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  1. Acewhistle... Is the Cakewalk Export->MP3 writing out an MP3 file and the problem you're having is that Win Media Player is unable to play it? Try Muting all except one of the tracks. Select that track, and Export->MP3. See if you get the same error. It sounds like Win Media Player is unable to read the Cakewalk output file, so best troubleshooting step would be to open a project and insert a MIDI track. If you don't have a MIDI file around, just download one from the web (Google MIDI song) and try using that with Cakewalk Export.
  2. Thank you all for your feedback. Validates that it is not a Cakewalk issue so I've filed a support ticket with Waves.
  3. Checking if anyone is/was experiencing problems using the Waves plugin Scheps Omni Channel (SOC) with current versions of Cakewalk running on Win10-64? It runs fine on my Win7-64 implementation using the Waves v10 version, but I'm trying to migrate to Win10, and most things are working well. On my Win10, using the Waves v11 version, I cannot reopen a project that has SOC on a track. Cakewalk crashes with an "Unhandled Exception" error (c0000005) with a reference to the Waves "Wave Shell9-VST3". If I use the v10 version with Win10, Cakewalk crashes when I try to save a project with SOC in it, but doesn't show an error screen . I'm about to report the problem to Waves tech support, but I suspect they may try to suggest a Cakewalk issue.
  4. Hello Mic... I just got the Scheps Omni Channel this week. I demo'd it for 3 days and had no problems, but I never tested saving a project using SOC on a track. I purchased SOC and started to use it on a single vocal track. Worked great while I was was playing around with it and trying various presets. Only issue I had was that often the selected preset would change to a preset above in the list, whil changing parameters or something. Minor issue. However, I save the project as a .CWB file and next day tried to open that proect and Cakewalk (newest version, using the Waves 11 version, on Win10-64 PC) crashed with an "Unhandled exception" error (Code: c0000005). Cakewalk will crash everytime I use SOC with a preset and save the project. I tried using SOC without a preset and it saves and reopens fine, but if any preset shows in the Preset box, even "Full Reset", the crash happens. I will be contacting Waves about it Monday, but will experiment using and saving SOC on my Win7-64 drive where I'll try with the Waves 10 version. Like you say, I really like what the SOC does and want to use it successfully. I think there may be some problem with the way it accesses the presets while loading. Will update this post when I find out.
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