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  1. Because I'm five times more guilty of that than anything else.
  2. I listened to the first one. Mix comes across very well on lappy speakers. Call her done and walk away...
  3. Now that I know that they know what I'm thinking I'm not going to think about it in case they steal my great ideas.
  4. No. I believe there is already a monopoly on that....
  5. Hmmm....that answer only really works if the thread was titled "Everything I'm guilty of....." You can tell us 5. You'll feel better afterwards. A problem shared and all that.........
  6. It's so important to be careful not to offend people. Even one little S.L.I.B.P. up can easily lead to one becoming an outcast. Oh, wait did I say important? I meant unimportant. My bad.
  7. 1. Busting Bapu's chops at every opportunity. 2. Busting Bapu's chops at every opportunity. 3. Busting Bapu's chops at every opportunity. 4. Busting Bapu's chops at every opportunity. 5. Busting Bapu's chops at every opportunity.
  8. Uh oh, I'm thinking that you may have just made the fred into a punfest..... urine trouble now.
  9. It's Soundblaster all the way for me baby ...
  10. Wilma and Betty........? That's honestly never occurred to me before, but now that you've brought it up..... it's not your worst idea ever........
  11. No. That's just plain wrong. I've told you all before....... It's Betty every time.. Every time. It's always Betty.
  12. Is my set up no good any more then......?
  13. He's just feet up and messing with you guys now, you should all learn not to be so needy.
  14. paulo

    Down Sugar?

    That's exactly the kind of unenlightened attitude that makes asking them to re-name their song "Honky Tonk Person of Unspecified Gender" seem unreasonable.
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