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  1. Pictured below... Wee Jock Dougal McStrummer who along with his cousin, Wee Hamish William McStrummer, are credited in 1876 with the invention of copper wire during a dispute over the ownership of a penny.
  2. and if they do the thread showing the video of it will be deleted pretty quickly.😉
  3. I briefly flirted with the idea of getting Arturia v collection but this led to asking Arturia support some simple questions and by the end of that experience I no longer felt like giving them money. My own fault really, I should have known better than to expect them to just answer a question in a manner that suggested that they had actually read the question.😕 I was hoping there might be some attractive deals on midi controllers, but no luck there either. Nothing else that I saw in software terms made me even begin to contemplate thinking about maybe considering the possibility of perhaps moving towards the prospect of potentially exchanging monetary tokens in order to further the likelihood of being able to describe myself as a licenced user of it. TLDR version : nothing to see here.
  4. I'm trying to see the positive side of this ....at least it wasn't the guardian crossword.
  5. Over the years many scientists have warned the world of many things that turned out not to be true.
  6. Erm....Mr Musk, Sir........ I'm sorry to say this, but I think we've spotted a problem with your electric vehicle plan...
  7. I only recently "discovered" that I had the Midnight plug-ins when someone I was talking to here behind the scenes suggested taking the time to compare the compressors already on your DAW in order to better understand their differences, which led me to them. I obviously must have installed them and added them to VST menus, but I have no recollection of ever doing that. All I can tell you is that I installed them in July 2015 along with Novation V-station and Bass Station and they originated from a file called Focusrite DVD, which now only has the unwanted Mac files in it. I can't fins specific installers. They were authorised using FNLF files, which I guess is some kind of offline challenge/response type thing that I also have no recollection of. I guess they must have come bundled with something, but I can't think what as I don't have any Focusrite/Novation gear. It appears that I do have a Focusrite account for some reason that also escapes me, but that wasn't opened until 2019, so nothing to do with this. I'm thinking maybe older accounts had to be updated for some reason, so it only appears to have been opened then. Anyway, not terribly helpful overall I admit, but maybe a few pointers in there that will shake something loose in the old noggin.
  8. What's the difference between playing bass and playing with yourself ? If bassists played with themselves on stage a few people might remember them.
  9. Do it. Man, there's some weird stuff on that page..... Having trouble convincing people that you've lost your mind......? Try buying their kid this knitted encouragement potato. Having trouble getting your kid to slobber over the remote.....? Buy this thing that looks just like it, shove it in their mouth and before long the real one will also be covered in some kind of liquid biscuit type goo. 😀
  10. Not any more since they effectively stole my realstrat licence a few years back - deleted it from my account because it was "too old". They did the same with real guitar too, but eventually they did give me the newer version as compensation for that when I kicked up, but still said that I would have to pay for a realstrat upgrade to have it reinstated as a product on my account. TBH I never really liked realstrat much and hardly used it anyway, but not really the point. There's no way I'm paying again for it.
  11. I don't think the people here are really the target audience hence why they direct the discussion away from here.
  12. That's like a more subtle version of buying someone else's kid a drum kit. I like it!😀
  13. If that's correct, then it's definitely worth grabbing as a freebie.
  14. I guess some people fall for it. Like how some people think that they get given a free new phone every 2 years.
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