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  1. Don't eat spicy Korean meatballs. When someone tells you that they really are the dogs bollocks, that isn't a recommendation.
  2. If you were playing bass when you were born I now feel even more sorry for your mother.😀
  3. paulo

    Virgin Choir FREE

    Or that they figured there were already enough so no need for any more.
  4. I've been this >< close to asking the same question several times this week because some of it does come across as being a bit distasteful to me. Freebies are one thing and can be taken as a "maybe you'll remember us when it's over type thing", but pushing discounts for (whisper it quietly) - things that people don't really need - given that in some cases it's hard to get some things that you do really need is questionable. That said, as always, nobody is holding a gun to anyone's head so if people are daft enough to buy something they don't need that they can't really afford then whose fault is that?
  5. Good to know. Slight problem though in that I'm having a poke around now and I can't see that option listed anywhere either in instrument or kontakt player settings? Any chance of pointing me in the right direction? TIA.
  6. You can also use the draw tool in PRV controller pane.
  7. I noticed the same thing with this synth when trying to freeze it - audio always radically different to the midi playback - couldn't figure out why it was happening. As it was free I couldn't be bothered to contact NI support (because, ya know, NI support) and was about to consign it to the bin.
  8. Meanwhile, there's finally some good lockdown news for gambling addicts as the two flies on the wall season begins tomorrow
  9. TBH although I always look, there is usually very little in the deals forum that is all that interesting to me, so it doesn't take long. I'm pretty much done with jumping through hoops to get freebies that I'll never use. I only have the groove 3 pass because I was given it, hence why I tend to forget about it. The DAW used doesn't really bother me as when I remember that I have it I look at stuff where the DAW is irrelevant.
  10. I keep thinking that I should really use the down time to get busy with the music, but in truth I've hardly touched the DAW pc for a week. Forcing myself to do it rarely amounts to anything worthwhile. Keep forgetting that I have the Groove 3 pass, so might look at some of that tomorrow and maybe that will start something off if I can stay awake long enough - however interesting the subject matter EK's voice is a bit like a bedtime story for me and I'm usually falling asleep 15 minutes in.
  11. Same here. Track view on the left one / MD with tabbed console view/browser/synth rack on the right is the best layout for me. Having everything on the one screen, however large it might be, just looks cluttered to me. I know some here never use the CV and do everything in TV but I don't know how they do that either.
  12. If nobody has ever heard of you then nobody will know that you changed it.
  13. FAKE NEWS. That picture was actually taken after he was "invited" to a "meeting" with the IK multimedia marketing dept.
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