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  1. Running a Saffire pro 24 here on W10 1909 with no issues. I guess it will eventually go the way of the doo doo, but for now still going on strong. Using a TI Chipset based FW interface.
  2. Thanks Noel!. It seems it gets stuck while "creating UI". The problem came back again even after I thought it was fixed... I did the same process, bounced some of the tracks and brought the wavs back into a new one. Not sure why it happened but at least now it is ok. Thanks! Nicolas
  3. New version is getting stuck at "Loading Region FX data"! If I try SPLAT is loads correctly, not sure what is going on... Any help? Nicolas Update: I copied the whole project into a different directory and now it loads.... weird. I may have a HDD problem it seems!
  4. I am using magnetic printable paper and works wonders (and you can remove it at will without any residues). One example below: https://www.supermagnete.ch/eng/magnetic-sheet/magnetic-paper-glossy-printable-a4-format_MIP-A4-01 I hope it helps! Nick
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