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  1. Someone I used to know once got upset with me after it had become apparent that his girlfriend had "entertained" more than one of his friends at various times when he wasn't around and I said that he would never have to worry about that happening with me. He wanted to know why not ? What's wrong with her ? Was I trying to say that she wasn't good enough for me ? There really is no pleasing some people.đŸ˜€
  2. I heard that due to Warren's success, some other producers got together and tried to launch a rival site to PLAP. However, they struggled to get many people to sign up for Produce Like Other Pro's.
  3. Wow....that really is totally game changing, cutting edge stuff right there.... Oh wait..... I forgot that it isn't 2019.
  4. Why didn't he travel back in time to before it was stolen and hide it better ?
  5. If it isn't already, that should definitely be the collective noun for a group of google users.
  6. Uh oh...... I've only got 334 days to spend my 89p or all those made up ratings will have been for nothing.
  7. I'm happy to say that it most certainly wasn't.
  8. Oh they were original all right. I'd definitely give them that much. I think it's breeding might have been best described as mixed.
  9. If that was your plan, then yes. Go you. You nailed it.
  10. The band I was in seemed to have choosing a bad name down to a fine art. Iwas always outvoted and during my time we had at least 4 and the last one was the only one that I wasn't totally embarrassed to say out loud - The Sons of Katie Elder - which was nicked from a movie. Could have been worse I suppose - we did once share the bill with the delightfully descriptive.... Dead Pigs under the church floor. The lead singer was a dog. I kid you not.
  11. Sorry to break it to you, but unfortunately just by thinking that you automatically made it uncool. Degrees of one's coolness can only be decided by other people. That's just the way it is.
  12. If you want it just buy it. Forgiveness is always easier to obtain than permission. Plus she's probably snuck in a whole load of unnecessary cushions that you haven't noticed.
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