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  1. The expansion cards for the RME AIO don't utilize PCIe (no conducting paths). But the distortion in your example is really severe and doesn't sound like only buffers dependent. Could that be a recording of two sources at once with "Remove DC Offset During Record" enabled/checked? Look in Preferences > Audio > Playback and Recording and uncheck the above option if enabled.
  2. Something is throttling your CPU, 1.9 GHz is pretty low. Maybe not the reason for your issue but worth to check.
  3. IQ-Reverb v2.0.5 crashed here too but the update to v2.0.7 is running fine (VST3).
  4. I can't reproduce that, Massive X presets and parameter changes are saved and restored when opening the project. I'm using the VST3 version of Massive X.
  5. Please, whatever you consider with regard to Folders/Console View, keep control surfaces in mind. And thank you for another great update! Best, Klaus
  6. There's a difference between track selection and putting a track in focus. Clicking a track's number field selects the track and changes the focus to that track. Now you can change the focus to another track without selecting this other track by clicking in the Tracks Pane area e.g. Track Name field, Track Icon, blank area, etc. The Inspector always shows the track in focus (which is not necassarily the selected track).
  7. I can reproduce that if the folder is the very first, before Track # 1. If there's another Track before/above the folder, the envelope can be dragged to its maximum hight but not smoothly, it stops shortly while dragging and then moves further. A momentary workaround for the first case is grabbing the selection again and move it upwards until it stops again, then repeat.
  8. You'll find the key bindings for PRV Snap in Keyboard Shortcuts > Piano Roll View (type "snap" into the search field)
  9. Hi everybody, there is a little leftover from the bug fix mentioned in product release info 2021.06: "Bug fixes > Arranger > Buses are selected unexpectedly after moving Arranger section" What remains: Buses are selected unexpectedly after deleting Arranger section: Tested with 2021.09 Early Access [build 123] And thank you for another great update, the new export features are incredibly useful!! Best, Klaus
  10. Until then, hold CTRL while moving a window, this will supress the docking.
  11. Try setting the "Base Octave for Pitches:" to "-2" in Cakewalk Preferences > Customization > Display (at the end) Kontakt uses C -2 as the base (MIDI 0) for numbering octaves.
  12. Wow!! Thank you soo much, I really, really appreciate it! All the best, Klaus
  13. I think the issue with Aux tracks and control surfaces is one can't control a send going to an Aux track from a controller. Turning a knob on my controller which is mapped/assigned to adjust the volume of the first Send on a track doesn't work if this Send goes to an Aux track. If the destination of that Send is a bus, the assigned knob on my control surface works fine.
  14. Your CPU speed is only 0.39 GHz (pic 4), so Windows seems to throttle the CPU. Power Management not set to 100% active could be the culprit.
  15. There is AFAIK no option to disable Screensets. And the position and size of floating/undocked windows are kept here when changing Screensets. Workspace is set to "none" if that could be a factor...
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