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  1. Hopefully there will be no loss of order history.
  2. exactly, I was buying fulltone with putting this beautiful chorus over my rhodes and dx pianos in mind but they are vsts and are supposed to be treated as stereo sound generators and only after the purchase I discovered that this scenario has probably not been considered for Amplitube what a bummer
  3. Thanks @Zo, TERC chorus is a rack module. Yes, I can see a copy/paste now but that would mean one instance would modulate the left and another the right channel, separately. But what about the stereo image, will both instances work perfectly in phase? I'm not sure I liked what I hear. I spent a lot time trying to figure out the way to send stereo signal to a single TERC instance, and searching the manual, with no luck. Will test more tomorrow.
  4. I know it's not the best forum for this question but since I only visit this recently and you, who know Amplitube better than me, are here too... is there a way to send a stereo signal to Fulltone's TERC (the Tri-something chorus) in Amplitube? I only found a mono-in. Thanks.
  5. And whoever predicted the release of Tracks5 SE should win a colander or something else.
  6. Makes sense although I've noticed in my T-RackS5, presets that make use of gear I don't have, simply don't appear on the preset list. Once I added a new plugin, I saw new corresponding presets intelligently appearing on the list. And there's the check box in TR5 to include/exclude presets by owned modules, very handy. That's two different approaches to presets from the same company (Tracks5 and Amplitube).
  7. There was an upgrade to R2 from Excalibur for $29 on Pluginboutique couple weeks ago. Could work for me, shame I didn't have money for it at the time.
  8. Yes, it might be less transparent than Nimbus and have that Lexicon DNA in it but from what I've read that algorithmic DNA is specifically tailored for orchestral stuff. Actually, I think I watched one of the Spitfire guys using it for his orchestral work.
  9. I've read somewhere that R4 is the best EA reverb for orchestral material, you may try and give it a go.
  10. A few weeks 😱😱😱 I'm deep in the wood! But... well deserved, indeed 👍
  11. Still nobody knows how long this unauthorized holiday will take? I see trees, everywhere trees.
  12. Well then mathematically, of these 2 chances for upgrade, I should have one within the next two years 😂😂🤣
  13. Yes, it's this erratic EastWest sale where everything is on sale, but upgrades 🤔
  14. chris.r

    Kawai K1 vsti

    Actually it's on v1.06 atm.
  15. Thanks. Is this one of those sales where upgrades are excluded... as usual?
  16. um... is there anything urgent in the update that could make me want to update Play? oh, I may search for the info as well... thanks
  17. Didn't see a word on MIDI mentioned anywhere regarding the new Studio One 5. I'm too producing in MIDI mainly and need my DAW to deliver the best in that department so I'm focused only on Cubase as a second DAW in addition to Cakewalk. SO is a nice looking and easy to use DAW but for people like us Cakewalk or Cubase seem to be the best route.
  18. Watched the live vid. From a cakewalk user perspective... She's Got the Look
  19. LOL a new korg nano from presonus was the biggest announcement and they bundled it with the Artist, I'm not even going to check the price
  20. Yeah, I'm on v4 and don't plan to upgrade anytime soon.
  21. impressive feature set... notes pan spreading should be a standard feature in every sampled piano out there
  22. Thanks, I would think so, but the context suggests the opposite. And having years of experience with Windows, I could see it having bad impact on the system performance when disabling paging even with huge RAM memory, who knows. And this may even change from update to update.
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