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  1. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    Hopefully you gave them what they seemed to want.
  2. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    That wasn't an option because the voucher was only enough to cover one t-shirt and there was no way I was giving them more than the value of the voucher. I bought a backpack in the end instead. As for the amazon thing, I wouldn't buy clothing mail order but I can see why people who do would do that tbh. Clothes sizes seem to vary so much - when buying jeans I have been known to be three different sizes in the same store.
  3. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    Another true story......last year I was in a clothing store looking to use up an about to expire gift card. Not really my kind of place tbh hence why the card was about to expire, but it seemed wasteful / ungrateful to just let it expire so I figured that a t-shirt is a t-shirt and they sold some of those so that should be easy enough............. Turns out that none of the t-shirts had size labels in them and there was no place to try them on and tbh they all looked too big for me. I had no choice but to ask how anyone was supposed to know what the sizes were when the obvious was pointed out to me............You download the app from the store then scan the squiggly thing on the price label of the shirt you like with your phone camera and then it will tell you what size it is. Stupid me.πŸ˜‚
  4. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    The phone is bluetoothed up to the car silly so it's hands free. The message would just appear right in front of you on the dashboard display........just like the fuel guage does.........oh wait........πŸ˜•
  5. paulo

    I bought a Behringer

    Not having that. People are always saying to me ..."that Bapu fella, he has to be smoking something, right?"😁
  6. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    Recently I was wandering around an electrical domestic appliance store to kill some waiting time. They had some very expensive regular home size fridges with dark glass opaque doors that had stickers on them inviting you to knock on the door and see what happens. I looked around for the cameras, but didnt see any obvious ones so I obliged and the fridge lit up and I could then see through the previously dark doors and thus the contents of the fridge (had there been any) were revealed to me. At that point a salesman arrived at my side and started his spiel.....how cool is that? etc....... I asked him what was the point if it and he told me it was energy saving and therefore good for the planet because you can look inside without opening the door and letting the cooled air out which the fridge then has to go to work to replace. My response was the obvious one.... how many times do people in their own homes go just to have a look at what is in the fridge, but not take anything out? He looked at me like I was the one being silly. Then there was the guy when I picked my car up the other week wanting me to install a device on the car that would send a message to an app on my phone to let me know when the fuel level was getting low.............FFS!
  7. The computer is a musical snob and it doesn't like the chord change at 4:17 ? I have no definitive sensible answer for you, but what happens if you start recording at any other random start point ? Does it go past 4:17 then and if so does it still cut at 4:17 next time round or will it play to the end of the track you just recorded that didn't start at zero. Just wondering if it sees 4:17 as being the project end and cuts off there for some reason? Also if you shift all tracks back a couple of measures thus extending the project time, does it still happen at the same point or does the cut off point shift by the same amount?
  8. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    Yeah, but the how does your old fashioned dumb shaker know when to stop applying the salt if you haven't pre-told it how much to dispense?πŸ˜‰
  9. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    Salt is over. Apparently Smalt is the future..... They're not as Smart as they think they are though. They forgot the Smepper.
  10. paulo

    Wusik Products 90% off

    Might as well just say give me your email address and you'll get the discount then. The "survey" part seems a bit pointless if every answer I give is just BS to enable the discount.
  11. Talking of the song Kiss, I went to the doctor's because I just can't get the songs of Tom Jones out of my head. I asked him if this was normal. He said...........
  12. paulo

    Wusik Products 90% off

    I take it by the first three questions in the survey that he's not interested in new customers?πŸ˜•
  13. paulo

    I regret rubbing ketchup in my eyes ...

    Maybe you should have used Edchup instead............ But there is evidence to suggest that it makes you go loopy.......
  14. paulo

    Still using SONAR?

    I didn't look into that as the problems I mentioned didn't seem to happen with Platinum. I will keep that in mind though. I have installed 2019.07 now so will see how that goes. Thank you for the info re activation and all the work you do here. This kind of interaction with the people on the inside was always the thing that set Cakewalk apart from the rest for me. Long may it continue.