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  1. The bakers pushed out final release it seems.
  2. And mine was a total joke ... however after watching some youtube demos I had to scrap my new year resolutions etc blah blah blah because of how I liked the sound and that it's within my favorite styles, and it gives the impression that if you push the faders in the mixing section it should cut through then... however uJam gives us also the option to send single drums pieces over separate busses where we can take on mixing on our own and slam it further... Off to go update my to-buy lists again!
  3. 'Twas nice watching a video overview of a product I won't be able to afford anyway (I have two of their silver products - strings and brass, bought 'cheap' on a sale)
  4. The issue must be with the mix...
  5. thanks for this! I've asked a few times here on forum for that feature and nobody never pointed me to it... it's kind of hidden in a non-obvious place to look for settings
  6. And I'll send a note to uJam anyway because I have found another bug in one of their beatmakers.
  7. Question, what are we going to do with this issue now. Have you been thinking about reporting it? But reporting where, to the Cakewalk team or uJam?
  8. Here are the exact steps to reproduce what I'm getting. Assuming you have your uJam plugin GUI open: in Cakewalk transport click in the tempo box where we can change the tempo value now place the mouse to the right where the small '+' and '-' are, exactly between them so that the cursor turns into double-arrow (up and down) and that's it, now you can't change anything more on uJam GUI.
  9. I can only say that I can confirm that the uJam GUI is loosing responsiveness here too. Not sure what exactly is causing it when working in Cakewalk but clicking on some places on Cakewalk GUI and then back to uJam and voila, have to save the project and reload. Possibly happened too when changing the tempo by clicking in the value box, though not slider related (didn't try that yet). Also happened when changing some settings by clicking the Micro Timing button in uJam. Had experience with similar issues with GUI non-responsiveness in UVI Workstation and some Acousticsamples libraries for it. EDIT: just checked, confirming that when I change the tempo in Cakewalk, uJam GUI stops responding, so definitely some problem between the plugin and Cakewalk's control bar (or just the transport module)!
  10. RealSpread is a genuine little gem there.
  11. I just updated a bunch of Waves V11 plugins to V12 then when doing first scan I got this error: after that, the error didn't come back and I have no other issues with Waves so far. But it didn't leave a good impression for the beginning. And I noticed that all errors in this thread are pointing to the same WaveShell2-VST3 12.0_x64
  12. So exploring things further I narrowed down the issue is only with the vst scanner, both the browser and the plugin manager are counting plugins correctly. Some plugins, like the AAS Session series, are reported as 1 plugin but most that I have tried are counted twice by the scanner. Let's take a single plugin TAL Reverb 4, you can download the zip file here https://tal-software.com/products/tal-reverb-4 and just unzip the vst3 file from it and manually drop it in your VST3 folder (mine is standard Progam Files\Common Files\VST3). Before I did my plugin count was: vst scanner: 385 plugins found browser: 208 plugins plugin manager: (VST3) registered plugins 139 after I dropped TAL Reverb: scanner: 387 plugins found (1 new, 0 removed...) browser: 209 plugins plugin manager: (VST3) registered plugins 140 If I remove the plugin, scanner says: 385 plugins found (0 new, 1 removed) The blue toast notification after the scan was the only thing I paid attention after adding or removing any plugins, this way I have found out this behavior. Like I said, luckily there are no other issues with using my plugins only the amount displayed could be very misleading. Any technical explanation due to API etc doesn't make it, I'd like to see that I'm adding 1 plugin when I'm adding one plugin.
  13. It would appear that something is inefficient when running with that ASIO device if its not showing an issue in WASAPI. Hard to say since we've never used that device. Will try and contact the vendor and ask them to send us an interface for testing. @aidan o driscoll, Noel, please if you can keep sharing your findings and possible solution with us here on forum. I was very inclined to buy this particular interface soon. Thx
  14. Thanks, that was the best cheat, I forgot that I have hundreds of jampoints! And checked the first item from my 2021 resolution I like the clavi from Acousticsamples but I can't have it for that price. Clavitube does sound great however, no complaints at all.
  15. Confirming, I just updated AD2, AK and the Installer itself a few days ago, now there was AK waiting for an update again.
  16. LOL! True, but I have to admit that spending my last several months here on this forum did help me catch up a bit with at least some of the toys that I was clearly many years behind. So yeah, thank you Larry for ripping my wallet too! 👍
  17. I have only Amplitube 5 CS and when trying to use the stereo routing I get a "this is a premium only feature" type of pop-up. So with T-Racks 5 they cut on resizing and now with Amplitube 5 they cut on routing... but I don't remember it mentioned anywhere. As a keyboard player I just wasted 3GB of my tiny disk space and the time for installing it.
  18. What are your options of choice for clavinet? Edit: sorry I've just read through the end of your post 🤡... anyway, what else do you like then?
  19. Any info on the sale end Larry?
  20. That... I didn't know, thanks So I missed it by a few minutes, but I was lucky enough to snag Perfect room and Phoenix verb while they were on sale so I should be set up with reverbs for a while 👍
  21. The "today only" campaign has lasted for one hour. What were they thinking?
  22. Thanks for help everyone. No, I only have the two default scan paths, one for VST2 and one for VST3 folder, both left untouched. I can do manually place a simple single-file *.vst3 plugin in the VST3 folder, no wrapper, nothing special just any simple plugin, and Cakewalk sees 2 plugins added. That only shows how bizarre things turned here with the scanner. Thankfully I can use the plugins without problem. One thing I noticed is that after updating a bunch of Plugin-Alliance and AAS plugins the scanner suddenly performed a full scan out of itself without me asking for it. Today I have found out that for some reason (or maybe it was me paying not enough attention) the AAS installer had changed the VST2 folder path during the update and I ended up with having two sets of AAS plugins, one in the main Vstplugins folder and another in an 'Applied Acoustics Systems' subfolder, will have to clean that up now. But, I've also checked and it didn't double the VST3 versions.
  23. if you don't see all the upper numbers then you have DEPRESSIVE BIPOLAR ANXIETY if you don't see only the lower numbers then it's PARANOIDAL NEED to HAVE the Lindell 50
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