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  1. The error message about the session data folder will stop if you add a RegionFlag=0 to the registry: It's mentioned in this thread (old Sonar Forum): http://forum.cakewalk.com/Adding-iZotope-RX-to-the-SONAR-Tools-list-m1849148.aspx#1850413 See post # 12 (and ignore the last post # 22) Works great!
  2. If you want to keep the length of an extended MIDI clip, you have to switch to Non-Destructive MIDI Editing in Preferences -> Customization -> Editing -> MIDI Otherwise moving/duplicating a MIDI clip will always truncate the length of the clip to the end of the last MIDI note.
  3. Be sure that Remove DC Offset During Record in Cakewalk Preferences -> Audio -> Playback and Recording is unchecked.
  4. Yes, it's not disabled, but the default shortcut "Shift + Z" has been removed by an update prior to 2020.04. Just bind it to "Shift + Z" again or use a different key binding.
  5. When using Aux Tracks, Input Echo has to be active otherwise they don't work as intended. Would be pretty bad if their status would not be saved with the project.
  6. The shortcut for "Auto Track Zoom" is in the Keyboard Shortcuts "Track View" section and is named "Enter/Exit Auto Track Zoom Mode".
  7. This ^^ Very helpful that you added a screenshot! Best, Klaus
  8. Just did a test and can't reproduce your problem. C6-Sidechain (VST3 version) inserted in an FX Rack of a bus. Audio Tracks show "C6-SideChain" as an available Send. Although you wrote it already, but are you sure you used the SideChain version?
  9. You're using the "Insert Send" menu which just shows the available outputs and not which output is already assigned to a Send. Therefore, if you click "Vocals" shown in your picture, you'll add a second "Vocals" Send. If you want to reassign an existing Send, click on the name of the Send.
  10. Klaus

    No music after exporting

    No, that's not necessary. With nothing selected, every track and bus routed to the source of your export choice (a summing Masterbus or Hardware Output) will be included, the length of the exported project file is defined by the longest track or last Clip/Event in the Timeline.
  11. Looks like you are using the mouse scroll wheel to change the input gain. That doesn't work with Quick Groups, you have to click and drag the knob (or faders) while holding down CTRL key.
  12. "Kinetic Metal" is a Kontakt library, not a VST(i) plug-in. Don't add library paths to the VST Scan Path in Cakewalk, only paths where the actual plug-ins are installed.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm seeing some little keybinding issues with EA 2020.04: Inspector keyboard shortcuts: Shift + I shows Clip Properties but doesn't hide it. Ctrl + Shift + I opens Track Properties but doesn't hide it. (but it closes Clip Properties instead) The other shortcuts for PC and Arranger Tab are fine. Simple Instrument Tracks: Using a keybinding for toggling "Input Echo" on/off doesn't visually reflect it's status in the Track View (but works in Console and Inspector View). Maybe it's similar to one of the bug fixes you mentioned in the OP: Bug fixes: Instrument tracks mute MIDI channel when using ALT + M which didn't work in 2020.01 but works now! Thank you so far for this great update, very much appreciated!! All the best, Klaus
  14. Only a guess but be sure "Controller" in Cakewalk's Preferences > MIDI > Playback and Recording > Record is checked.
  15. The second screenshot shows that your tracks with the missing clip gain envelopes are frozen. So the clip gain automation you did before is already applied (bounced to clip). Using clip gain automation on a frozen track just sets a new default (flat line at unity) automation envelope.
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