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  1. Until then, hold CTRL while moving a window, this will supress the docking.
  2. Try setting the "Base Octave for Pitches:" to "-2" in Cakewalk Preferences > Customization > Display (at the end) Kontakt uses C -2 as the base (MIDI 0) for numbering octaves.
  3. Wow!! Thank you soo much, I really, really appreciate it! All the best, Klaus
  4. I think the issue with Aux tracks and control surfaces is one can't control a send going to an Aux track from a controller. Turning a knob on my controller which is mapped/assigned to adjust the volume of the first Send on a track doesn't work if this Send goes to an Aux track. If the destination of that Send is a bus, the assigned knob on my control surface works fine.
  5. Your CPU speed is only 0.39 GHz (pic 4), so Windows seems to throttle the CPU. Power Management not set to 100% active could be the culprit.
  6. There is AFAIK no option to disable Screensets. And the position and size of floating/undocked windows are kept here when changing Screensets. Workspace is set to "none" if that could be a factor...
  7. I'm pretty sure that this setting is saved with Screensets. If you save your templates with a locked Screenset (one or more), it will open again with the same fade/crossfade settings, regardless any changes you made while working on your project.
  8. Klaus


    Works fine here. And it doesn't matter if lanes are collapsed or Ghosted Data is enabled or not (like in the old thread mentioned). Options > Select Track Envelopes with Clips
  9. Even if you don't "use" (i.e. change between) Screensets, one Screenset is always active. So remembering the positions of all floating windows you've set up is the result of a proper working Screenset.
  10. Klaus


    Did you set the "Input Echo" button of the recording track in Cakewalk to "On"? That's necessary for input monitoring (inside Cakewalk).
  11. Another method is moving a node with CTRL key pressed, the node will snap to the value of the prior node, indicated by a white colored node head:
  12. Thanks for looking into it, Mark! I will ask Alexey in his AZ Controller Forum. Best, Klaus
  13. Unfortunately I too have problems with 2021.01 (build 86) and AZ Controller like @Heinz Hupfer mentioned above. After a couple of fader or knob movements Cakewalk reacts sluggish when using my Control Surfaces, e.g. to select a track I have to press the corresponding button 2 or 3 times instead of one; MIDI values for volume, pan, send etc. don't respond correctly to knob and fader movements like before. Refresh Frequency setting is 75ms and Allow10msControlSurfaceRefresh flag is not used. Rolling back to version 2020.11 works, no problems with my controllers and AZ Controller. Best, Klaus
  14. Fair enough but if Edit Filter is set to Clips, only Clips used to be selectable, showing only that selection/Clip length in the Time Ruler. So, it's just an unexpected behaviour what confused me. 🙂
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