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  1. Fyi, the SONAR Mac prototype doesn't work (at least for me) in Catalina. Has anyone tried Cakewalk in Parallels in a recent version? If so, how did it work? (Yes, I know I can use Bootcamp and do so.)
  2. Are those the old effects that came bundled with Project 5 and Kinetic?
  3. Always planning on getting some Waves SSL at some point - seems like now is a good time. Consensus seems to be that E channel is more useful than G channel so picking up E. Considering also the SSL buss compressor. Considering also picking up Hybrid Reverb. Or is there a Waves reverb you folks like better? Have Platinum so have the basic Waves verbs.
  4. Which framework will you be using for cross platform CbB? 😀
  5. R.I.P. Peter. Thank you for the music. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-peter-tork-obituary-appreciation-20190221-story.html?fbclid=IwAR2pnAWjb-2G3sqt_9cfk-_nA0NyTKbwAA_J0GpE2MNeUga75UZYEhJJpVU
  6. Yeah, I think the various subforum breakdowns in the old forum was a bit more useful and intuitive. Another example is the deals subforum here. (First off, thank you Meng and Co for adding it back.) We used to have a software subforum. People have asked for it here but it hasn't happened. In the meanwhile, the deals subforum has essentially become the deals and software forum. So you see posts on "Software X on Sale for $50" (deals) along with "Software Y updated to version 6.0" (software). For me, given that I was never interested the software subforum, these additions have made the new deals forum a more cluttered browsing experience. However, clearly folks appreciated the old software subforum so there is a need for it somewhere. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  7. FWIW, there are many long discussions about this topic in the old forum. Too lazy to look for a link at the moment, but if the OP is interested in more info, he can search there. I think also Meng responded in some of those discussions.
  8. Now that would give Cake some publicity. :-) I could just see Paul White from Sound on Sound interviewing him as he landed and asking technical questions about his jetpack and whether he had a stereo microphone embedded in the pack in order to more accurately capture the spatial aspect. But seriously, Cake could use some more aggressive marketing. That is, if they care about more people learning about the software.
  9. urock

    Happy New Deals!

    Thanks for all your work with the deals, Larry! Happy New Year!
  10. urock

    CbB Mac, please

    I went and looked at the above thread again. Yuk. Lots of not nice comments between members. HOWEVER.... That was the Gibson era where limited resources meant a PC focus because only PC Sonar was being sold and bringing in revenue. It is a new world now. The code is owned by a financially-strong company with an enthusiastic and ambitious leader whose main program (Bandlab) is multi-platform.. In this new environment, PC CbB is currently bringing in $0 in direct revenue. Mac CbB can compete with that. :-) As has been gone over ad nauseam in the old forum, we (the users) don't exactly know how Bandlab generates its revenue. What that means is that it can no longer be argued (at least with what we know) that Mac Sonar should not be developed because of some direct revenue return issue. To put a positive spin on the Codeweaver thing, it was being used, per the Cake staff posting in that thread, as a transitional tool. Meaning that pieces of new Mac code would replace the Codeweaver "bridge code" over time, If that model was continued, the Cake staff could simply start where they left off. Given that all of CbB is now free, the Mac version could be brought along as a more limited version (a few steps behind the PC). That is how it is done with Band in the Box, for example, in that their Mac version is a bit behind their PC version. On of the big reasons for MAC folks not using the Sonar Mac prototype was that it was announced up front that it would never be updated. Reopen development of the prototype and say that it will be updated (although behind the PC version) and I think there will be more uptake by Mac folks. Bandlab is a multi-platform company and their pro audio component-- CbB --should also be multi-platform. This
  11. It's awesome that Cake is having a renewed presence at January NAMM. Still remember the big announcement of the fiirst SONAR coming from January NAMM (2001, I think).
  12. I am not sure if you are joking about this being a translation of a book by Scott, but this is a different author. He participated in the old forums. Not sure if he signed up here yet.
  13. Having started with Cakewalk pre-SONAR, I like the SONAR name more. I also loved the early Sonar logo on the box below. I know the name is set, but I think even Cakewalk Pro Audio by Bandlab would sound better. Regardless, just happy the software is alive and well!
  14. I may as well be the first to request it in the in the new forum... Dear Meng and Co, Please consider producing a Mac version of CbB. Thank you for your consideration. urock Now to get ready for the responses by some of my PC friends... 🙂
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