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  1. bitman

    Advice on a new mouse mat ...

    Beware of compu-kiity. She sleeps here sometimes.
  2. Make sure that your keyboard focus is set to Cakewalk by clicking Cakewalk's GUI before slapping the spacebar to make certain the synth is not somehow stealing key strokes. Also in the upper (right?) of the synth there should be a keyboard icon that means send keystokes to plugin. Make certain that's not enabled.
  3. bitman

    Space In Mixes

    I saw a "master class" video where it was suggested a "trick". To solo your midrange instruments or better yet a buss for them. slap an eq on it and setup a sharp Q peak filter and sweep it until you hit the resonant frequency of that instrument. Then change the peak to a dip and relax the Q. Do this for all the midrange contesting / masking instruments. Then see if doesn't clear it up.
  4. bitman

    Not sure where to put this...

    That's cool. Thanks!
  5. Windows 10 Pro with Auto Updates OFF for good.
  6. I have never known nor cared about archiving tracks or what it was. Having learned to be at odds with freezing, I ignored it. Up until now. I just read in the SONAR x3 docs (I googled it) that having a lot of muted tracks can place a severe load on your computer. Aah!! - It didn't say why so much, but it said if you have a bunch of muted tracks you don't want to hear but (are too paranoid) to delete, you should archive them. Boy, I do in a project that keeps getting bigger a crankier. I'll do it!
  7. Cakewalk for DOS. What else was I going to use? Beins I was a DOS user and all at the time. Used it for midi drums only as I had no synth or keyboard skills.
  8. bitman


    That splains it.
  9. Echo mia cha cha cha!
  10. bitman


    Martin, Where were you with this when I needed it two days ago? When I changed the attack time of a compressor on an acoustic guitar track that was perfect and subsequently had to change the output gain too while forgetting to remember the initial values of those parameters? I thought well, Ron, that's what mix scenes are for but I forget to do that too. Martin, I thank you for this. It does work and I will use it. Whether or not I remember to use that button. Addendum: Don't close the effect GUI or you loose the revert values.
  11. bitman


    Tons of it from October till two days ago. I can see Keystone ski resort from my bedroom window. The snowblower walls on either side of the driveway get so high you can't see who might be coming down the road on their way to work when we pull out to go to work ourselves. I would move to the southwest but my wife wisely want to wait till we can't work anymore, as out only investment is our home that increases in value 50k a year. We are both self employed so only market forces and our health issues can stop us. The snow is all melted in town now so fire up the barbie!
  12. bitman

    Anyone using more than one DAW?

    Nope, I'm familiar with CbB and that's everything to me.
  13. bitman


    We just use the standard high altitude baking instructions , frost it up and scarf it down. Still good.
  14. bitman


    Seems like it sometimes but no, 9800 feet up in the Colorado Rockies.
  15. bitman


    We thankfully have no poisonous snakes here, no cockroaches neither. You might have a run in with a black bear or moose, but no snakes I have to worry about thank you. humidity is about 20% on a bad day.