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  1. It is pretty ridiculous. I think it was early 90's when I first heard of the concept that big letters = shouting - someone I know had actually gotten disciplinary warning from work management for "shouting" at an American colleague in an email and in truth the idea doesn't sound any less daft to me today than it did then.
  2. Disco balls must use a lot more power than you'd think.....
  3. My wife just said that she was leaving me because apparently I'm arrogant and take her for granted.... I said... don't forget to close the door on your way back in...
  4. Exactly what somebody who was trying to disguise the fact that they are a woman would say.... Fair point well made, but then again.... Exactly what somebody who was trying to disguise the fact that they are a woman would say....
  5. Bapu for one, although it's pretty well known that she is really wonder woman.
  6. TBF the moderation on the old forum was also unnecessarily overbearing and pathetically inconsistent, so it could be argued that they've kept that the same too.
  7. Yeah, I read that somewhere, but I'm not really interested in the fx, just the instruments. They take up a fair chunk of HD space, so it would be nice to be able to use them. As it is, sooner or later I will probably end up removing them altogether to free up that space for something that is useful to me.
  8. No need for any of that time wasting malarky...we have fact checkers to do it for us now.
  9. You could well be right, but they could always say that there is no tech support if used in other DAW's. That would be fair enough. I'm not overly bothered, it would just be nice to maybe get some use out of them.
  10. I don't doubt that the licence terms have it covered one way or another. They win either way, that's how it works, but the licence terms could easily be different if they wanted them to be. I'm not losing any sleep over it or anything. It would just be nice to at least get some use out of the program.
  11. This is 2022 - if you say that you identify as Shane then you are Shane, right ?
  12. I've never really spent much time with the Nomad Factory stuff that came with Sonar back in the day. No particular reason why, I just forget that they are there, which I guess is a consequence of not having specifically bought them. I ignore all the included instruments and fx in S1 because I ignore S1. It would be nice if they made them accessible outside of S1. It's not like the user hasn't paid for a licence to use them, so it shouldn't matter where they get used.
  13. She probably thinks that DJ's are cool, so take it as a win.....😀 Positive thinking brought to you by Paulo.
  14. I can't find the receipt right now to get the exact amount, but I bought the boxed HD version of K11 (when it was the current version, but K12 was imminent) for somewhere under $300 from a retailer. Technically speaking it was an upgrade from the included K11 Select.
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