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  1. It's just winter buddy. 😀 Everything is freezing or frozen. Get this man a burger.
  2. Well, he has the source code. Not that he's not amazing. My wife at Christmas put up a wooden NOEL thing over the sink. I sang it to her No-wool, No-wool. No-wool, No-wool She smiled knowingly.
  3. I use this stuff. This tune ,fwiw was done with the 1st version and Eleanore Forte of SynthV on vocals.
  4. The only thing I bought (so far) was Mixchecker Pro from Best Service for 42.70 or something like that. Not like it's gonna help make mixes crank on an android but I couldn't help it. I have twitchy fingers over seventh heaven for about the same money but for whatever reason have not pulled the trigger.
  5. A dog returns to its vomit. 👍
  6. The greater question is: Why are you using Sonar 7? Cakewalk by Bandlab is free and great. Install it. Your old 7 will still work, so you have nothing to loose.
  7. Alesis drum brains are complete crap anymore. Midi output port leading the junk parade on them. I had 2.
  8. I would like to see something like this in Cake. A scanner that could scan projects and then somehow show plugs used nowhere so we can "safely" prune our plugin bloat.
  9. FWIW. I had a recent Alesis drum head that after 6 months was seen , but stopped transmitting data. I bought another used model off ebay and it had that same problem. Alesis must know they have a problem, as the problem seems rampant.
  10. I read the update notes like it's Christmas.
  11. I no longer care if it's considered Pro or Schmo. It's a multi track studio in a box in my house whenever I want one. Yay.
  12. The insert synth right there and not at the end of the tracks is welcome. I just figured that's how things were.
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