appears to be however each time I start the track playback again from any location in the track the stuck note/chord appears. The only way to get it to play at least up to the point where it is stuck is to close out and restart Cakewalk. What causes stuck notes? What should I be looking for in the track to rectify the issue? Thanks
  18. I'm trying to install the Cakewalk AddOns and none of the 4 will install. It just sits there at installing for over an hour. I've rebooted and tried several times. I've uninstalled and re-installed Bandlab Assistant. No love... How do I get these addons to install please? Thanks
  19. Ok, looks like it is working now. I reinstalled BandLab Assistant and performed the update again and this time it worked on both computers. However,..... Now when I open a MIDI file I am getting the following error:
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