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  1. Why is it that you never get the experience you need until just after you just needed it ?
  2. I always thought that it was a bit cruel that they named the condition a word that is a little tricky to spell correctly.
  3. This stuff? I don't think you're that supposed to eat it.
  4. I've been telling myself that for quite a few years now. It seemed like it was quite often free back then and I did get it from somewhere or other, but binned it very soon after due to Pace/ilok causing other issues which disappeared as soon as it too was gone. Haven't seen it as a freebie since then and I wouldn't mind giving it another try now that ilok manager is better, but I'm determined not to be the one who blinks first..........I figure that I deserve it even more for free now considering the problems it caused me last time I tried it.
  5. I'm guessing that sons of billionaires get to do it however they want to.
  6. Too busy being the son of a billionaire....... If that were me, I wouldn't hang out here either. He's probably scooting round the ocean somewhere in a big ***** gin palace wearing real gold speedos with platinum diamond encrusted flip flops while knee deep in high class hookers and blow. If he's not, I wanna know why not?
  7. Yes, I've seen those. I'm leaning towards recommending some kind of Behringer based solution to her. There's no great rush so I'll leave this open to further suggestions for a while longer.
  8. What is the exact file location you used? Mine is in Program Files/Steinberg/Vstplugins/Virtual Bassist/Virtual Bassist Content. If yours is the same is your e-licenser working ok? I think it should give an error message if it's not being recognised, but on the rare occasion that I have had one a reboot seemed to make it work again. If neither of those, then maybe worth trying a reinstall or could be that it's a win10 thing ? Can't help you with that I'm afraid.
  9. I don't think there ever was a 64 bit update for this unless you know differently for sure.The problem could be that the data file has been moved from the default location. The Virtual Guitarist program of the same era had an exe as part of the installer to set content location if moved from default, but I don't see that option for VB maybe because the data is only 500MB compared to about 7GB for VG ? Maybe try relocating the data file to default location and see if works then ?
  10. Mebbe you should try JRR Shop instead. I think the JRR Ship people could be pirates.......... Add to cart for discounted price.😉
  11. Uncle Eric will tell you how to make it happen if you ever want to buy anything from JRR. Just send them an email and he'll get right back to you.😉
  12. I have an old one that we were going to try first, but yes I was already thinking that a better one would probably be the way to go. This is not a case of an ambitious singer, purely a hobby type thing and I am "the band" so really all we need to do is make her laptop into a Karoake machine for want of a better phrase to use for practice / confidence building. Cakewalk DAW is OTT for what she will be doing, but I went with that because I am familiar with it, so easier for me to set up for her and the price tag is of course very attractive, plus if she ever does get all creative on me I can just bring the .cwp into my system and easily work on it.
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