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  1. Beancounters with spreadsheets and zero understanding of how things work in the real world. In my employed past I often had cause to wonder whether being a clueless idiot was actually a prerequisite to being considered for the top jobs. It just seemed like it had to be more than coincidence.
  2. Further to above, the mainstream media here scored an own goal recently here by showing a picture of a supermarket with loads of empty shelves supposedly taken that day in London, thus confirming their recent dire prediction that there would soon be food shortages. However, the more attentive among us - sadly not as many as you'd hope - didn't fail to notice that while it had been 85 degrees with cloudless skies in London all week, the people in the supermarket were wearing coats, hats and gloves.
  3. You never get toilet paper? Eeeuuuwww. Seriously though, WRT people stockpiling, it's not rocket science.....if government's make it their business to spread unnecessary panic then people will unnecessarily panic with the knock on effect that when due to said unnecessary panic supplies start to run short, now even those who weren't panicking start to think that they maybe need to buy extra to insulate themselves from the actions of those running around like headless chickens and buying everything in sight. I'm only surprised that it wasn't worse. During the first lockdown I went to the supermarket to get some beer. The shelves were full and further stock was alongside awaiting shelf room in those wheeled metal cages they have. The supermarket had a promo on where 1 pack was £12 or two for £16. Given that there was plenty there, what would you do? As I walked out of the store carrying my two packs a woman shouted at me..........."do you think you've CENSORED got enough there?" I gave her my best smile and said..."Not really, but I couldn't carry any more." No point in typing what she shouted as I walked away because it would all be asterisks.
  4. FWIW Kenny I've got two perma "warnings" too, both for things that didn't actually happen, but to be honest they cheer me up every time I see them as they serve as proof that whatever I might be, at least I'm not those guys. Oh, and.... IBTD. 😀
  5. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/suez-canal-ever-given-updates_uk_61092efae4b0552883e54c18 There's also a video doing the rounds (I forget where now) that shows how many containers, including empty ones that are needed elsewhere to be loaded with goods that have no containers available because they are sitting empty in the wrong place due partly to long delays in US west coast unloading because of a lack of dock workers to handle them due to ...how to put it in forum censor friendly terms....... let's say the incompetence of those with power...... which then led to to shipping companies pulling certain voyages because they were no longer economically viable, which in turn led to chaos in terms of where things were.
  6. Could it have been that you were wearing your new t-shirt....?
  7. Unless it comes with a time machine, he won't even be able to pick it up in 2037. 😀
  8. It's all part of the plan to make death seem not so bad after all.
  9. TOP TIP: Save valuable time by taking an instant dislike to whoever you meet.
  10. Waiting for the pink S.L.I.P. picture..................
  11. Were you in there for fraud by any chance? 😀
  12. The guitarist had most of our better quality ones because he owned most of the gear, that was how it worked most of the time.....my speakers, my rules..... I contacted him a few years back to see if he still had them and if so would he let me borrow them to make copies and he said ok, he led me now when to come and get them, but I've never heard a word since that day and I've been told that he moved away from his area and nobody knows where to exactly, so that's that. There were a couple of tracks in particular that I would have loved to be able to try and recreate, but I just can't remember enough about them as they were written pretty close to end of band days, so they never really got played more than a few times outside of the practice room. The memory can play tricks on you though, so maybe it's a good thing that I'll never find out that they were actually best left that way.
  13. Nah. Kylie's for lookin at, not listenin to.
  14. Yet you still want to future proof it.........😀 I do understand though, I had a load of old cassette recordings that were dreadful quality really, yet I would love to able to listen to them again, but they were all stolen years ago. The thing that got to me most about that was that they were totally worthless to anyone else and probably got trashed anyway.
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