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  1. The insert synth right there and not at the end of the tracks is welcome. I just figured that's how things were.
  2. None right now. It hasn't happened in a while but when it does, it does for only a little while then the goose bumps are over for that tune.
  3. A search for Brainworx on the u.s. patent site turned up nada.
  4. That's not a musician's concern. Rock on.
  5. bitman

    Your 2020 best purchase ?

    An Apogee AD16x (if it ever gets here).
  6. It doesn't matter. Alison Krause and Union Station.
  7. It's the best DAW on the market paid or free.
  8. When I ran a home commerical studio I used 4 behinger bcf2000s in mackie mode because it enabled me to quick mix what the clients just laid down. Now that I have closed it to the public I still have them before me but leisurly mix with a mouse again.
  9. I use a quad zeon. works well enough. If you want zero latency, monitor the source signals before the daw and go ahead and run the buffer setting that the pc finds comfortable. This is what I do.
  10. I'm one who does not believe that open source is just all that and a bag of chips.
  11. By retaining control they are retaining a quality standard that is set internally. It's probably hard enough to do what they are doing as it is.
  12. I'm having this issue with a vsti vocal synth i'm testing. It has a piano roll and chases cw. If I do a ctrl-z with sonar in focus (behind the plugin) sonar "rudely" removes the vsti instead of the vst removing the last edit. I too did a ctrl-Y and got the synth back but all my work in the vsti is gone. Clicking the keyboard icon to "send all keystrokes to the plug" doesn't work at least for ctrl-z.
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