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  1. Thanks @slartabartfast, I'll give that a try.
  2. Hi @Greg Wynn Thanks for the help, but it seems after reading that yours is a plugin problem. Thanks anyway.
  3. As an addition to this issue, I just spoke to the computer tech who upgraded my PC, and he said e thought it may to do with the fact they upgraded all the WIndows drivers when working on the computer, and suggested I download the audio drivers for the motherboard. Seeing as how I use a Focusrite interface and not the Realtek onboard interface, can any of you offer any insight on that suggestion? Cheers Dave
  4. Hi @lapasoa, @JonD Thanks for your response. I can understand why you think it may have nothing to with the graphics card, but the series of events are a concern. I had a perfectly working installation of CbB and had had for quite a while. I upgraded the PC with another 16Gb of RAM, new graphics card and another SSD installed. Unfortunately I'm a flight SIm tragic and the new Flight Sim's out... I know, shouldn't be on my audio system, but hey....... When I got the computer back the first thing I noticed was my audio was changed, and after research realised that the NVIDIA card comes with it's own audio. After correcting most of the issues, it's only this strange midi problem left. @JonD, midi files still have their own association. On my system, opening a midi file will open it natively in WMP. I have always opened them within CBb to use and had no problem. I will check the BIOS and see if there is any disabling of the NVIDIA sound I can do in there. Thanks again for your help. Cheers Dave
  5. Yes I've done that , and also disabled the NVIDIA audio aspect of the card.
  6. Hi. I have just had an NVIDIA 2070 graphics card installed and it's totally mucked up my CbB and midi/audio setup. I've sorted most of the issues, but can't get to the bottom of this one. I can open a normal cwp file and it plays fine, as it should. However if I open a midi file (as I always have), I can't get a sound on any of the channels, the midi file stutters for a bar then gives me the Audio Dropout box, can't get it to play until I muck around with the Output devices alternating between my Impact LX88 or the Focusrite and then I can get it to play as normal. The midi file also seems to take longer to open than it did before all this trouble. Also, my Roland SC8850 which I use as an external sound module is also now only being recognised by CbB as a general midi module, not as the 8850 with all its sounds as it did previously. If I just open CbB without any files open it behaves normally and I can get the sound from my SC8850 without a problem. My gear - Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 midied to the SC8850 Impact LX88 keyboard controller USB to PC Windows 10 Pro, 32Gb RAM Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is successfully using any of the Kontakt S Series (49,61,88) keyboards with CbB. I am particularly keen to know if this keyboard will run CbBs transport and be able to control functions within the DAW, as well as whether it can change VST parameters ... all that nice stuff. If anyone is using it successfully, are you using the Mackie compatibility protocols to utilise the Kontakt integration features? Thanks for any help or info. Cheers Dave
  8. That's a bit strange. Does it show up in the PRV as 5/4?
  9. Hi, Go to Views - meter/key (Alt-Shift 6), click the plus sign in the top left hand corner and enter the bar number and the new time signature. Cheers Dave
  10. Thanks @Noel Borthwick Is that fix coming out in the next update?
  11. Hi @Noel Borthwick This is the same issue that I had (and still have) upon opening Sonar. I have the latest version. Am I correct in assuming that this problem is corrected in the next update. Cheers Dave
  12. Sounds like you might have Auto Track Zoom on. Try Shift-Z to toggle it off or on.
  13. It's worked in all versions since then for me. I currently have the latest CbB version.
  14. I have noticed that if you have a number of clips in one track that haven't been bounced into 1 clip, it affects how the painter 'paints' the pattern, particularly with drum notes.
  15. I have had this problem with IK MODO bass since the update. Noel is aware of it and working on it.
  16. Hi @Noel Borthwick, Thanks for the file, however mixed and not totally successful results. First time fast bouncing MODO bass resulted in the file (picture attached) where it failed to render the first part of the audio, but did the rest okay. Top clip is the midi data, and the bottom clip is the resulting audio. Second try resulted in a fatal error notice and Sonar crashed. Third time, the result was the same as the first. I tried MODO bass on three different songs. Should also mention, the Start Screen doesn't pop up automatically either. When I'd rolled the pc back earlier this morning to finish my project, Start Screen worked again, so there's definitely correlation to the update. Cheers Dave
