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  1. @RexRed Did you ever sort this issue? I'm experiencing something similar with Cakewalk with RME UFX+ on windows 10.
  2. Hi, if you see my other thread, I'm experiencing a lot of instability with Chromaphone 3 and Dimension Pro. I don't suppose you have Dimension Pro in the project? I am currently in touch with Eric at AAS about the issue, but they need Dimension Pro to proceed!
  3. I submitted this ticket 2 months ago with no follow up, I also chased in December and got no response! I'm still in touch with Eric at AAS on this, and they'd like to get their hands on a copy of Dimension Pro. Please can I get some help, I'm losing hair over this issue.
  4. I've attached the minidump from the other machine and project. Would really love some help here.
  5. I've confirmed with my bandmate this is also occurring on a different project on a different machine with the same plugin and the same error on Dimensions Pro. So definitely not an isolated incident.
  6. Running 09.2020 for now. Have a project with about 13 instances of Dimension Pro. Tried adding an instance of Chromaphone 3. Appears to add ok, but as soon as I go to play the project I get a crash. Dimension Pro 64 is showing as the source of the crash. You can see the crash occurring here as it occurred during a live stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/813105494 After that I tested something else. I opened an essentially blank test project with no instruments loaded and then added Chromaphone 3. The project played fine. I then closed the test project and went back into my main project and tried to play it, I got another crash even though Chromaphone had been loaded to a different project! I'm assuming there's some memory mishandling here, but I don't know if it's a Chromaphone or a Cakewalk issue. The fact that I experienced this issue with something occuring in one project affecting another led me to believe it was a Cakewalk issue. Cant add minidump for now as it exceeds the max attachment size but can provide if needed.
  7. As described. Contradictory behaviour when using a drum map view in the piano roll. I'd really like to be able to use the Alt+Scroll shortcut to zoom while working with drum maps.
  8. Also having this issue. Sad to see no response from May. It's incredibly disruptive to the work flow. Is it a known bug?
  9. Oh dear lord, I would kill for this. To add insult to injury, level or pan changes cannot be undone.
  10. Thanks so much @micv this totally saved me!!! Details below for anyone else having this issue: 200ms MIDI buffer was working fine for me on a project with ~100 plugins, 150 tracks, no issues, until I upgraded DMG TrackComp from v1 to v2, then everything was stuttering and cutting out. Also had this same issue with Mastering The Mix's REFERENCE plugin. I would get dropouts with error reason 1 : Audio processing took longer than the buffers allotted time slice. My audio buffer was already at the max of 4096 samples (which is standard for me when I'm mixing). I was at a loss until I upped the MIDI buffer to 400ms. Smooth as a baby's bee-hind. Thanks again. You've really saved my *****.
  11. I am installed, and got my projects up and running. Thanks all!
  12. @John I just bit the bullet and uninstalled it, it left all the folders outside of Cakewalk Core untouched! Phew.
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