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  1. Thanks, I was under the hopeful assumtion a that the Cakewalk downloader tool was being spoken of in the context of an installer we could squirl away for later not just the installer stub that it is.
  2. Where is the Cakewalk download tool spoke of in this thread?
  3. I begrudgenly upgraded my windows 7 DAW to 10 because I was sure that one day Cakewalk would not install on Windows 7 because of Microsoft and thier OS killing redistributables. That happened with XP, when the redist would only run on Vista and above. Well that day never came. I could go back to 7 but that would be too painful.
  4. Mike Hall - Killer Dwarfs from Stand Tall - Dirty Weapons.
  5. I have a question and am sorry if it's been addressed already but, I updated my DAW to the lastest Cakewalk By Bandlab version. Everything went nicely and it opens and plays projects as expected. However, baring unforseen events, I don't plan on starting it up again until mid summer 2024. What will happen activation wise? Nothing? Somthing? The old versions would want a activation refresh.
  6. Look at all the little kids, taking care of the music biz.
  7. Well I just updated the rumpus room daw to the lastest Cakewalk. Everything went swimingly and now am making an image backup of it all. 👍
  8. Havn't updated, expect I will have to someday. Thanks for everything Bakers, it's been real.
  9. It feels like something is terribly wrong like perhaps the health of a key baker or close loved ones. This would be enough to make the brass at Bandlab rethink things. The radio silence is telling and deafening.
  10. I used vocalizr.com The two times I paid "singers" to sing a song what I got back was on pitch but the timing and phrasing was changed. Like they are stupid or somthing. I was like, "I'm gonna kick your @$$" Now I use SynthesizerV. It's a lot more work but at least I have total control.
  11. I'm old so the CbB I do have is more DAW than I'll ever need. I hope the final CbB will have a complete installer we can download of the latest and last that we can squirrel away for offline reinstall on some future date.
  12. I don't subscribe to any software nor will I subscribe.
  13. Pfft, we all have that and more in our boxes.
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