  17. Win 10, 6 month old Core i7 pc with 16Gb RAM.
  18. Hi @Noel Borthwick and @siordanescu Thanks for your reply. I have restored my pc back a couple of weeks pre the new release and MODO bass is now working as normal as is the start menu and the EQ. When I start Sonar, I get the little "Update Available" notification, so I know Sonar hasn't been updated again. I'm working on a very time critical project atm and don't want to update again just yet, but will tomorrow when it's done. I will let you know if the problems occur again. As far as the MODO bass problem is concerned, when I selected the midi data and and the synth track to render to audio, instead of taking, say 3 or 4 seconds and resulting in the rendered audio track, the progress bar would whizz through and give me an audio track with no audio, just a straight line. Doing it as a real time bounce worked. At that stage, no other VST had this problem, and when I tried MODO bass in 3 other projects, I got the same result - no audio. Re the Quadcurve EQ, it always was on when I previously opened it. I didn't realise the default was to off, as I've never had to turn it on. I just open the channel track, double click the EQ to open the fly out EQ, and it works. I will update Sonar as soon as I finish this project, and let you know the results. Regards Dave
  19. Hi, Since the update this morning, I have had numerous problems and I wonder if anyone else has. Previous to this morning, CbB has worked beautifully. Since the update, the start menu won't start automatically (have checked and turned off and on the setting), Modo Bass won't fast bounce - it will do realtime bounce, but not fast. Tried it on multiple projects, and the flyout Qudcurve EQ defaults to off rather than on which it always has. AD2 has no problems, it will fast bounce, I have turned PC off and on - no difference. Just wondering whether the gremlins have beset my computer, or it's something to do with the update, which is the only change the machine has seen. Regards Dave
  20. This happened to me a few weeks ago - same error message. It turned out my keyboard controller (Edirol PCR-500) was messing with CbB. I did a factory reset of the keyboard and it's been fine since. Can't guarantee it is your answer, but it may help.
  21. Thanks Larry, that's a great help. Between your explanation and the video you linked, I think I'm starting to understand the concepts behind the Focusrite Control. I was unintentionally misleading with the SC-8850 audio bit - it doesn't output audio, but what I was meaning to say was, after sequencing a track using the SC-8850 as the midi module, I wanted to record that into Sonar as an audio track. my bad : | I think, after watching the video tutorial, that I will be able to record Windows audio or internet audio using the Focusrite Control, and that was something I was having trouble understanding. You're right, it certainly isn't intuitive software. I'm going to give all that at try based on your configuration suggestion and see how I go. Thanks again!
  22. Hi. I wonder if anyone can help with suggestions for better routing configuration of my Scarlett 6i6, external module and DAW. For years I used an M Audio Delta 24/96 quite happily, but with a move to a new PC and Win 10 I bought a Scarlett 6i6. I have routed all connections as in the diagram below, using my (dated) Yamaha mixer. I feel however, that I'm not using the 6i6 to it's full potential, and would like if it's possible to discard the mixer, and only use the 6i6. I need to be able to record 1 microphone into CbB, my external sound module SC-8850 as an audio source and a GM midi module into CbB, and be able to record audio from my PC into CbB or Wavelab Elements. If possible, also be able to route my cassette deck into the mix somehow, but I'm not sure the 6i6 has that many inputs. I don't have any SPDIF connections. I would like to use both headphone outputs on the 6i6 if possible. I have no idea how to use the Focusrite Control software that comes with the 6i6 apart from having it work currently in it's most simple configuration. If anyone could come up with a better, more practical connection configuration that doesn't include the Yamaha mixer, I would be most appreciative. I'm open to any ideas. Although I have used Cakewalk Sonar for many years, I'm all at sea with configuring this new interface - the 24/96 was older, but very simple to setup : ) Cheers Dave System: Core i7 3.7GHz, 16Gb RAM Win 10 CbB latest version Edirol PCR-500 controller
  23. Hi Chuck E Baby. No I don't have Region FX in the project, and the issue only started with my most recent project in CbB. As I mentioned before, I think that my PCR-500 is causing the problem. While I haven't had the chance to do any new projects to test the theory, resetting the PCR-500 to factory settings has allowed me to open the offending project. What was weird was; when the most recent project wouldn't open without crashing, I went back to open projects over the previous 6 months (all created with CbB) and it happened to all of them. That has since been sorted, presumably by resetting the keyboard. Thanks for your help ... thanks to all the guys who have chipped in. I must admit, I didn't realise what a ruckus I'd cause by accidentally referring to CbB as Sonar😊
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