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  1. I agree that the work arounds are not that great. I can slip edit (Move the audio within the frame of the clip) in the take lanes fine. However, Moving clips or changing the size of the fades in the take lanes does not work well for me.
  2. Try to post some screen shots of your routing and setup and tell us a bit more about how you inserted the VSTs. I am not familiar with Grace. Is it an instrument or an effect?
  3. I don't have SSD5 but from the pictures it looks like you should be able to click on the "out 1 st" below the mixer channels and route them to other outputs. At least that is how you do it in Superior drummer. Then in Cakewalk you make audio tracks and assign them to have their inputs receive from the specified SSD5 outputs. A quick google search showed that Steven Slate has some videos on how to do multiple outputs in other DAW. They should give you a good start on how to do it in Cakewalk. https://stevenslatedrums.com/videos/
  4. A couple of things to look at or try. Are any of the clips locked (time or data)? Do you have ripple edit enabled? Have you tried closing the project and cakewalk and then re-opening to see if it does the same thing?
  5. I don't know how to fix the issue with your screenshot above. That seems to indicate some issue with a driver or permissions. I would try re-installing any drivers that came with your midi device and maybe even re-installing Cakewalk. When you "play" your midi keyboard and want to hear a VSTi playing you do need to make sure that the track has the "input echo" button enabled or the setting that the input echo follows the selected track to be able to hear anything. If you record some midi to the track does the synth play it back? Or, if you drag a midi clip on the track can you hear it?
  6. This seems to be the current state of the take lanes. If you manipulate anything in the master track then it can mess up the takes and the cross-fades. Personally, I don't like that it does this but that is the way it works. In another thread it was said to slip-edit (move the audio in the take lane) rather then moving the clip in the master. Another way is to copy your comped clips into a new track and delete all the take lanes. Then there is nothing underneath to mess them up.
  7. If your getting Hard crashes then you can submit a crash dump to see if it is Cakewalk or one of your plugins. I don't know how to roll-back but if you look above in this same thread there are others who have asked the same question and were somehow able to roll-back. Maybe it was from a pre-release version?
  8. If your getting rid of your old PC then make sure to De-Activate any plugins first so they don't get stuck on that unused machine
  9. In the Reference manual the grid line settings only reference the Drum Pane not the normal piano roll view. Maybe they only work in that view?
  10. I have not had this happen. However, to submit a bug try to create a minimal project where it can be reproduce and email support@cakewalk.com.
  11. If you share a picture of your export settings it might help people trouble shoot this with you. What are the levels you are seeing on the main bus when you play it in real-time? Are you exporting the main bus output or something else?
  12. Make sure you have the X32 setup to allow daw control in the settings. There is a setting the main area to enable DAW control. Also, remeber you have to push the physical "DAW" button on the X32 to enable/disable this feature. If you have done all that you could get a midi monitor program to make sure your PC is seeing the Midi commands sent in.
  13. Probably better asked in https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/8-feedback-loop/ forum.
  14. First off, you don't have to use a drum map to hear your sounds. If you just use the keyboard layout and you play a "B2" note do you hear the drums? Do you hear them if you play any notes? First get Kontakt working and outputting sound then start on the drum map. It would also be useful for you to post a picture of your drum map and how you are applying it to the track.
  15. This sounds alot like there is automation or a control message being sent to set the volume. Check the event list, CC lanes in the PVR, or automation to see if there is something in the track setting at playback. There is also a "zero controllers" setting in the preferences that might affect this as well.
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