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  1. urock

    Wusik Station X1

    I recall seeing threads like this about this developer at KVR something like 10-15 years ago.
  2. Has anybody taken any of their courses and found them good or helpful? Per their website, they have been offering courses for some time. I have no need for a degree in audio but I am wondering if the structured path they seem to present in learning audio engineering has proven useful to anyone here.
  3. Found this SOS review of the current generation. Seems they are much different than my old HR824s. The final paragraph gives me the info that I was looking for: "For my money, the Mackie XR824 punches well above its price, but it is parachuting into an area of the market where there is some pretty tough, well-established competition to overcome. Should you be considering the purchase of a pair of monitors at around this price range, the Mackie XR824 is more than worthy of consideration." https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/mackie-xr824
  4. Thanks, Larry, as always, for the lead! I had a set of these (or their predecessor model) back in the early 2000s that I used with Sonar. I think I bought 'em off a recommendation from the old Pro Rec site and sold 'em when I moved at the time. Does anybody still use these speakers and what do they think of them these days?
  5. Hi Scott, I bought at least one of your Sonar Power books over the years. I think I still have my last one somewhere in my garage. Didn't know until I read this thread that the value improves with age like fine wine...😀 Not sure who holds the copyright to the writing in the book - you or the publisher - but if it is you, you may wish to update and issue as a pdf. See what Craig Anderton is doing with his book pdfs for Studio One on Presonus's and Sweetwater's sites. Listening to his interview with Mitch Gallagher at Sweetwater, it seems like these are selling relatively well. In any case, if you updated the one for Cakewalk and sold at a similar price point ($19.99), I expect you would have some takers. As Grem above says, your book was much more useful than the manual. Not sure if it is worth for you, but just a thought. Sorry to hear that you had a tough year. All the best, urock
  6. I had an earlier version of this mic at one time. That shiny silver looks nice!
  7. urock

    30% off Presonus

    Thank you, Larry, for the info!
  8. urock

    30% off Presonus

    Thanks, Larry. Looking to upgrade from version 4. If I recall from past Presonus sales discussions here, Best Service is usually the most inexpensive. Anybody see it cheaper? Thanks all!
  9. Hello Cakewalk Developers, Please forgive me if there is already a way to do this in the current Cakewalk by BL. I have looked and can't find it. Earlier in Sonar history (pre-X1 I believe) you used to be able to choose between a vertical and horizontal effects bin in the track view. At some point the horizontal choice was removed. Please add back the horizontal option. I found it great for workflow (and suspect others did as well) because you could have the tracks relatively short in height and still see all your effects in the chain. This made the track view an even better overview and allowed for quick access to the effects, among other benefits. Thanks for your consideration, urock
  10. Fyi, the SONAR Mac prototype doesn't work (at least for me) in Catalina. Has anyone tried Cakewalk in Parallels in a recent version? If so, how did it work? (Yes, I know I can use Bootcamp and do so.)
  11. Are those the old effects that came bundled with Project 5 and Kinetic?
  12. Always planning on getting some Waves SSL at some point - seems like now is a good time. Consensus seems to be that E channel is more useful than G channel so picking up E. Considering also the SSL buss compressor. Considering also picking up Hybrid Reverb. Or is there a Waves reverb you folks like better? Have Platinum so have the basic Waves verbs.
  13. Which framework will you be using for cross platform CbB? 😀
  14. R.I.P. Peter. Thank you for the music. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-peter-tork-obituary-appreciation-20190221-story.html?fbclid=IwAR2pnAWjb-2G3sqt_9cfk-_nA0NyTKbwAA_J0GpE2MNeUga75UZYEhJJpVU
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