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  1. Klaus


    Did you set the "Input Echo" button of the recording track in Cakewalk to "On"? That's necessary for input monitoring (inside Cakewalk).
  2. Another method is moving a node with CTRL key pressed, the node will snap to the value of the prior node, indicated by a white colored node head:
  3. Thanks for looking into it, Mark! I will ask Alexey in his AZ Controller Forum. Best, Klaus
  4. Unfortunately I too have problems with 2021.01 (build 86) and AZ Controller like @Heinz Hupfer mentioned above. After a couple of fader or knob movements Cakewalk reacts sluggish when using my Control Surfaces, e.g. to select a track I have to press the corresponding button 2 or 3 times instead of one; MIDI values for volume, pan, send etc. don't respond correctly to knob and fader movements like before. Refresh Frequency setting is 75ms and Allow10msControlSurfaceRefresh flag is not used. Rolling back to version 2020.11 works, no problems with my controllers and AZ Controller. Best, Klaus
  5. Fair enough but if Edit Filter is set to Clips, only Clips used to be selectable, showing only that selection/Clip length in the Time Ruler. So, it's just an unexpected behaviour what confused me. 🙂
  6. I don't know if this is intended but it could lead to confusion I think: A range in the Time Line from start to the end of an Articulation gets selected by clicking on the MIDI track. It's not harmful because it wouldn't select a Clip by accident but a bit irretating if e.g. you are used to click on empty space between clips to cancel a selection. Cakewalk 2020.11 build 090
  7. Track Names shown in plug-ins are now working perfectly again! Thank you very much! And you're really fast, great work! All the best, Klaus
  8. I just tested Scheps Omni Channel (VST3) with EA3 2020.10 and don't have a problem, Cakewalk runs fine. Which version did you use? (mine is If you used the VST2 version, try the VST3 version.
  9. Nice catch, Heinz! Works perfectly with my X-Touch Compact controllers, thank you! (didn't even need the "Patch" and "Key" definitions) Best, Klaus
  10. Instead of Bounce to Clip, "Apply Trimming" is faster, esp. with a keyboard shortcut.
  11. Just an observation: Adding an own image (via Notes > Artwork) for a Project Template, which then will show up in Start Screen for New Projects works like Scook mentioned if you save the Project Template under a new name but only by overwriting the existent template name. Only changing the existing name by left-clicking into the name (e.g. adding a suffix like "My Super-Duper Template" to "My Super-Duper Template - 02" without typing everything new) doesn't work i.e. the added image will not show up under New Projects. Small difference but maybe a reason why it doesn't work for everyone, depending on your "renaming" habit.
  12. Hmm, I don't see that on my computers, Presets for AZ Controller and ACT MIDI Controller are remembered. Since 2020.08 the connected Controllers need not only a MIDI In Port, but also a MIDI Out Port set up in Preferences. Otherwise a Control Surface will not show up after restarting Cakewalk. Before this version only a MIDI In Port was necessary.
  13. Only a workaround, but you could be a bit faster in your example, if you double-click an empty area of the Track you want to expand.
  14. The error message about the session data folder will stop if you add a RegionFlag=0 to the registry: It's mentioned in this thread (old Sonar Forum): http://forum.cakewalk.com/Adding-iZotope-RX-to-the-SONAR-Tools-list-m1849148.aspx#1850413 See post # 12 (and ignore the last post # 22) Works great!
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