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  1. Send the track to a bus and automate the volume of that bus output.
  2. Cakewalk people have always been a bit different. In a good way.
  3. Cut and delete hole. No! Crap! undo! Deleting crap............. I have always thought, gee this is an untapped area of control. - For good reason I imagine. Also I remember my nephew taking to his online video game for hours daily. I wanted to go home.
  4. That's great. Zappa-esc. Thanks for posing it.
  5. I'm using an RME 9632 PCI card with 2048 ASIO Buffers. ( Be not alarmed, I monitor the source signals before the daw. Latency is zero) Runs great with latest code.
  6. FWIW, I ran into this too this time around. assistant can not update itself ("something went wrong") downloaded and installed assistant manually. Everything from that point on went fine though.
  7. Blessing Larry. 😎
  8. Because freebies. Keep lookin.
  9. This last week for the first time I was trying to open preferences (twice) while the transport was running only to remember that that was verboten. Y'all must have been watching and took pity on me. Thanks.
  10. bitman

    Your BF Strategy

    Pick up a few small things. I try to be selective and buy things I'll really use. I have two things in particular on my radar one of which I got today - AD2 Fairfax Vol2 ADPak - $44 and change. Next I'm waiting in my hunting blind for bluecat patchwork 3.x to go on sale.
  11. Oh ye of little faith. 😀
  12. Gosh Cakewalk became free just in time huh! Cat Food n' Cakewalk. Rock n' Roll!
  13. There is a band of retrieves called "Off our rocker". The logo is a silhouette of a older rock guitarist kicking over a rocking chair. Best after youth band name I've heard yet. May even been someone here or over at the old home place. I don't er.... bemember. I'm 57, my wife is 58. I'm still doing computer service but she who used to be my bestest partner in the IT business is now killin it in bookkeeping. I run a small CBD shop now too as computers for everyday use are falling out of fashion. Never did retail but oh, it's easy money. We're gonna do this stuff until we can't then probably move out of this frozen paradise to the desert southwest to retire. we bought our home in this resort town for 229k in 2000. my neighbors are selling them now for 3/4 mil. We figure there should be some flee money in this old shack. Heath just has to cooperate.
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