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  1. Yep, they told me that they don't see much enough of Cakewalk's userbase to justify the investment into fixing this. I think people from this forum should start spamming their email regarding the Cakewalk bugs. Or just stop buying their products until they start fixing. But I like their products and really would prefer they'd just fixed it.
  2. I have read the whole thread twice and still don't get it how is Syntronik 2 CS suppose to host v1 instruments (I own Deluxe) cause many here are reporting that they do sound different in both versions...? Another question: I own Syntronik 1 Deluxe but I didn't install anything yet. Now since the release of v2, should I install Syntronik 1+all the sounds first, then install Syntronik 2 CS on top? Or install just all my sounds from Syntronik 1 then install Syntronik 2 on top? Or just install v2 and forget anything Syntronik 1? Thx
  3. Speaking of new Toontrack deals, is anybody noticing $70 for EZDrummer 2 at bigfishaudio? Is that a rare sale or how often do they for that price? I'm in no hurry....
  4. hi Jerry, what payment method are they using, please tell me it's not fastspring? thx
  5. Is Unify a good alternative for live standalone app, stable and low CPU, something to be used instead Gig Performer? (edit: for Windows)
  6. I had an awful experience when buying Mellow, their shop is using fastspring. I always do paypal and fastspring blocked my payment couple times saying try now again, each time leaving me with less money balance on my account for the next couple days! I had to change the browser to successfully complete the purchase. That's another shop with fastspring to avoid for me. From now on, buying uJam staff only through resellers.
  7. Thanks, that's great. I have read some people had problem when Kontakt 5 came out. Was hoping all is fine since there. BTW are they ever doing more than 40% off (50% or more would be great) on single guitar libraries?
  8. are these working fine in kontakt 6 ? thx
  9. VTines sounds terribly good but I sure hoped for much better discount.
  10. Funk! I forgot that I had one library to buy there and was waiting the whole year for this deal and only just recently they have introduced this aweful fastspring payment. What a bummer, otherwise that really is a great BF deal.
  11. And it looks like 40% off this promo as well now You get additional £49 off this for having Discover.
  12. Nothing is for sure in this world but they were running that Christmas/New Year promo for the last couple years regularly where you get 40% off a library of your choice.
  13. Couldn't find anything like a newsletter subscription there so I created new account in hope that will work.
  14. How to get the email? Subscribe to the newsletter is enough? Thx
  15. I purchased Core recently and was just preparing to install... phew
  16. I'm only wondering what are the chances fur us, plugin users, for a long term smooth sail...
  17. chris.r

    SSD Prices

    Internal NVMEs are crazy fast. OTS libraries load in one second, maybe two. For someone who just switched from the spin disks that's a shock! I bought one 500GB two years ago as it looked like plenty space. Needless to say I ran out of space within the few next months... I blame this forum 🤣 After two years it feels laughable. Now I'm on a lookout for a 2TB chip. Looks like plenty space...
  18. That's the way you do it
  19. I don't think it's like that, I think fastspring will charge you based on your location, if you're making purchase from U.S. for example, it won't charge you extra, but if you're European based, like me, it will charge you extra no matter what. For this purchase I had prepared $60, one item $50 and the other $10, but when I got to the checkout fastspring suddenly wanted to charge me way over $70 so I simply had to remove the $10 item from cart. It happened to me at another seller who is using fastspring too so I'm always trying to avoid fastspring sellers if I can. I was always happy with buying from APD as up to this point they never charged me extra VATs or anything else (like most other discounters I go for that still don't charge me). But now it has changed and I'm screwed but well, it is what it is. It's about 1/5 more over the price from now on so I'll probably end up buying way less now, APD used to be my favorite for quick cheap nobrainer purchases too, so not happy about it.
  20. Oops... I wanted to check out with Paypal but now it's done through fastspring, too? 😱 Guess that's my last purchase from APD 😭😭😭 Already reduced items from cart... what a shame
  21. Just by reading your post Zo, I can clearly see that we (musicians) are getting a new headache with this new authorization scheme. Like I said before, bumming. And I smell that they are trying to entice us, those who didn't register/update Cubase to the latest version yet, with this free upgrade to v12 and then just announce the end of eLicenser support leaving us basically with no choice than enter the new "backdoor-subscription" reality. Bumming.
  22. I think 229 is the BF sale. They used to do personalized upgrade offers somewhere closer to Xmas. Let's see how it will go this year. I keep my wallet ready, if it's something close enough to my best past offer then I'll pull the trigger.
  23. Yep, something along Roland Cloud's 30-day re-check and CbB once every 6 months. Bumming Think I'll stay on eLicenser for a bit longer... (edit: I'm using only Cubase Elements so no dongles whatoever)
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