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  1. IIRC v-vocal worked on it's own copy of the clip and a muted version of the original was still present underneath the vv clip so all you would have to do is delete the vv clip and then un-mute the original to return the project to its pre vv state.
  2. I saw that one when it first kicked off. How anyone could be arsed to even try to have a civil discussion given the attitude of the OP is beyond me.
  3. I always figured that the first person who volunteers to take charge is actually the very last person that should be in charge.
  4. paulo

    Tone 2 Icarus 2

    I quite like the T2 synths that I've had on demo, but I've never been able to justify the price to myself given what can be had elsewhere for less.
  5. Am I the only one that finds it all a bit sterile up there?
  6. Coffee people are a bit weird. It's like some kind of cult without the creepy leader.
  7. @Ben Staton FWIW that happened to me yesterday but I haven't installed the 2019.11 release yet, still on 2019.09.
  8. In the Plugins tab of the browser select Sort by Manufacturer from the dropdown menu.
  9. Never heard of whoever that is.
  10. I don't think they would sound worse without them.😉
  11. I'm struggling to think of a song that was improved by the sound of sleigh bells being on it.............
  12. I tried it during the dark days when the dude upstairs said he had made it so that it could open cwp files, but even though it's kinda free if you want it to be, I still couldn't take to it and for me the opening of cwp files wasn't all that successful because it didn't like frozen synths(IIRC) so it was a short lived experiment. That aside, I think it was mostly the menu layout that made it a bit of a chore to find the synth/fx every time that put me off looking any further into it.
  13. I clicked on the manual download option and it went nowhere, tried to return to previous page and it just said cart is empty. I can't be bothered to read the email. Can you read it for me and tell me what it says?
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