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  1. No ... my stance was to support someone who saw some shortcomings with the user interface... of which are glaring... otherwise i like the program//software. thank you
  2. I am not understanding what you have written, not in its entirety.... but all that i had written was in honesty. and what you are thinking i dont care about. english is not my mother toun gue
  3. Oww, I figure. But all that you raised is irrelevant, as there was never any dispute to it. Just makes me wonder if you DENY the points raised on the original post. Thank you
  4. @Clovis Ramsay Your posts are valid, thank you. I will not even get into "cakewalk bias", which to me borders into some sort of denialism...
  5. Thank you, the first note now does register on the step clip. (Moving that resultant clip however still changes step sequencer view to console view). Regards,
  6. 27.11 b15: First note of the step sequencer does not register in the step clip, in the arranger. Moving a step clip in the arranger changes step sequencer view to console view (the step sequencer and console are docked) Thanks
  7. This is true and I can't agree with you more, it's amazing how I think this is the least of priorities. I ended up buying studio one artist (it's not even extremely affordable where I'm from, about R1 200.00 black friday) cause I tried but gave up tolerating the UI. I'll surely keep an eye on cakewalk cause the fundamentals and feature sets are okay.
  8. A 64/32 bit vst2/3 drum sampler. Multi out, per pad pan, pitch and AHD envelope control. You can change the UI size plus set the default side. https://apisoniclabs.com/
  9. What I' trying to say is, leaving the color scheme as is but reduce overall brightness of the theme... (I'm getting a closer effect when I'm reducing the brightness of my Laptop screen) Many thanks
  10. Thanks for this theme... it will probably be my default theme going forward. I havent seen anything like this one. If it is not much trouble with you, would experiment with a bit darker greys, please... Thanks
  11. Looks like there are and it does open them.
  12. I'm really impressed with the Akai MPC Beats, how it does what it does. This could be 'my perfect' music/beat making software. Thanks to Akai
  13. I 💯 percent feel the same as you do. Okay for me music making is a hobby (for now) but there's nothing worse than opening cakewalk and glaring at it's UI. Sure I keep updating and hoping for the day that the look would be modernised.
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