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  1. Pothibly eroneouthly, not intenthionally thelected.
  2. Rabbits dig holes to protect themselves from predators, such as shelter from bad weather, and to feel safe and secure. Rabbits are extremely resilient animals and dig holes to guard their food or other resources for predators. The holes that rabbits dig are different places where they are born and raise their young so that they do not threaten and meet other members of the colony when they are present. This is because rabbits dig their burrows near food sources. It is close enough to their burrows to quickly retreat home for safety when needed. Rabbits do not usually eat outside this selected area, as a nearby hole usually ensures their survival. How Deep Rabbits Burrow Underground? The average rabbit hole is between one and two feet deep, but in some cases, the holes can be up to 15 feet deep. However, many factors can contribute to the overall depth of a rabbit hole including the surrounding area, soil type, and the number of rabbits living there. Rabbit pits or warrens can be found in a variety of places, including: The forest Small wood Deserts Regions Grass Because resources vary greatly between these areas, as well as the depth of holes dug for rabbits there. For example, if a rabbit comes from a forest where the soil is not easily packed, it can often form large channels that are especially useful for warren, which inhabits many members. Conversely, if a rabbit digs a hole in the muddy soil that you may find in grassy areas or near water sources, then the hole or warren will usually not be small and very difficult. Of course, with more colonial rabbits, more space is needed for warren, and when you dig deeper you will have to dig in to make them all secure. Therefore, the size of the colony is also important. Do Wild Rabbits Live Underground in Burrow? Many wild rabbits live underground in holes or crevices. Pits are the most efficient underground shelters that ensure the safety and survival of rabbits. Although the depth and length of the rabbit hole will vary, the holes will usually be 1-2 feet underground so that rabbits can quickly hide and escape predators. Burrowing Exception of the Cottontail Rabbit Cottontail Rabbit is the only species of rabbit that does not crawl underground to make a hole or a warren. Instead, they followed the rabbit’s example and built shallow, shallow shelters known as forms. These forms are usually made under a brush or other leaves to cover and fill with lumps of wool, straw, or other soft material that Cottontail can find. Sometimes, those rabbits will opt for an old woodchuck or gopher holes instead of creating their form. This practice is more common in Cottontails colonies that require more warren areas than a small shelter for themselves. Do rabbits burrow underground? Considering wild rabbits naturally dig holes to build their natural habitats. Domesticated rabbit owners may wonder do their rabbits burrow underground?. Like wild rabbits, domesticated rabbits automatically dig holes. Digging gives pet rabbits exercise which provides mental stimulation. It helps rabbits feel safe and secure. While many owners allow their rabbits to dig holes in the yard, a digging box is a great way to let your pet dig into their house. Well, some rabbits dig to enjoy the pure, and it’s okay to let them dig the way they like. Conclusion If the rabbit does not need food or mating, it often digs many underground tunnels to find a hole or warren where it can sleep, raise its young, and hide peacefully. So, the next time you look for a rabbit that is sleeping in the wild, you will want to turn your eyes to the ground and look at its open underground habitat.
  3. My wife told me to leave and that she hoped I would spend the rest of my years living through a slow and painful death. I said "make your mind up love, do you want me to leave or not ?".
  4. When I saw the thread title I thought it was going to be about the person that I am not allowed to refer to and a certain computer file location that I'm not allowed to mention. Phew, just as well it wasn't or I might have been tempted......
  5. There you have it folks, two pictures that perfectly sum up the plight of the musician... He's been playing that thing for 20 years and didn't even make enough to buy a t-shirt. 😎
  6. This isn't 2019 you know. You can get injections that stop you from getting viruses now. Are you stupid or something?
  7. All hail Arturia for kindly allowing everyone to give them money.
  8. paulo

    Izotope Vocalsynth 2

    One too many $59's in that price if you ask me.
  9. Hence the saying.... she was only the carpenter's daughter, but there was always a tool in her box ?
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