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  1. Thanks. That took care of the problem. However, that doesn't answer my question as to why this keeps happening?
  2. I have 2 questions about plugins: 1. Is there a specific order plugins should be applied to a track? 2. Why are some of the plugins different colors?
  3. This is happening again! When I click to Create a New Project the window is once again blank! Why is this happening?
  4. Sure, I am aware of this. However, I didn't want to uninstall, I just wanted to re-install over the top. If I uninstall it will all my plug ins go away?
  5. When I launch Cakewalk I get the following message: Because Cakewalk is already installed, when I open Bandlab Assistant there is no option to re-install as it says that it is already installed. Is there a way to do this?
  6. Thanks. I downloaded, unzipped and copied the ProChannel Presets to the destination folder you list. However, how do I access them from within Cakewalk?
  7. What VST plugins that come with Cakewalk would be good to use on the bass guitar track I just laid down? Thanks
  8. I've recorded some acoustic guitar tracks into Calkwalk using my condenser microphone through my UMC404HD interface. Plugging the mic into INPUT 1 will record the track to the left. Plugging into INPUT 2 will record the track to the right. Is there a way to get the track on both the left and right (stereo)?
  9. Got it! That's the part I was missing. I need to insert an INSTRUMENT track. Thanks!
  10. Yes. There are only 2 options and it selects the interface by default
  11. Ok... however, I am back now where I was yesterday. I've spent hours on this. This should not be this difficult. I'm back to showing an MIDI signal in but getting now audio for the track. I have it set for a Church Organ but no sound. Here's what I've done: inserted a new MIDI track select the UMC404HD interface | INPUT | Omni it defaults to the UMC404HD interface as OUTPUT MIDI channel is set to 5 <default> Patch = Church Organ Yesterday when I all of a sudden was able to get sound there was a MASTER slider that appeared also. I have no idea how I got that and why I don't now but am guessing that is why I don't hear anything. What I am missing? ...
  12. True. However, when I turn down the volume of the particular instrument in question, it lowers the input level as well
  13. Turning down the headphone volume turns down the total mix. Not just the one instrument.
  14. Another question. I have the organ instrument now working. I have good levels on the input. But it is way to loud in my headphones. Isn't there a way to turn what I am hearing down but not affect the input level?
  15. I checked out the MIDI section starting on page 130. That didn't help. I can get PIANO to sound when I play the MIDI controller. However, I can't get any other instrument to play other than PIANO. I selected Organ 1 but still only get PIANO. If I select different pianos I still get the original one that sounds. Here is how it is setup.
  16. I have connected my Roland PC-200 MK II through the Berhringer UMC404HD into Cakewalk. I've inserted a new MIDI track into my project and select Hammond Organ from the instrument drop down within Cakewalk. I can see the meters jump up when I play the keyboard on the MIDI controller but I don't hear any audio. How do I get the MIDI controller to fire the instruments within Cakewalk? Thanks
  17. Is it not normal to monitor affects on tracks during recording? Or, is the norm to monitor all dry?
  18. If I enable a reverb affect (or not), set the Cakewalk Output to the UMC404HD and enable INPUT ECHO on (all tracks) I can hear the reverb in the headphones. However, there is a severe delay in what I play and what I hear back. If I don't set it this way, I get nothing back through the head phones when the interface is set to monitor PLAYBACK. I'm missing something here...
  19. I don't have studio monitor speakers, just computer speakers connected to the computer. I will play with the interface and the input/output settings in Cakewalk. Thanks
  20. Correct, there are no speakers plugged into the interface. The speakers are connected to my computer sound card. If am understanding correctly, I need to setup within Cakewalk to use the interface for input and output. Is that correct? Also, what does CbB stand for?
  21. Yeah, it's a bit confusing. I have no outputs from the UMC404HD to speakers. The headphones is all that is plugged in to monitor. I've played with the MIX knob. When turned all the way to the left it is monitoring the INPUT (I believe). When the knob is turned all the way to the right it is monitoring the PLAYBACK (again, I believe). However, when turned all the way to the right there is no sound in the headphones. When it is turned to the left or even to 12 o'clock I am hearing the guitar input, no affects from Cakewalk.
  22. I am using the Behringer UMC404HD digital audio interface into Calkwalk. I am working on recording some acoustic guitar tracks. I am adding reverb to a guitar track but do not hear it in my headphones connected to the UMC404HD when I am previewing prior to recording. If I have the computer speakers turned up, I can hear the affects through them. Shouldn't I be able to hear affects in my headphone mix prior to actually recording the track?
  23. Got it! That worked. Thanks!
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