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  1. From now on they shall be known as SLapu......
  2. paulo

    JRR Shop

    Well that explains everything.......that guy is pretty well known for hanging around.
  3. I can't really play at all and can't usually find much time to practice in the day, so being a poor sleeper anyway I decided to stop lying there awake feeling frustrated at 3am and get up and practice my drums for a few hours instead. I really think it's starting to make a difference. It also has the added bonus of drowning out my noisy neighbours who are constantly banging on the walls and screaming. Honestly, it's like some people just have no idea how selfish they are.............
  4. You missed a trick there...... One of the best things about quarantine is not having to wear any pants.
  5. The RX8 must have looked a lot different on your side of the pond. Over here they looked like this...... Whereas a poor man's Porsche looks like this....
  6. Just 'cause they're related doesn't mean you have to like 'em, right?
  7. I don't care what he called his folder - I was faking it.
  8. I was gonna ask what you have against small and medium folders, but as ever the only folder question that really needs to be answered is.............. What exactly is in that folder ?
  9. What's this abacus thing you speak of ? Another of your fancy new-fangled gadgets, no-doubt.😒
  10. It's just trying to get you used to the win 10 ownership experience.
  11. No idea who al is, but I'm having trouble imagining that. How many areas roughly the size of Wales is that?
  12. Audio or it didn't happen.........
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