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  1. This seems to be an OS related problem, I can reproduce what you see with CbB on Windows 7: Lasso-select a single envelope node also selects all other nodes in the range of the (underlaying) clip. "Select Track Envelopes with Clips" has to be checked. The problem doesn't occur with Windows 10 here, works as expected. CbB Version: 2019.09 (Build 70)
  2. Yes, please. The Transform Tool is a great feature and deserves key bindings.
  3. Left click between the Loop Markers when the mouse pointer changes to a magnifier with a down arrow. This will select the section across all tracks. If you only want to select the section in the Time Ruler, right click in Time Ruler and use "Select Loop Region" from context menu.
  4. Just to rule out a faulty keyboard switch (not unusual in my experience), do some tests using the other Shift key on your keyboard. Works here every time.
  5. To add multiple PC modules: Select the tracks to which you want to add a ProChannel module (CTRL-click or swipe along the Track numbers). Press (and hold) CTRL plus right-click inside a ProChannel to insert a new PC module from context menu (to all selected tracks). To open all Track PCs at once, press CTRL and left-click the little expand arrow right next to "ProChannel". Same works for selected tracks.
  6. Your Velocity Compander is a really useful plug-in! The graphical representation of the velocity changes makes it very intuitive to use. Works great! Thank you!
  7. I don't know if this has already been reported but I can reproduce what you see: Right click on a Marker to edit the name brings up a second Marker dialog box after hitting "OK" or "Cancel" of the first dialog box.
  8. Press Shift + Z to disable "Auto Track Zoom".
  9. The "Record Count-in" option is for recording only, i.e. there's no count-in when you start playback. But even if you only want to practice along playback, just record your playing (with count-in) and use "Undo" afterwards. And: It's always possible that you'll record something worth to keep while "just playing/practicing", which otherwise might be not remembered, if not recorded.
  10. Press the "Scroll Lock"-key on your keyboard, this will enable the scrolling again.
  11. Locking and unlocking events in PRV is working here. Do you have "Auto Focus" ON by accident?
  12. Be sure that your wave files are not "ACIDized" in FL before exporting.
  13. Drag and Drop to MIDI track works here. Be sure you have the latest Melodyne Version:
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