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  1. Right click on the volume slider of the Kontakt instrument (the one which jumps). Remove any MIDI CC automation you see there.
  2. Normally, no markers will be added , but maybe those wave files have embedded cue markers. Try unchecking "Allow importing of WAV File Cue Markers" in Preferences > File > Audio Data > All Projects
  3. I can't reproduce this. When Snap to Grid is set to 1/128, Loop Markers will snap to that value. According to your pic, your Snap to Grid module is set to 1/8.
  4. Klaus

    TV Music

    Another single MixCube user here, and your tracks sound really great on it! True mono with only one speaker/driver reveals even the tiniest flaws in the (most) important midrange. Your mixes translate perfectly, very well done! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Waves' plug-ins are sorted just alphabetically in this view, they are not in a dedicated folder. Look at your "Berzerk Distortion" Mono / Stereo plug-ins. 😉
  6. Nice catch, thanks! FWIW, my Waves plug-ins (VST3) do appear in this view, too.
  7. Hi-hat foot controller for e-drums do usually send CC events to reflect the transitions between a closed and an open pedal. If you don't want to see those red lines in Track View, you could convert them to an envelope so they are only visible in the Automation Lanes area.
  8. I just tested the bx_rooMS VST3 plug-in and CbB crashed here, too, while clicking on the UI. Here's the link to the zipped MiniDump file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8fr4mfwk4dg663/Cakewalk.exe.7408.dmp.zip?dl=0 bx_rooMS: v1.8.3.0 VST3 CbB 2022.06 (build 028)
  9. Sorry, but I've misread their News a bit: It's exclusive for PA subscribers.
  10. It's actually the opposite, it's exclusive to Forever 29. See: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/pa_forever_29.html
  11. The issue: Buses are selected unexpectedly after deleting an Arranger section. If "Options > Select Events with Sections" is unchecked/disabled, deleting an Arranger section will select all buses. It's only visible in Console View, not in the Bus Pane: Tested with 2022.06 (Build 028)* but it's not new to this version. (Could be related to the bug fix mentioned in product release info 2021.06: "Bug fixes > Arranger > Buses are selected unexpectedly after moving Arranger section") Best, Klaus
  12. The expansion cards for the RME AIO don't utilize PCIe (no conducting paths). But the distortion in your example is really severe and doesn't sound like only buffers dependent. Could that be a recording of two sources at once with "Remove DC Offset During Record" enabled/checked? Look in Preferences > Audio > Playback and Recording and uncheck the above option if enabled.
  13. Something is throttling your CPU, 1.9 GHz is pretty low. Maybe not the reason for your issue but worth to check.
  14. IQ-Reverb v2.0.5 crashed here too but the update to v2.0.7 is running fine (VST3).
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