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  1. I'm going to try to be as clear as I can with this. I have one monitor with no room for two. When I undock the PRV for example, and wish to move it up in front of my face, there is that annoying non-optional venus fly trap hot spot that thou mustn't slide your undocked window near or shlooop! into the dock it goes again. It occupies a good third of the interface and I just hate it. Frankly I'm annoyed with skylight but we're not getting the pre X1 MDI back so I don't beat that drum. PLEASE, PLEASE let us turn off that capture hot spot. I hate fighting an interface that supposed to be on our side.
  2. I don't think you can. What you can do is change the title to something like "Never mind" and put oh, "Nothing to see here" in the body text.
  3. Check to see if speedstep is set to on in the bios setup. How to get there varies from manufacture to manufacture. This slows down the cpu when it thinks you don't need the performance. Mostly to save on battery. Bad for DAW and happiness. 🙂
  4. Oh hi honey! Sasquatch on the porch. Your 3D printed pink riffle was ineffective. So we all followed the dog here. Can you handle it? Thanks, yeah.
  5. You eat meat so you can have some pudding!
  6. That's what I have. Not that I'm smart it is cheap and what I could afford. I like it. No room for larger the way I have boxed myself in.
  7. testdisk for windows is weird but free and can copy files off raw drives (usually).
  8. Send the track to a bus and automate the volume of that bus output.
  9. Cakewalk people have always been a bit different. In a good way.
  10. Cut and delete hole. No! Crap! undo! Deleting crap............. I have always thought, gee this is an untapped area of control. - For good reason I imagine. Also I remember my nephew taking to his online video game for hours daily. I wanted to go home.
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