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  1. Dang! I have everything sonible but any of the smart:EQs
  2. I used to ask for the same years ago. Not happening since. Won't hold my breath
  3. You'll find it there if clicking on the link while not logged in. My guess is they filter out banks of the synths you're not owning.
  4. That's probably my fault. Should have sit quiet!
  5. Wonder if the Analog Orchestra is on the pick list?
  6. chris.r

    Ujam App Updated

    These guys are mac centric. That's our, windowsers, problem
  7. Jaq, is the vst plugin version also suffering from higher CPU or just the standalone? I'm still on v5.0.3 so can't test it.
  8. He probably means the previous vintage OTS acoustic release.
  9. Very cool! I can see there are also some articles on the online Bandlab DAW. Glad to see them coming.
  10. I bought it using voucher while it was already on sale. You can now stop harassing yourself
  11. I bought his Tapeface because I couldn't use any of the IKM tapemachines during producing/mixing. It's a great little dodger totally worth it!
  12. Lol.. I posted in wrong forum!
  13. Were the 2020 loops any good? I missed them as they've pulled them out suddenly without notice
  14. I think this is the first time where I'm really disappointed from getting a freebie! I got woodwinds back few year ago and I really wanted to get brass this time, not strings. And I saw brass being removed from my account at first but when I got back to trying again, this time with strings, I was surprised to see it went through. This is probably where they have fixed it. Now I can't have brass anymore because I already have strings! Such a bummer... LOL
  15. Sooner or later I will upgrade to C3 no doubt, presets in C3 sound so much better. I was waiting with upgrading after seeing some serious issues with some updated AAS instruments like memory leakage etc. Hope they solved most of it already.
  16. Guess that one is for Chroma 3? I'm still on v2, fwiw.
  17. Yeah right, guys check in your accounts that you're subscribed to the newsletter. I'm wondering if this will be excluded from the picks...?
  18. When Lars is posting I always read YUMMY
  19. Yep, they told me that they don't see much enough of Cakewalk's userbase to justify the investment into fixing this. I think people from this forum should start spamming their email regarding the Cakewalk bugs. Or just stop buying their products until they start fixing. But I like their products and really would prefer they'd just fixed it.
  20. I have read the whole thread twice and still don't get it how is Syntronik 2 CS suppose to host v1 instruments (I own Deluxe) cause many here are reporting that they do sound different in both versions...? Another question: I own Syntronik 1 Deluxe but I didn't install anything yet. Now since the release of v2, should I install Syntronik 1+all the sounds first, then install Syntronik 2 CS on top? Or install just all my sounds from Syntronik 1 then install Syntronik 2 on top? Or just install v2 and forget anything Syntronik 1? Thx
  21. Speaking of new Toontrack deals, is anybody noticing $70 for EZDrummer 2 at bigfishaudio? Is that a rare sale or how often do they for that price? I'm in no hurry....
  22. hi Jerry, what payment method are they using, please tell me it's not fastspring? thx
  23. Is Unify a good alternative for live standalone app, stable and low CPU, something to be used instead Gig Performer? (edit: for Windows)
  24. I had an awful experience when buying Mellow, their shop is using fastspring. I always do paypal and fastspring blocked my payment couple times saying try now again, each time leaving me with less money balance on my account for the next couple days! I had to change the browser to successfully complete the purchase. That's another shop with fastspring to avoid for me. From now on, buying uJam staff only through resellers.
  25. Thanks, that's great. I have read some people had problem when Kontakt 5 came out. Was hoping all is fine since there. BTW are they ever doing more than 40% off (50% or more would be great) on single guitar libraries?
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