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  1. For anyone interested in Vegas, SFPro in now included in all editions of Vegas 18. And they say that if you upgrade by the 11th SpectraLayers Pro 7 in included in the price.
  2. Thanks to the Bakers for an excellent release, including the new hooks for Mackie MCU.
  3. Noel and the Bakers- This is such a fantastic release. To me it's similar to a major upgrade! Thanks so much.
  4. Thanks @Morten Saether for the all the time to do this for the users.
  5. The A Pro series are still available from Roland. They are rebranded as Roland, duh, but everything else is the same. I also have the A 800 Pro and it works great with CbB . They are listed as Keyboard Controllers.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. I taped the total eclipse in Aug of 2003 and am hoping to record this event with our 1 year old camcorder. Tape vs digital. 🌙
  7. Just my email settings. All good here.
  8. That made my day. (I do use BBE on certain recordings. It was great in the old cassette days. I used it on every thing).
  9. Welcome Bob. Another old timer here, both in using Cakewalk Sonar and age. I really like the new look of this forum. I think that you and any new member should have an easy time exploring the layout. Happy music and Happy Holidays. 😄
  10. My thanks also, Meng. These days are so full of activities, having a few members that track what is on special is such a time saver. They have been doing this for a long time and are very good at it.
  11. This is a very nice layout! Happy Holidays and a Solvent New Year to everyone. 😁
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