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  1. I've been using Cakewalk since 1995 and when they originally ceased trading I checked out other DAWs thinking that I would eventually have to swap. The thought of throwing away thousands of hours of muscle memory and workflow optimisations filled me with dread. When Bandlab came along to rescue Cakewalk as a freebie I was sceptical and thought it was going to turn into a beatmaking app and I'd have to buy a baseball cap and a hoodie to keep using it! I'm so far pretty impressed with the ongoing developement. There are one or two small quirks as with any complex software but I'm sure they'll be ironed out in time. Nothing that gets in the way of my workflow though. As regards performance I'm running at an ASIO buffer of 64 and haven't yet encounterd any track or plugin limits meaning I don't have to think about it if I want to record loads of simultaneous tracks of external instruments or run as many VSTi/VSTs as I like. I'm happy.
  2. Intel propaganda unfortunately. (IMHO).
  3. Hi. Hope you're all staying safe in these strange times. I've just upgraded my processor from a Ryzen 2700X to a 3700X. Motherboard is the same (Crosshair VII Hero) as is the memory and all other hardware. I updated to the latest BIOS and AMD chipset drivers before swapping the processors. All drivers and software are completely up to date. All worked perfectly before the upgrade. Now, when I try to open any audio software using ASIO, it hangs at opening the audio driver and I have to use the task manager to close the software. If I disable the ASIO driver before opening the software it will start with a warning of no audio drivers available but if I close it, re-enable the ASIO driver and run the software it will start OK about 50% of the time. If I disable the ASIO driver before shutting down the computer, when I restart, re-enable the ASIO driver and open the software it works 100% of the time. This happens with any ASIO application, not just Cakewalk. My soundcard is a Focusrite Rednet PCIe card on a Dante network. I'm leaning towards thinking this is a PCIe slot issue, possibly related to the AMD chipset issues which seem to be affecting GPUs and NVME drives? Anyone had similar experiences or have any thoughts? Regards. Jeff.
  4. As an example: I have two audio tracks with strings on them recorded from two hardware synths. I want to lower the gain by 2dB over the last 16 bars of the song. I select the appropriate clip on each track, select gain from the menu, select 2dB cut and OK. The gain applies, the waveforms redraw. I play back the clips and now have drums! Another example: I want to apply a velocity change to two MIDI clips. They might be on the same track or on different tracks, it doesn't seem to matter. I right click on one of the two selected clips, Process effect, MIDI effects, Uncategorized, Velocity. Apply the effect. Now I have loads of spurious MIDI events ( mod wheel, notes or any number of other random events ) added to or replacing my original data.
  5. Can anyone tell me why whenever I try to apply any form of processing to more than one clip at a time, it's a total crap shoot as to what I end up with? Will I get the original data shifted by a few beats, spurious extra data from the ether, the contents of another, non-selected clip, the intended result or a combination of all the above? Been using Cakewalk since 5 Pro (pre audio days ) regularly updating up to Sonar X3 and always had it stable, fast and productive. I skipped Platinum and now, since Bandlab, it's taking me up to 5 days to get a days work done!
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