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  1. Kuusniemi

    Some excellent FREE Reaktor ensembles

    These have probably been posted many times already, but Boscomac has some excellent free reaktor stuff: http://boscomac.free.fr/
  2. Kuusniemi

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    At no point has anyone called you stupid nor have I tried to win anything. Nothing was said in malice. I stated my countering opinion about recognizing a Kontakt library to yours as I felt what you said was out of line (the extortion scheme comment). Then I said why the Kontakt Player is not an option for many developers.
  3. Kuusniemi

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    I felt no need to edit my post. Everything was there that I needed to say.
  4. Kuusniemi

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    The GUI of Kontakt is one of the most well known and recognizable GUI´s computer music making. Cclarry already explained the features that make up the unchancing part of the kontakt GUI. It's one of those industry standard things. You don't need to own Kontakt to know what it looks like. The Kontakt GUI's are everywhere.
  5. Kuusniemi

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    With that screenshot of the GUI the Kontakt is pretty much implied. And making libraries available in the free Kontakt Player means paying some serious cash to Native Instruments so for small manufacturers it's quite not a viable option. But Sharine is great, some of the best shakers around.
  6. Kuusniemi

    ERA Bundle

    These are some very good tools. I have the standard v3 bundle and the plugins are easy to use and give good results.
  7. Kuusniemi

    Black Rooster Summer Sale

    Ooh, these are really growing on me and I keep using Black Rooster plugins more and more.
  8. Today is the last day to grab this discount. Use MOERKOE at checkout!
  9. Kuusniemi

    Kilohearts Phaseplant

    Oh yes, finally! Been waiting for when they release this.
  10. Man Makes Noise celebrates the epic journey of the Finnish National Hockey Team at the World Cup with a sale! Use the coupon MOERKOE at check out to get 20% off of The Lobby Piano! https://www.manmakesnoise.com/the-lobby-piano
  11. Kuusniemi

    Keepforest Evolution Dragon

    This is one of those libraries that hardly ever gets used in my projects. There's something about the sounds themselves that I find lacking.
  12. Kuusniemi

    Get 50% off the kHs Toolbox! Upgrades too

    Oh this is a nice offer. Kilohearts effects have been growing on me for a while and just updated to The Works bundle. These look simple but are some of the best and most versatile plugins around. And the Snap Head and Multipass hosts give these so much more possibilities. I can whole heartedly recommend these.
  13. Kuusniemi

    Albion One is Half Price!

    Albion One contains orchestra patches, percussion, synth souunds and loops. No solo instruments. Albion is a bread and butter basic composing tool and at that it beats most others. The big thing that sets Albion apart from the rest is the Air studios it was recorded in. There are things it is great at (soft playing) and things it's not really great at (detailed solo or even section writing).
  14. Kuusniemi

    VST Buzz Deal - Drums of the Deep

    I have both. They do sound nice, but for some reason I find they never end in my finished tracks. It might be the Kontakt instrument, which feels very unusable.