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  1. I never do any ironing. Life's too short!
  2. Never had the pleasure but if you've got one going begging.......😉
  3. I've had a ZEDi 10FX for a couple of years now and had no luck whatsoever using as an interface with Win 10 but it works fine with Win 7. Never been able to figure out why. I eventually got a Signature 12MTK and it worked fine straight out of the box.
  4. Using one in my live rig and it works really well. I've got the X-Live card in mine but the USB interface\ASIO drivers are exactly the same.
  5. Unfortunately in these strange times you might have to settle for whatever you can get without paying way over the odds to scalpers and price gougers. My advice would be to wait, if possible, until the market returns to something more like normality.
  6. No thanks. I'll stick with Cantabile Performer.
  7. You'll need to set Minimum and Maximum CPU to 100% also with Cooling Policy set to Active.
  8. Never had much luck with Delete Special but Ripple Edit works like a charm every time.
  9. I may well be wrong but I interpret the new scheme as addressing the concerns that we could open up Cakewalk where we have no internet and it's due it's 6 monthly re-authorisation so we can't use it until we connect to the internet? It looks like it will now be a rolling "opportunistic" authorisation whereby if there's a connection it refreshes and if not it keeps working awaiting a new opportunity? I know we live in a cynical world but we really should give the bakers the benefit of the doubt.
  10. One of the first things I always read when I had my SOS subscription.
  11. Works fine for me but I won't waste your time with my unverified guesswork as to why!
  12. Some years ago when I bought a Korg Kronos I queried the lack of ASIO drivers for the built in audio interface and was told by a Korg representative that I didn't need ASIO drivers, just use a Mac. When I replied that I'm happy using Windows they told me that if I was a serious musician I would be using Apple. Needless to say I dumped the POS Kronos and will never buy another Korg product again!
  13. Make sure that you have Cakewalk highlighted and not VEPro when you hit the spacebar,
  14. Don't know how relevant this is but, having used Cakewalk as my DAW since 1995, I recently built a new PC and for the first time in decades installed an Nvidia GPU. I then spent a year battling to get rid of pops, crackles, dropouts and crashes. Watched every video, read every article and tried every setting. The only thing that solved the problem was replacing the GPU with an AMD. Discuss?
  15. You proved his point perfectly. If you have nothing useful to add just shut up!
  16. Good thought. Shift + F10 is for right click but that seems to open some generic menu no matter where I place the cursor or whatever I select. Thanks for the suggestions guys, looks like I'll have to put up with this one being impossible.
  17. There's a thought but I value what little sanity I have left! 😉
  18. I'm not. That's the problem. If I right click on the clip I can then click on: Process Effect: MIDI Effects: Uncategorized: and then whichever plugin I want to open. I would like to be able to set up a keyboard shortcut to that.
  19. Hi Folks. Hope you're all keeping well? During lockdown I've had a lot more time to put into optimising my workflow and using more keyboard shortcuts. A little roadblock I've run into is accessing the MIDI processing plugins via keyboard shortcuts. The option is listed in the keyboard shortcut preferences but when I set it up it does nothing. Interestingly if I try to access the plugins via the menu at the top of the screen Process: Apply Effect everything is greyed out. I can only access them by right clicking on the clip. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Jeff.
  20. I've been using Cakewalk since 1995 and when they originally ceased trading I checked out other DAWs thinking that I would eventually have to swap. The thought of throwing away thousands of hours of muscle memory and workflow optimisations filled me with dread. When Bandlab came along to rescue Cakewalk as a freebie I was sceptical and thought it was going to turn into a beatmaking app and I'd have to buy a baseball cap and a hoodie to keep using it! I'm so far pretty impressed with the ongoing developement. There are one or two small quirks as with any complex software but I'm sure they'll be ironed out in time. Nothing that gets in the way of my workflow though. As regards performance I'm running at an ASIO buffer of 64 and haven't yet encounterd any track or plugin limits meaning I don't have to think about it if I want to record loads of simultaneous tracks of external instruments or run as many VSTi/VSTs as I like. I'm happy.
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