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    Waves MetaFilter - FREE

    Got it working in CbB, thx! Now, is it better than my Scheps Omni Channel?
  2. Phoen1xPJ

    Metric Halo Dirty Delay FREE

    Large hassle...
  3. Phoen1xPJ

    Dreamer Awaken

    A preview of "Dreamer Awaken" to be heard on "Immaterial Witness" coming soon! Featuring Jake Livgren on vocals. Recorded in SONAR and mixed in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Used new Waves Abbey Road reverb.
  4. Phoen1xPJ


    Joy! Opened Melodyne after new update... now opens with discrete blobs instead of all in a line the way it had been (hadta change to Melodic every time.) Betcha it was the ARA2 thingy! 😁
  5. Phoen1xPJ

    Dreamer Awaken

    Everyone added remotely.
  6. Phoen1xPJ


    Time for a Cake update yet? 😎
  7. Phoen1xPJ

    Dreamer Awaken

    Thanks guys!
  8. Phoen1xPJ

    A Wookieeised attempt at Berlin School type of thing

    Kewl tune, Wookiee!
  9. Phoen1xPJ

    2019.5 CbB Relase available

    Got it... yay!
  10. Phoen1xPJ

    Abbey Road Plates $29

    Got the 'verbs!
  11. Phoen1xPJ

    Abbey Road Plates $29

    Ordered, waiting for delivery. ? WTF?
  12. Phoen1xPJ


    After 9 years I have a mix I can share...
  13. Use it LOTS... +1!
  14. Phoen1xPJ


    Thank YOU Sailor55! There are young ones listening...
  15. Phoen1xPJ


    Thanks, Tom! I'll bear your comments in mid for final mixing. Pix on stage is Mark Thopmson.
  16. Phoen1xPJ


    Thanks daryl1968... I need the comments, can still remix before the album. Thanks Douglas Kirby!
  17. Phoen1xPJ

    New Update Legit? V.2019.3 - Build 15, 64bit?

    Got it... alleged bug fix doesn't work: changing synth name in rack updates multidock view... not! Noel?
  18. Phoen1xPJ

    Magnetic II Presets

    I'm stumped! I have lost access to presets for Nomad Factory Magnetic II. They are where they belong but the plug-in does not recognize them. Tried everything including reinstalling X3e patch and registry hacking. Presets don't work in any SONAR or CbB. Otherwise the plug is fully functional. I'm in Win 10. Help!
  19. Phoen1xPJ

    Magnetic II Presets

  20. Phoen1xPJ

    Sonic Anomaly

    I just discovered this site... Bass Professor comes highly recommended and the rest look great! Free! http://sonic.supermaailma.net/plugins
  21. Phoen1xPJ

    Graphics Freebies

    AND I'm already an affirmed HitFilm Express user!
  22. Phoen1xPJ

    Graphics Freebies

    Hyperlapse rox! IMG_1374_hyperlapse_20x_std.mp4
  23. Phoen1xPJ

    Does This Happen To You?

    Yes, one gets fatigue by listening too much. Leave it alone for a cuppla days and go back with fresh ears. I always have several projects going so I can switch off.
  24. Phoen1xPJ

    Lover's Day

    Written for Valentine's Day 2012 and recorded in SONAR X1, total remix in 2019 with CbB. This song came out of a time of devastating heartbreak when my wife of 33 years suddenly left me. Only now was I able to revisit this... it's sorta a soft rock piece unlike my usual prog fare.
  25. Phoen1xPJ

    Lover's Day

    Thx, Paul!