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  1. It's the best DAW on the market paid or free.
  2. When I ran a home commerical studio I used 4 behinger bcf2000s in mackie mode because it enabled me to quick mix what the clients just laid down. Now that I have closed it to the public I still have them before me but leisurly mix with a mouse again.
  3. I use a quad zeon. works well enough. If you want zero latency, monitor the source signals before the daw and go ahead and run the buffer setting that the pc finds comfortable. This is what I do.
  4. I'm one who does not believe that open source is just all that and a bag of chips.
  5. By retaining control they are retaining a quality standard that is set internally. It's probably hard enough to do what they are doing as it is.
  6. I'm having this issue with a vsti vocal synth i'm testing. It has a piano roll and chases cw. If I do a ctrl-z with sonar in focus (behind the plugin) sonar "rudely" removes the vsti instead of the vst removing the last edit. I too did a ctrl-Y and got the synth back but all my work in the vsti is gone. Clicking the keyboard icon to "send all keystrokes to the plug" doesn't work at least for ctrl-z.
  7. Someone said perhaps we should go to melodyne 5 to solve this.
  8. bitman

    I have returned!!!

    No internet. Must really be the hollers. If that's how y'all spell it.
  9. K. I'll take it down to 1024, but you'll have to meet me half way then. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  10. I hope someday the arranger preview will work "seamlessly" at high buffer counts. Years ago, being weary of bumping buffers as a song progressed I set my system up to use 2048 buffers and hardware and midi direct monitoring to I could forget about the storage medium and just be free. Naturally, arranger preview exhibits huge gaps if I rearrange sections. I had been able to mouse-to-markers while the transport ran to hop around the arrangement with little more than a tick or two even with a dense, done, song at 2048 asio buffers. Wondering why if I can do that with my mouse, why can't cake make an arranger track? I'll wait. Things will get better. I'm not moving my buffers. I like it this way. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. I didn't, but that doesn't mean it's not there, thanks.
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