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  1. For the benefit of any ladies who might be reading....... That means 5'8" and 330+
  2. DAMN YOU NI! I thought I was done with you.... Now I'm going to have to want it for as long is takes to be on sale because I'm too cheap to pay full price
  3. Well that sucks....... But there must be a way of getting bacon down those things, right?
  4. Now I'm thinking of that story about the man and the bear that ends with the line.... The bear whispered in his ear........."you're not really here for the hunting are you"
  5. Nothing happens at all when I do it. What is supposed to happen?
  6. Link requires creating an account, so no idea what it is, but I spent far to long yesterday wondering why a pro channel compressor was having zero effect.
  7. I can't understand why anyone who already has a full featured DAW would be interested in having a crippled one.
  8. On the plus side, self awareness is a wonderful thing.😀
  9. I've been making music and video editing. I don't know how I ever found time to go to work.
  10. Meh, he's not so special.... I'd never heard that tune before either.
  11. That's what the people who lived there before then all say.😀
  12. My set up works better in WDM mode.
  13. Has to be better than past water.
  14. The story of Bapu's life........ He almost got laughter. Almost.
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