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  1. Hi Kenny. I can do a take almost as good musically as that but have to sit in Melodyne in an week to make it sound as good as this. Haha. Great playing. This things is beyond music genere and style. Well the guitar makes the "style" and the rest is fun! This is what I heard, at least! And again great plainig and also great sound.
  2. Wow guys. I have no words. Really... Thank you...
  3. It is like Heroin addiction, you need a daily fix if your not carefool. And you do not write better song with better gear, the reason a mix is bad, is not because of bad gear ether. Because the best songs were not made with computer at all, and the best recording engeneers can make it sound good on any equipment. But latency is the issue to consider. And ASIO and USB soundcard is the only way to fix that on a laptop! So much easier to sing on while recording with just a little reverb on the vocals monitors and so on.
  4. I am Vegas user myself and I love the workflow. But my version, previos version, Vegas Pro 16 cannot use some Nvidia cards ar rendering engine. I dont know why. But I have to use my CPU. Its ok for me because I dont use it for tonns for effects, and my videos are mostly music related. But It is irritating. Another thing is that they have fixed it now, it seems (not compleetly sure) and then its dumb to switch to Adobe just for that. Start over with learning the all the features again. So I would stick to what I had. But I havent seen Vegas Post in action yet tho. And would sertanly not go for the 365. Fist year it is ok priced. Not good, but you can live with it. But € 36,99/month after first year is just ridiculess when you also has to pay for much pluggins and other stuff...
  5. I am a MiddleAge Man. I have swords and everything.
  6. Available now on special offer: get your first 12 months for only € 22,19/month instead of € 36,99/month. Starting the 13th month, pay only € 36,99/month. Isnt that a little steeph. I guess you get more in the Vegas Post pack than the Vegas Pro. But do they think we are rich or something? https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/int/vegas-post/specifications/#productMenu
  7. I really hear Dream Theaters - Falling into Infinity album. But that is just that it could fit into it. Its is not like a copy of any of that songs. But this is prog rock at top shelf. So much space in the music. You don't fil upp every second and that makes it not stressing but relaxing to listen to. And I couldn't hear anytnig wrong with the master, but I must say, I have hearing loss (too much Hi-Gain guitars). A comment to the hot signal. Youtube do adjust and turn down levels, Spotify do the same. Every platform adjust the levels to fit their standard. So the Loudness War is ded in but nobody knows yet.
  8. Thank you guys. It's not a "metal" song, but I tried to be true to the song that puped up when trying to sleep. Do anyone of you get that? Max marting got "Hit me, baby, one omre thime" that way. He recorded it on a small tape recorder. And noone wantet it before he showed it the the pre production of Britheys first album.Funny right? But for me it is important to always record or at least take notes on songs I get at night.
  9. Song i wrote night til monday and recorded til now. Yeah. I can be sued because the melody is like every other child song. But I don’t intend to release it any ways.
  10. Supang is a little village in Catanduanes. Don't feel bad about not knowing it. There is thunder and rain every day I see in MSN weather now. But my baby works in Hong Kong as a domestic helper. So she has to fulfill the contract before we can can meet up in Manila. Daughter lives with grandparents in Supang. Supang Caramoran, Catanduanes, Filippinene https://maps.app.goo.gl/NTuUvafJinXt5Frz8
  11. No. She's a friend. I haven't recorded anything with my baby yet because she's not here yet. Here she is and under is her 4 years old I will adopt.
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