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  1. Oh dear lord, I would kill for this. To add insult to injury, level or pan changes cannot be undone.
  2. Thanks so much @micv this totally saved me!!! Details below for anyone else having this issue: 200ms MIDI buffer was working fine for me on a project with ~100 plugins, 150 tracks, no issues, until I upgraded DMG TrackComp from v1 to v2, then everything was stuttering and cutting out. Also had this same issue with Mastering The Mix's REFERENCE plugin. I would get dropouts with error reason 1 : Audio processing took longer than the buffers allotted time slice. My audio buffer was already at the max of 4096 samples (which is standard for me when I'm mixing). I was at a loss until I upped the MIDI buffer to 400ms. Smooth as a baby's bee-hind. Thanks again. You've really saved my *****.
  3. I am installed, and got my projects up and running. Thanks all!
  4. @John I just bit the bullet and uninstalled it, it left all the folders outside of Cakewalk Core untouched! Phew.
  5. @Starship Krupa @John@Johnbee58 - Thanks guys. I've made the mistake of not installing CbB via the Assistant and now stuck in perpetual Demo mode. The question now it seems, is how do I uninstall CbB without losing any of my Sonar plugs/instruments? I click uninstall via the Assistant and the first popup asks me if I want to remove CbB and all of its components, not sure I should be doing that as won't it mess up the Sonar installed plugs/instruments?
  6. So I've downloaded all the files, and I'm about to install, and the install default folders are the same as Sonar, including the "Shared Midi plugins" "Shared DXi" etc etc, at this point I don't know whether to go ahead or not, if I install will I lose the content of these folders for them to be replaced with the defaults of the CbB install? I obviously want to retain all my plugs/instruments from Sonar, but if I install in a different folder (not c:/Program Files/Cakewalk) will I create problems? Ideally I want to be able to still use Sonar if I have difficulties with some projects. So where to install CbB?
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