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  1. Pretty much every widely accepted idea has its critics and detractors. Try googling anything and include the word "myth".
  2. Thanks for sharing your expertise. My perception of the colours in the shoe picture changed back and forth according to whatever I had just been engaged in. On the one hand it was technical stuff and on the other it was visual or musical. Surely this is an example of right-left brain phenomena, just like the spinning girl example. Or, if it is something different, then what is it and how is it different?
  3. Apparently so do the vast majority of the population. I'm in the minority.
  4. I've been searching but I can't find a definitive science-based statement about any of this. Only hearsay so far.
  5. Maybe most of you have seen this already, as it's been on various social media sites. Apparently, different people perceive this picture in one of two ways, depending on which side of their brain is dominant. It's actually a pink shoe with white laces, but a slightly-greenish blue has been overlaid on the image, dramatically altering the colours of the main elements in the picture. If your left-brain is dominant you will take what you see at face value and see blue laces and a grey shoe. On the other hand, the right-brain automatically make allowances for the lighting conditions and sees the original pink shoe. I got called into the lounge room to settle in argument between family members. My wife had been the only one to see a pink shoe, while the other people in the room couldn't see any pink in the picture at all. They were wondering whether this was due to my wife having recently suffering a stroke, until I said that I too was seeing a pink shoe. The right/left brain explanation seems plausible to me. I returned to the room later and the image was still on the computer screen but this time I was seeing bright blue laces and a grey shoe. I had just been working on an assignment for a part-time library studies course that I'm doing. I guess that the other side of my brain must have become active for this. Hence the change in my perception. But next, I walked over to dining table where there was a partly-completed jigsaw puzzle and began to put a few pieces in. I glanced over to the screen and saw the shoe had returned to its pink colour. What do you see? You guys are all musicians and probably have a highly-developed right-brain. This also applies to anyone who spends time doing artwork, craftwork, design or anything visual or spatial, e.g. movies, video, maps, architecture. I'm anticipating that most of you here will see a pink shoe.
  6. You will probably see an improvement in the image quality with a Matrox card. On the other hand 32MB might be a bit too low. At one stage when I was running Sonar X3 I had a 4-screen setup with 128MB each on two screens and 64MB each on the other two. There was a noticeable different in performance. The latter two were more sluggish.
  7. I've never heard the term either but I get it. I take it to mean a product that has a hyper-abundance of unreasonably overenthusiastic advocates that people find off-putting. I would put Studio One in that category.
  8. If your interface has a S/PDIF out, you could connect it to the S/PDIF in of the internal soundcard. You will then be able to monitor the audio through the computer speakers without changing driver mode.
  9. Definitely stick with your existing interface. I don't have any experience of Focusrite myself, but despite this I feel that I could confidently recommend Focusrite products for use with Sonar/CbB, based on what I have read on these forums over the last few years.
  10. Thanks. I don't have any of those. Hence my ignorance on the subject.
  11. It could be a graphic card issue. Try updating the drivers.
  12. I was not aware of this. Can you provide some examples.
  13. Also, don't order the books by size. Put an assortment of different-sized books on each shelf.
  14. Not any more, but KRK used to produce a high-end model and Alan Parsons endorsed it.
  15. But that can be a problem. When I tested out some Rokits a few years ago (Gen 2's I think), I found that they seemed to blur high frequencies and consequently improve the sound of electric guitars. They were doing exactly what I would want from a guitar amp, but not what I wanted from studio monitors.
  16. If the laptop is low spec, that should not be a problem for just editing. It should be ok if you set the buffers high enough. If you still get drop-outs, then just click the Archive button on some of the tracks that you are not using and these will then be ignored by the audio engine. You might find that you can work on some bigger projects than you originally assumed.
  17. It's not about the brand. The Rokits are just KRK's cheerful entry-level model. I'm guessing that your M-Audio monitors were too.
  18. I used to take with me a 10-year-old laptop for editing Sonar projects while sitting on a train or a bus. Some plugins were missing, but that didn't prevent me from working on the projects. I also used a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a small lightweight USB interface (Line6 GX). When finished I would copy the project back to the main DAW PC via a flashdrive. I always used project folders and never bundle files.
  19. I agree. There would be a better chance of identifying the cause of the problem if we could hear an example.
  20. Although the Sonitus suite as most of us know it is DX, I believe that the version that used to be available for purchase separately was VST.
  21. Kev

    Sonar 6 LE Activation

    The activation code should be listed on your My Products page. https://www.cakewalk.com/My-Account/Products
  22. Me too. I often start out doing one thing but then go off at tangent and end up doing something else. It therefore suits me to have all functions readily available. That's probably why I have never bothered with lenses. However, Noel's explanation has intrigued me, so maybe I will give them a try now.
  23. But you can also import screensets from one project to another if you have two projects open at the same time. I tend to use this method as a way of keeping consistency between projects.
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