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  1. No, but for a while it was processed through fastspring and billed extra taxes depending on the country.
  2. Yep, and now they allow simple paypal again. APD is back on track! 👍
  3. chris.r

    Zero G $5 Days

    What the funk! I seem I can't stop buying their libraries... especially that they are constantly doing all these sells
  4. chris.r

    PSP L'otary

    These are amongst the best on the market although somewhat resource hogs. Another great sounding leslie plugin and very very low in resources is the Spin from GG Audio. I'm an organist, I disliked most of leslie sims for their fake sound, including Hammond-Suzuki own algorithmic (digital) leslie 😂. But I do get it that you can have a nice creative guitar sound out of most of them.
  5. Or individual installer.. that's what I'm doing One word of caution though, I bought their Juno synth and installed manually because I too hate having to install on my system a "central" and "manager" for every developer out there, but it wouldn't work anyway without updating Pace License Manager to a newer version. That makes me a bit mad cause such practices are begging for troubles for some users, especially those staying on older systems. It was the only one plugin in my life that asked for a new Pace License Manager or no go, and my system isn't that old. Annoying... but man that Juno sounds sooo rewarding
  6. Any idea if it's offline or online installers (under the links above)? (answering my own question: I think these are most likely online installers...)
  7. Wondering whether they'll ever add a release changes.
  8. I'm bouncing off the walls on their website but can't find the manual pdfs anywhere. Do you have the link perhaps? UPDATE: I lurked under 'Compatibility'
  9. Have you noticed how Ujam gui is a knockoff of the current freebie at adsrsounds?
  10. This puts a lot, and I mean a lot of Omega-3 oil with spices added, on your otherwise thin and weak 'veggy' recordings. Chill down before served.
  11. Love anything urban... oh wait, these are explosions 😅
  12. That's exactly how I got sucked in, finally! 👍
  13. I too have the original CA2A and the new one, PC2A doesn't have sidechain input but I'm not sure that was stated in cakewalk's release notes.
  14. You say this every time! Is that how you ended up with six copies of it? 😂
  15. chris.r

    Cinesamples Musio

    A sine from cinesamples?
  16. Already have my EQ81 long time so all is good, but I really wanted that pop-up. Hey, what's wrong with it!
  17. Everyone of us is going under this type of weaknesses sometimes... don't worry, soon you'll be better
  18. Yes, the VKFX modules for instance, although these are now legacy... Breverb2 and Rematrix on the other hand aren't, even more useful would be some of their Gems. I wish for more Boz modules like T-Bone, Little Clipper, Gatey Watey and of course Pan Knob. And something to take over the somewhat limited Quad Curve when I'm starting running out of bands
  19. This. I don't remember where I know about it but PC modules are normal VST's with a smaller GUI and only interface is different (ie. proprietary). They are not coming so there must be something else in the way, I think.
  20. Hi @Simeon Amburgey how long is your code for Rhodes Affair 3? I would appreciate the end date. Thanks!
  21. Many free and paid Kontakt libraries made me buy (crossgrade) Kontakt full version. Does that count?
  22. ignore... user error🤦‍♂️
  23. Where is Fleeeeer! I have polaris.. yeah baby (Polaris owners can get an additional discount Please, check your User Area account)
  24. Of course I don't know for sure but if it's a plugin from '90-ties then my best guess is it has a bland sound but good coding... as opposite to today's competition
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