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  1. Oh my my Scook! I couldn't find an example on youtube at all. only one for AD not AD2 I clicked everywhere except the ? which to my old brain said is just going to have help in it. But that's helpful so I shall try round 4 with that tonight. Thanks a ton!
  2. Thanks Robert. AFAIK, The AD2 synth standalone can be told to map to GM but not the VSTi which is the one I'm using exclusively. I have a support ticket about that into xln but the silence so far makes me believe I'm correct. And yes there are many articulations for various sounds some of which I have been looking for for ages. Like a stick on the rim, and a two stick "click in". I figured worse case I could sample them and use them in SD but I don't want to make a duct tape and wire kludge if I don't have to.
  3. I have been using the Session Drummer for years. My Alesis kit maps 1:1 to it and I now can enjoy the midi note names for my drum hits. I thought, due to the encouragement from various YouTube channels I should switch to AD2. - What a PITA in comparison. Because the AD2 vsti does not conform to GM drums, you have to use the fiddly drum mapper which is ok, but the end result was these little arrows for drum hits without my newly gifted note names. So after days of messing with it for days, I kicked AD2 to the curb and went back to SD just to get back to where I was. So: What's a contemporary drum synth that maps to GM today than y'all like better than SD? Or am I running down the wrong rabbit hole? TIA
  4. Lock up your daughters. The boys are back.
  5. Waiting on Blue Cat's Patchwork to go on sale. Oh, Bluuuue Caaaaat............
  6. As bumbling would have it, I had two e-mail addresses with XLN. One owned the Addictive Keys, the other owned the Addictive drums. Support was kind enough to combine the products into one account and I then downloaded the ADPacks I did not have. Thanks Keni.
  7. Back in the Sonar days I think we were given AD2 and I think at least one drum kit. All kits say "Read more and buy". I just updated the XLN installer and checked the registration of my DAW box and everything looks good but my attempts to migrate from SD2 to AD2 is not going well. Guidance? I forget what we actually got back in the day. TIA
  8. I record my drums with a MIDI kit. then edit and obsess over the performance over the next two months because I can. I have, on late night sessions, edited the hi hat thinking it was the kick and having to undo a lot because I was a tool. Nevermore? ...... Nevermore. It's a sickness. This feature is right in my wheel house.
  9. Where have you been all my life? Thank you. Bolder font would be nice as I don't look so good anymore though.
  10. I think I'm going to most appreciate CTRL-D, Drop out diags and PRV note names most. I'm looking forward to using this version. Thank you.
  11. I forgot you have to first trim the beginning and set the now time to zero.
  12. When you are "finished" with the arrangement, select all (the clips) and "bounce to clips" so it's one big clip. Then click and drag that clip up to the timeline and drop it there. Cakewalk will then create a tempo map from the freestyle guitar track. Your drum loop will then follow that tempo map and be locked to the guitar track more or less like a human drummer.
  13. I've been on a hardware kick of late. I just bought two Pre-73jr Preamps from eBay for the cost of one new one. Now I have an eye on a 8 ch ADC to be an upgrade to the one I currently use which is an ADA8000 with the preamps bypassed so it's just ADC to ADAT. Good, but it could be better.
  14. Oh crap, you're probably right. I was flying by memory from work away from the DAW. I'll hopefully be able to start it up tonight and see. There is a better than 50% chance I left it as admin. (facepalm).
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