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  1. bitman

    Forum members /home country ?

    Oh you tricked us hu? Oh well. 😎
  2. bitman

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    I musturd, be back in a bit man.
  3. bitman

    A fun quiz

    Someone played fiddle-y on a Stradivarius and was burned at the stake.
  4. bitman

    A fun quiz

    The knights said Ni! perhaps.
  5. bitman

    I've Put A Hex ON Y'all

  6. bitman

    Forum members /home country ?

    Keystone Colorado USA.
  7. bitman

    Oke Bandlab/Cakewalk is really awesome.

    This feature changed my life.
  8. Terry West Relife VST. It's Voodoo. And probably 32 bit.
  9. bitman

    Cakewalk doesn't do anything

    Make certain you have the latest Bandlab Assistant also.
  10. bitman

    Disbanded my Band

    Welcome to the club man. My neighbor of 60 years old is po-ed at me cause I came to jam one night with his power trio and didn't join the band on the spot. I cited I was too old and lazy to practice two times a week and gig too. I was happily amused with my own creations in my rumpus room. He said, Ron it's your time to shine! - I'm not sure what is in his Wheaties, but I'm 57 and look like it too. I'm not shining anymore. He says it's a pity, and still gives me the cold shoulder in the grocery store.
  11. bitman

    HiHat Pedal for a Wawa?

    It's Wah Wah. Here is your musician card back. 🙂
  12. bitman

    Change sample rate of file

  13. bitman

    Early Axes Program (NEW!)

    If you have a handle on your wailing.