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  1. I don't know why your ASIO driver would not work on your laptop. I am actually surprised that there is a ASIO driver for the built in realtek chipset. Usually those just use the built in windows drivers. As for #3. For a laptop without a dedicated external audio interface I would say that you are just fine use WASAPI.
  2. Use the edit filter, located in the track view, and select from the dropdown clips. You should then be able to multi-select clips and adjust their gain. You may have to hold down cntrl. I am not at my computer to try it right now.
  3. If you have had two solutions that worked at first then stopped working for you then there must be something about your network that is getting messed up or is not configured correctly.
  4. Once the tracks are grouped then comping in one track should select the same take in all the group tracks. Is that what you are asking? are you trying to select the best take for the whole kit at different times or are you trying to select different takes for different pieces of the kit at the Same Time?
  5. Put your drum tracks in a folder and make sure that group tracks in folders option is set (I forget the exact option) and it will make the following easier. If you just arm all your drum tracks and do takes like you do with one track you will get 3 takes in each lane of each drum track. Then you group those tracks and any take you select in one track will also be promoted in the grouped tracks. In addition, if you use the audiosnap markers to quantize your comped tracks you can keep them in phase by selecting all the corresponding transient markers in the grouped tracks. Here are a couple of results from a quick search for multitrack drum editing/comping in Cakewalk http://forum.cakewalk.com/HOW-TO-DO-I-COMP-MULTIPLE-TRACKS-AT-ONCE-Like-drums-m3554307.aspx
  6. Also make sure the interleave button "little circle" is set to stereo for your busses
  7. No, but Blue Screens are usually related to HW conflicts or errors. I actually haven't seen a blue screen since moving to windows 10.
  8. reginaldStjohn

    Melda 37

    I have it and use it all the time. I use it for Reverb, Cabinets mostly. I really like that I can HP, LP filter the IRs right in the interface
  9. I have had this when my interface's sample rate doesn't match the project's. Is this an existing project? If it is try creating a new one.
  10. If there is a keyboard shortcut or menu command to go to the next bar then you should be able to map a midi controller/button etc. to activate that command. You would have to setup a control surface. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=ExternalDevices.03.html
  11. There is not stand alone version. You can use a VST host like https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/free-vst-host.
  12. I use touchdaw Android app as a wireless controller.
  13. I don't know if anyway to "drag" clips from multiple tracks to one track in one go. Some ideas that I can think of are the following: - Use take lanes since that is exactly what they are made for - Create an aux track, point all the comped tracks to the aux track and then record it. - Leave them all in their tracks and route them to a bus or aux track. Then hide the tracks?
  14. Just as another data point I had an Nvidia Video card that would cause high latency. I tried all the tricks mentioned in this thread and even more. I eventually just got an AMD card (Radeon) and that fixed it.
  15. I have never used the drag and drop method. I have used Melodyne to convert to midi. Maybe try that as a work around?
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