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  1. In order to see multiple tracks in melodyne at the same time you have to have the studio version of melodyne. If you have that version then you click on the little blobs in the top left corner. In your picture they would be LDL (2) , LDR (3) etc.
  2. The 'W' button does not get rid of anything. It enables or disables recording automation on the track. Stuff like volume or pan automation. There is something else going on. Please look through the documentation and then post a short video or screen capture(s) of your issues.
  3. Midi tracks will follow project temp so you can just slow or speed up the temp and it will follow. To get audio tracks to this you have convert them to groove clips, via the inspector, or use the audio transient toolbar to have them follow the project tempo. The quality of the affected audio varies depending on the material and how much you change the temp.
  4. Just brainstorming here, are the tracks all going to a bus? Is the bus getting muted? Can you hear the armed track (echo) what you are recording? Are these midi or Audio tracks?
  5. Does the m-track have an ASIO driver? If they do I would try using that instead of WASAPI. If you continue to have trouble please log a support ticket at support@cakewalk.com
  6. In your export settings are you selecting to export the Master Bus or are you exporting entire mix or what? Try to export "entire mix" and make sure that your HW outputs are selected. Or choose to export bus and select your master bus.
  7. This could be a audio device setting problem. What audio interface are you using and what driver type (WASAPI, ASIO, etc.)? If your using the built in sound card you need to make sure that the Cakewalk audio Sampling Rate is set the same for both windows and Cakewalk
  8. Yes, that looks like a muted clip. Use the Mute tool to un-mute it. The comping should not mute it like that. It most likely was accidently done by hitting a shortcut key to mute the clip.
  9. I don't know that details about the timing but I do think that it will save every X minutes OR so many changes. Maybe you are exceeding the number of changes before the set time. I have not tried it but if you set the number of changes to 0 it might disable the number of changes threshold and only use the time.
  10. Interesting. I looked at your image for a while and couldn't see anything immediately amiss. However, it might help if you told us what audio interface and driver type you are using. If your using the built in audio card then there is a setting for recording everything that is played out of the audio card in many of the drivers. This could cause a feeback loop possibly. Doe the meter go away if you disable the echo button? (The orange one highlighted on track 4)
  11. In HorNET land every day must be valentines day.
  12. If you get a crash then Cakewalk will save a crash dump that can help the developers figure out what might have caused it. See this post: In the meantime telling us a bit about your setup, computer, audio interface, audio driver, driver settings etc. might point out some possibilities.
  13. does the Qu16 have its own ASIO driver or are you using ASIO4All? Drop outs have to do with your computer, including the driver, keeping up with the audio stream(s). It could be a bad ASIO driver or some other process on your machine. Try running letencymon with your project open to see if there is anything on your PC causing this.
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