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  1. Skins don't solve the problem for me. It's more a question of workflow and layout. For me Cakewalk beats it all day every day in that respect. .
  2. The 1970's just called and asked for their idea back. ;)
  3. Long time ago now, but IIRC I had a similar problem with UJAM products in the usual VST location (the dll's were there but the scan ignored them for some reason) and had to move them to their own folder and add that to the VST scan path and then they were picked up. No idea of why it made it should make any difference, but might be worth a try.
  4. paulo


    Got it but never use it. The arp function was flaky and even though there was an update patch issued that was supposed to have fixed the issue (it would drop out all the time and just play single notes). When I told CW that the problem persisted after the fix somebody replied and said that they were unaware of the issue and couldn't reproduce it. I asked them in that case why did they just issue a fix for an issue that "didn't exist" and they never replied. Sadly fairly typical of CW support back then. I am surprised that bandlab haven't re-released some of the CW synths though. IIRC at the time of the takeover it was said that they would probably be released as a paid add on in the fullness of time but maybe they don't have the resources available to fix them. If the free software has issues nobody can really complain too much, but if they start selling stuff with known glitches I guess that opens up a whole new can of worms that might be best avoided.
  5. There you have it folks, after many years of speculation that craigb wasn't his real name, now we know........it's craigvE.
  6. I sometimes have a similar thing happen but during payback rather than export. Nothing to do with ARS or your I/O because I have neither. I've never managed to narrow it down to a specific circumstance other than it's always the last thing I did (obvs). Sometimes it's a plug-in, sometimes freezing a synth. If it's a plug-in then removing it solves the problem, if a freeze then unfreezing and refreezing usually cures it but not always. On one occasion I had to copy the synth/midi to a new project, freeze it there and the import the audio back into the first project.
  7. Yeah, that's why I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't take to it despite what was a killer deal at the time.
  8. I really wanted to like Samplitude. I got the demo a few years back and tried to get into it, but then the 1980's called and said that they wanted their UI back.
  9. Trying............. ..........Succeeding.
  10. I think the photo of Strummy is a fake. I've seen a picture of him before and he's looks much more like a young man from the 70's with curly hair.
  11. Dig out your 3d specs for some retro goodness.....
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