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  1. I don't know how forum software works but is there not a way of imposing a "probationary" period on new accounts during which time they can only make a limited number of posts? Wouldn't solve the problem but might reduce it somewhat.
  2. Using the X32 Rack with Cakewalk here. Everything updated to latest except I'm still on Windows 10. All working fine. Could it be a Windows issue?
  3. You can get really deep with MIDI controls but I just use it for shortcuts. I have buttons to open Cakewalk, Open projects, Open the last project, Switch views, Transpose, Resize windows etc. Just mundane stuff that only saves me a split second here and there but those savings soon add up.
  4. Getting an Elgato Streamdeck was one of the biggest upgrades to my workflow. I'm terrible at remembering keyboard shortcuts. Now I don't have to.
  5. Thanks for your hard work. CAL has been needing some love for a long time.
  6. Its working fine here on a similar spec PC to yours. Don't know what to suggest. I start every new project using a template with SD3 instantiated. Don't know if it makes a difference but I never use "Instrument" tracks, I just have a MIDI track and 3 mono, 2 stereo audio tracks already setup with eq, compression set at default levels with outputs to my drum busses.
  7. Might be worth trying setting the desk to 44.1, rebooting the desk then setting it to 48k and rebooting again then checking the settings in the USB driver control panel to make sure thats holding the 48k setting.
  8. I have one in my X32 rack and it works fine. What have you got the audio sync on the M32 set to? It should be set to card if you're connecting through the DN32-LIVE.
  9. I never do any ironing. Life's too short!
  10. Never had the pleasure but if you've got one going begging.......😉
  11. I've had a ZEDi 10FX for a couple of years now and had no luck whatsoever using as an interface with Win 10 but it works fine with Win 7. Never been able to figure out why. I eventually got a Signature 12MTK and it worked fine straight out of the box.
  12. Using one in my live rig and it works really well. I've got the X-Live card in mine but the USB interface\ASIO drivers are exactly the same.
  13. Unfortunately in these strange times you might have to settle for whatever you can get without paying way over the odds to scalpers and price gougers. My advice would be to wait, if possible, until the market returns to something more like normality.
  14. No thanks. I'll stick with Cantabile Performer.
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