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  1. And thank you all. I am really exited and cant wait.... Well I have black belt in waiting tho. 😂
  2. Yeah. This family is like that. Well some are more than others but they are mostly givers and wont take any from anyone. It's an insult to even to ask sister if she wants or need me to take something with me. In her mind, I basically say that she is poor and need help. Most people in the province are that way.
  3. Thank you! I will stay 5 days in Manila with the whole family at sisters house. That's from Saturday to Thursday. And we will take buss from Manila to Virac. Will buy a guitar in before home trip so I can have something to do... 😁
  4. Papa, brother and sisters husband will meet me at the airport. 😁 Don't think I will reach a bathroom before I meet them. 😁 But thank you for the warning. It is a lot scams like that. And Philippine law is much harder than we are used to in the west. But I am not flowing any other that the family before I get a little warm(?) 😂
  5. You use a lot of 5ths in fugue technique. You do transpose all the time so the starting key is most likely messed up at the second time the theme is played by transporting the key to the 5th of the original key. And then back or to the 5th of that new key too. I really love this stuff but I guess I am not smart enough to make it myself in levels close to these guys.
  6. Yeah. I am going to Philippines. Ether I am not going to post much in a while or I will post much more... Because I won't have a DAW with me and I don't know what my daily scheduled will be. I thought about fixing a laptop but then I need a sound-card that is not the UA Apollo card I have. And suddenly it is a large bill on equipment needed for a DAW I really don't need. Well I will update you ether way tho. If you want it or not. Yeah. I can mark the posts with a heart ❤️ so people can stay away if thew need! 😁
  7. That site is interesting. Will check it out. Thank you.
  8. I think there is some tricks to "heal" dead pixels and fault's in LCD screens. There are some video's on YouTube. I did in fact "repair" a new screen with such a way. You have to massage the spot gently or run a program blinking from bright white to black to make the pixels open and close to. But find the video's before trying because its years since I did and I might have left out some crucial details.
  9. And I wish I could make music like this. I sooo wish... But oh boy...
  10. Anyone other than me here enjoying thing like this?
  11. I newer buy all the parts to a new computer at once. My current one has "new" motherboard, CPU, but i did rescue the RAM from the old one, and the rest is also from the old one. I shift out the parts that fail. And if CPU fail I buy the current motherboard fitting to the current CPU and so on. Newest part in the CPU cooler and mouse/keyboard. I don't remember how old everything is, but Some parts might me from back in Windows 8 and even older than that.
  12. Trying to make Hearthis.at to work as Soundcloud. It seems like a good side, but I struggle to make the links fork on this forum as the Soundcloud links. Preview does not shows up. Is there anything I do wrong or is just Hearthis.at not supported?
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