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  1. I newer buy all the parts to a new computer at once. My current one has "new" motherboard, CPU, but i did rescue the RAM from the old one, and the rest is also from the old one. I shift out the parts that fail. And if CPU fail I buy the current motherboard fitting to the current CPU and so on. Newest part in the CPU cooler and mouse/keyboard. I don't remember how old everything is, but Some parts might me from back in Windows 8 and even older than that.
  2. Trying to make Hearthis.at to work as Soundcloud. It seems like a good side, but I struggle to make the links fork on this forum as the Soundcloud links. Preview does not shows up. Is there anything I do wrong or is just Hearthis.at not supported?
  3. The original song is sad yes. Here is a version of the original song.
  4. I made it to a canon, but might have streach it too far. Its suposed to be the music on a short movie. And its the first try. I also made one where i use Piano as the first instrument, Viola as the second and Cello as the third.
  5. Really great playing. Do you use plugins for sound or the old best way?
  6. Hi Kenny. I can do a take almost as good musically as that but have to sit in Melodyne in an week to make it sound as good as this. Haha. Great playing. This things is beyond music genere and style. Well the guitar makes the "style" and the rest is fun! This is what I heard, at least! And again great plainig and also great sound.
  7. Wow guys. I have no words. Really... Thank you...
  8. It is like Heroin addiction, you need a daily fix if your not carefool. And you do not write better song with better gear, the reason a mix is bad, is not because of bad gear ether. Because the best songs were not made with computer at all, and the best recording engeneers can make it sound good on any equipment. But latency is the issue to consider. And ASIO and USB soundcard is the only way to fix that on a laptop! So much easier to sing on while recording with just a little reverb on the vocals monitors and so on.
  9. I am Vegas user myself and I love the workflow. But my version, previos version, Vegas Pro 16 cannot use some Nvidia cards ar rendering engine. I dont know why. But I have to use my CPU. Its ok for me because I dont use it for tonns for effects, and my videos are mostly music related. But It is irritating. Another thing is that they have fixed it now, it seems (not compleetly sure) and then its dumb to switch to Adobe just for that. Start over with learning the all the features again. So I would stick to what I had. But I havent seen Vegas Post in action yet tho. And would sertanly not go for the 365. Fist year it is ok priced. Not good, but you can live with it. But € 36,99/month after first year is just ridiculess when you also has to pay for much pluggins and other stuff...
  10. I am a MiddleAge Man. I have swords and everything.
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