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  1. Hi! Just for additional options, there is also another free Convolution Reverb, "Convology XT". I downloaded it a while back and has great presets. Of course, it depends on your taste. Here is the link: https://impulserecord.com/project/convology-xt-plugin/ Link to a youtube video/tutorial: Also, I'm not sure if it's allowed to mention it here, but Waves is giving away their reverb plugin "TrueVerb" for FREE until June 21 for all Presonus (sorry to mention other brands) email subscribers. Check out the info here: https://www.waves.com/account/trueverb-free https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/studio-one/2019/6/8/get-a-free-waves-trueverb-plug-in-simply-for-being-a-studio-one-user I apologize in advance if the info I shared here are not allowed, with all due respect to the forum rules. Sorry also for including so much links
  2. Hi sorry for asking but I would like to know and make sure what parameters in the daw will my controller be mapped to, for this configuration/preset? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi. I have the Arturia Minilab MkII and tried using it to control Cakewalk. I had tried to set it up using ACT last year or earlier this year, I think, but I really found it difficult to set up. Sometimes the knobs weren't detected so I'm not really sure what was the problem, or if I just don't know what I'm doing. Maybe I can try again soon. Glad this thread turned up so it can shed some light on this issue for everyone.
  4. Besides for live performance, it could be used as a tool for playing around with different arrangements, patterns, etc. Then when you like a particular arrangement, you could record it directly into the Track View in a linear way.
  5. Not sure if it's probably beyond the scope of this thread, since the OP only asked about launching clips in Cakewalk, but speaking about Matrix View, I wish it gets more development, so we can record audio/midi directly into cells, instead of recording in the Track View and then importing the clips into the Matrix View. I've read in other threads (and other forums) that a lot of people have been requesting this feature/ enhancement in Cakewalk for a long time now. Matrix View is great and has a lot of potential.
  6. Whoa I didn't notice it was that big for a library! City dwellers indeed! But apparently, there's a torrent file from the download links available, if you want to try it that way.
  7. Thanks very much! Just got it now 😊
  8. Yes, Hysteresis and Fracture are so fun to use! Whenever I want to make/experiment with random sounds I just take those two, and go nuts 😂 I also liked Soundspot Nebula, especially its LFO and Flanger/Chorus modules. It was on sale in Pluginboutique a while back just for a dollar, but I didn't opt to buy it, so I only got to try the demo. But it's a cool plugin I also love to play around with saturation (Halcyon from Soundspot too, the free Softube one, which is also included in Cakewalk, as well as the Tube Saturator ProChannel module and others); and distortion (the free FuzzPlus from Audio Damage). There's a few others, but I can't remember for now 😊.
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