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  1. You spell everything else correctly which tells me you just don't know. It's waveforms. those are waves, that have form.👍
  2. Go to device manager and and for the usb ports untick "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" (or something like that) in the power management tab. Alternatively, you can via power management tell your pc to never sleep.
  3. It's just winter buddy. 😀 Everything is freezing or frozen. Get this man a burger.
  4. Well, he has the source code. Not that he's not amazing. My wife at Christmas put up a wooden NOEL thing over the sink. I sang it to her No-wool, No-wool. No-wool, No-wool She smiled knowingly.
  5. I use this stuff. This tune ,fwiw was done with the 1st version and Eleanore Forte of SynthV on vocals.
  6. The only thing I bought (so far) was Mixchecker Pro from Best Service for 42.70 or something like that. Not like it's gonna help make mixes crank on an android but I couldn't help it. I have twitchy fingers over seventh heaven for about the same money but for whatever reason have not pulled the trigger.
  7. A dog returns to its vomit. 👍
  8. The greater question is: Why are you using Sonar 7? Cakewalk by Bandlab is free and great. Install it. Your old 7 will still work, so you have nothing to loose.
  9. Alesis drum brains are complete crap anymore. Midi output port leading the junk parade on them. I had 2.
  10. I would like to see something like this in Cake. A scanner that could scan projects and then somehow show plugs used nowhere so we can "safely" prune our plugin bloat.
  11. FWIW. I had a recent Alesis drum head that after 6 months was seen , but stopped transmitting data. I bought another used model off ebay and it had that same problem. Alesis must know they have a problem, as the problem seems rampant.
  12. I read the update notes like it's Christmas.
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