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  1. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    This is the way. So Sound Forge is safe that way... Just have to make all the format of out for the one wave file.
  2. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    No watermarks found...
  3. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    Thats ok. Better to get to much help than to little...
  4. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    Yeah... The thing is that it might be other sources than DAW and Audio apps. I sent sendt my client the songs through Telegram too. Dont know what apps she as used on the files before uploading. I think also it was an MP3 file. Do you guys know of a way of checking if there is any watermark before sending to Spotify?
  5. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    I dont have any AVS as i know of. I dont know if any of my program using its tech for converter tho. But it is late now in Norway. Have to fallow up tomorrow.
  6. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 12.6 for editing ends and making the right format.
  7. ØSkald

    "Watermark" saying "AVS media Demo"

    Like in SoundForge?
  8. watermark on song. I dont have any demos
  9. Thank you... Send it first thing tomorrow.
  10. ØSkald

    Anyone using more than one DAW?

    I didn't read all your messages, just the first and some, But I have: Cakewalk Sonar Platinum (latest, with all the plugins) CbB Presonus Studio One 3 Steinberg Cubase 9.5 Pro I've tried to use S1 and QB but I cant work and enjoy at the same time. Those are great if you know the flow in them, but for me, Cakewalk it the one I know and can use. Mind you that knowing the DAW does not makes one makes better music. Just that one do it with less swear words and more smiling.
  11. And one thing with the Evolution Settl Strings pack... Yeah! It is almost perfect, but I cant afford that now. I have to go on a tight budget... https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/evolution-acoustic-guitar-steel-strings
  12. Hi, I have been looking into this for many years and have always gone for the Martin guitar in Dimension Pro. Not that it is the best, but because I can’t find any other that is better. But if you listen to this thing I am working on now, you hear that the Martin guitar sample is not good enough. the strings sound like they are on their own, not together on a guitar. For backup pluck, it can be ok, but for the base in the music, it is not. Do you have any samples you use for such works? I use Kontakt Pro so nice if it is based on it. And yes, I could record the guitar myself, but I don’t have an acoustic with good enough sound... And Ibanez guitar is not good enough if tis not one of the top lines, made for this. My Acoustics are made for stage with feedback reduction.
  13. yeah thats the pain of having to long hair. It gets caught in everything.
  14. Here you see me doing a lot of work...