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  1. paulo

    My king, where art thou

    Larry who...........? Too soon?
  2. Plus you'll need an extra big car to fit KENNYWTELEJAZZ on the vanity plate.
  3. I know there's been the lockdown an' all, but..............😀
  4. Which, of course, is in no way deliberate........
  5. I vaguely remember reading this too. I'm not sure that I'm having the "we're charging you more for your own good" marketing line, but also I see nothing wrong with a manufacturer taking steps to not dilute their brand for what are effectively luxury goods. Nobody ever died because they couldn't afford a certain microphone and the market will prevail. Spectrasonics is another company that seem to keep a very tight rein on prices and tbh it doesn't really bother me. I can decide if the price of the product is "worth it" to me and act accordingly and If I do buy I can at east do so safe in the knowledge that it won't be 50% off somewhere next week.
  6. If the price is "exorbitant" then don't buy it. Beyond basic needs, buying things isn't compulsory. If nobody buys it, watch the price come down. Consumers have the collective power to bring about price reductions on just about everything if only they would choose to do so. Because IMO large retailers rely too much on attracting customers by having the lowest price, so they think they can get away with being largely useless in every other respect. Mom & Pop's, as you call them, have to give a better customer experience to stand a chance against the big boys when they can't compete on price. Level the playing field and as you say, M&P's win and the big boys will have to up their game. The ability of a large retailer to undercut prices is IMO not about championing the cause of the customer but more about trying to hoover up all the customers for themselves. The fact that the consumer gets a slightly reduced price is merely a temporary side effect of that greed. As I'm sure has been said many times before, when Amazon is the only place left on the planet to buy things, watch the prices go up.
  7. No questions re Best Service legitimacy AFAIK, but that said they did have a UJAM offer not too long ago that it turned out was BS. I only found out because I asked Eric @JRR if he could match it and it he contacted them and asked of he could offer the same deal and they said no way and then the Best service deal was removed pretty sharpish, which I guess was because UJAM had a word with them.
  8. Life in a bubble my friend. Sounds like you need to try it. Works for me.
  9. Iris is a no brainer at that price IMO. I don't use it a lot, mostly just little texture things here and there, but it's fun to throw some of the vocal in there with some other sounds, mess around with it and then mix the result in behind the vocal here and there to add some interest.
  10. I'm not sure that I see what the problem is. It's nothing new and if a manufacturer sets a price minimum on their products as a condition of supply to retailers then retailers can either choose to stock their product or not. Ultimately, if the set price is unrealistic the manufacturer will soon find out that he has a warehouse full of product that nobody is buying and will have to act accordingly. From the consumer POV although it might eliminate price competition v other retailers on the other hand you can buy it anywhere safe in the knowledge that it's not going to be any cheaper elsewhere and save all the searching and indecision. It might also make a few think a little harder re their level of service as if all prices are the same then they need to make sure that customers do not want to look elsewhere.
  11. In my dealings with him Eric has always seemed to me like he's on my side instead of his own if that makes sense - if a deal can be done, he'll find it way to make it happen. Hope they get this sorted soon. Oh, wait a minute now..........................JRR's missing, Larry's missing.......... Has anyone ever seen them both in the same room?
  12. I can't be doing with any kind of music too early in the day. If I'm working, the radio goes on about 9am, local generic pop/rock station mostly for background noise as I probably don't even hear 60% of it anyway due to work noises (power tools and general crashing and banging)
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