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  1. 1. Envelopes are easier to work with but more prone to crash (often it's plugin fault) and have their own quirks. 2. Working with MIDI events usually means more drudgery as we don't have the best toolset to work with CC (not the worst either). In the recent versions of Cakewalk you have better MIDI CC<>envelopes conversion options.
  2. also I didn't mean to put our resident fellow TheSteven in any type of bad light, your answer makes a perfect sense, I just remembered my own perplexity and wanted to share what I know to clear things out and for future reference
  3. of course, none of those, if you're not sure then best thing to do is to put item in the cart like you did, you can cancel after the countdown finished. I did initially plan to buy only 2 libraries but I ended up buying an extra one because the deal reached 60% and was too good to pass, everyone wins BTW we're just 3 participants from 40%
  4. I think this part of the terms, the wording used here, was the most confusing to me as well. Absolutely! 👍
  5. "committing" in this case means leaving any item in the GB cart during countdown, nothing more you can then delete, change or add items, all in all we are there to buy stuff at the best discount, as long as you keep at least one item till the GB end time (countdown) you will get your discount back anytime you're changing the order later during the extra time for accomplishing your order (about a month or so) that's what Greg said when I emailed him with the doubts
  6. You're loosing nothing getting into the group buy, there's no risk at all as you can edit your choice even after the GB end anyway. In fact you're loosing at least a chance when not participating. LOL I just had a righteous amount of sleep and re-read my post again. I think I know now why I did say what I did say. About 2 or 3 years ago when I was about taking part in my first OTS gb and I had some doubts, one of them exactly the same as you was asking. The other was: I remember that I wanted to buy some libraries but I was just starting a new job at that time and had no idea if I'll have the money on time before the GB time ends or not so I was very uncertain whether I should get in or not, then I've got confusing answers, someone on kvr even contacted me by PM saying that I'm obligated and he knows it - I have no doubts his intention was to be helpful. So I got by email personally with Greg, the owner, and he kindly clarified all things. You *ARE NOT* obligated to buy anything, but to ensure your discount at the gb end time you just need to put anything in and keep it there until the clock finished. So I have read your question about chances for 60% and instantly got it as a doubts whether you should take a seat or not, and to clarify things I said yes you should, just in case... UNLESS... all you were really asking was what are the chances to get the full 60% 😂
  7. You're loosing nothing getting into the group buy, there's no risk at all as you can edit your choice even after the GB end anyway. In fact you're loosing at least a chance when not participating.
  8. Anytime. Mine just took me by surprise (it was from 1909 to 20...something) and broke many plugins and apps. Since then I did repair most of them but a few of less importance are still left broken as I ran out of attitude. To me it's a pita.
  9. Yesterday, in order to get rid of a returning nag screen, I finally clicked "OK" and let my smart TV update it's OS. Since then one of my favorite feature is gone, for no apparent reason they either ditched it or messed up. I see it becoming a modern world standard: "we just added some new features you probably don't need... oh by the way we screwed some of your favorites". Bad times. Sorry for off topic.
  10. There are some GUI issues with Ujam in Cakewalk so it might be it. For example the GUI partially stops working after messing with tempo changes in control bar in Cakewalk. I've been in contact with support and they acknowledge the issues but not going to focus on a fix as long as they'll find Cakewalk userbase too small. On other issues not Cakewalk related they've always been great though.
  11. Updated just recently to v1.0.1. New algorithm has much clearer sound.
  12. Pretty sure it's an automatic email... still funny though! (well, maybe less for those who are on wait)
  13. Funny that 99 is my personal favorite but it's at deepest discount here as if it was the least popular of the bunch.
  14. Thanks! You just saved me another $0,02 🤑
  15. Wow, from the changelog it looks like they did introduce way too many "regressions" in the v3.0.18. I'm holding off with updating until I actually see things getting stabilized.
  16. Thanks. Definitely going to buy it. After watching the video I can see it useful not only with drum samples. Torque, maybe in the future to compliment PSP.
  17. Crap! Forum's search engine didn't return anything back or I'm an idiot Please ignore...
  18. $69.00 $13.50 on jrrshop https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-hertzrider I was planning on buying Waves Torque but seeing this offer I started wondering how does it stack up against? The sale price is right and I seem to be getting less issues with iLok than I had been getting from Waves v12 recently. So anyone to rescue?
  19. Great advises guys, thanks for all kind and helpful words. I have solved some of plugin issues by re-adding their license information back or reinstalling, took a bit of time have to admit. Didn't have any time yet to check if any user data like presets is missing. The eLicenser issue I seem to solve although not sure how, I just tried every function that had anything in common with words like "maintenance" or "recover" etc, LOL, didn't work straight away but a couple of consecutive starting Wavelab made it through, though I'm not feeling confident the way it worked. Only time will tell. There are still some plugins left untreaten, from a lack of power or is it motivation, especially those that crash Cakewalk. I assume they are missing some dependencies or user data since the update. I will back to them after doing some treatment and recovery to myself first.
  20. Watching AI doing something called music creating my song ? fixed it for you!
  21. According to your experience, what is the best approach to organize user folders in XO?
  22. If there are only few different drum notes I simply click on the keyboard in PRV to select all notes of the same height then in clips pane Shift+drag the selection down onto empty space. This will create a new track you can give a name.
  23. Thanks, I'll have a look. Yeah, the Apple rubbish nonsense doesn't make me feel better, it's just proving that's not a way out for me. I only can feel even more sorry for their users. For now I have no other choice than to stick with Windows 10 and the mess as I can't seem to find a better way for the time being but I definitely don't like it that way. I wonder that there is a kind of general, common acceptance for that. I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I could prolonge the doomsday for max 365 days in the regular security options and yesterday Windows decided time is up and started updating without warning, and I couldn't stop it. Maybe there are ways to edit group policies and alike but like I said I was trying to keep things fairly default. Besides I'm not IT literate to that extent.
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