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  1. I use BandLab regularly. Just bought a Spark Amp (will ship the 08.19.2020). Have loaned a electric Yamaha guitar from friends here. But might have one of my own sent here. I miss my studio some now...
  2. Can we get Sonar as it is for Linux, with all all drivers, Vsts and all working? I would switch in a second.....
  3. Of course. But the Star Wars theme is so iconic. And then the intro is rip off. I think that's sad in a way. It crushed the thought of it being original and "new thinking" musically.
  4. We have a 5,5 y old girl here that lives this bubble gum music. Now I have this song ion my mind. It is really good craftsmanship in content of composition/video, if you understands their goal.
  5. That's not what they want you to think of "facts" yes. But facts change all the time. Even Einstein's E=mc² was "debunked" and I think it back again as a "fact". It is one of the greatest gifts to humans to try to digg after truth. When new evidence comes in, it would kill all of this if "fact check" "debunked" the new evidences that can put humanity on to new levels. New truths to digg for might be in science, art, storytelling, new political thinking, religion and much much more.
  6. Nah. Facts change all the time as people digg more and find more evidence. Truth on the other hand never change. Most of science is rewritten all the time because of this.
  7. Who are you to say what's fact or not? If you're in science and don't have anyone trying to disprove your research and test it, how can people know you did not scam? If we don't have free speach schence will die first of, then history, then art, then human dignity.... They way things move forward is that people goes against consensus in searching for the truth, new sounds, colors, how to preserve, how to everything. Without it everything would stop...
  8. This is a hit for the kids here. We listen to it sometimes we have internett and the smallest want to danse....
  9. That means it is better to write a Linux app than "native" .net app. Microsoft kills themselves again.... In a while people don't need Windows for other than Native Windows apps and Microsoft will be the only one making them.... "Only" thing hinders this is that DAWs must run on native code to minimize latency. Running CbB on Linux might work, but not for recording and mixing, because of latency.
  10. But better than most people wear. Concert was in Oslo, 2016 I think.
  11. I really want to jump to Linux. But it is hard to install on an Acer laptop harwired to not boot from other that Windows Installation disks or drives. Ceep me updated for when CbB comes to Mint.
  12. And this one https://youtu.be/H5pxYcglRXs
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