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  1. Jamstix is a complicated program so it could be any number of things. Thing I could think of would be that jamstix was put into midi only mode, your routing from jamstix to your audio channel got messed up?
  2. All I can do is suggest the usual. Check the midi channel that your tracks are receiving on. Check that the connection from you midi tracks to you audio tracks. Try puting some midi notes in the midi track by hand and seeing if they play. If all else fails get a midi monitor program, like MidiOx, and see what your Akai is outputting when you press a key.
  3. A bit more information is going to be need. What audio interface and driver mode are you using? Is this a midi or audio track? A screen shot of your tracks might also be useful.
  4. It looks to me like you would need to record the audio out of the Yamaha keyboard into your audio interface. What audio interface (sound card) are you using? I am assuming you want to record a bass sound directly from the keyboard or are you trying to just record the midi from your keyboard and then use an instrument on your computer for the bass sound?
  5. You have to make sure that the driver mode you select is compatible with your sound card. Usually the built in Realtek cards needs something other than ASIO.
  6. You can use the Browser or Windows File Explorer to drag and drop audio files into new tracks or existing audio tracks.
  7. This is not the definitive answer because I could not find any documentation to back it up. But I would guess that the only way to do it would be to save a track template with the routing set up like you want. then when you add a track use the track template.
  8. reginaldStjohn

    Automating Audio Pitch

    The only way I know to "automate" the pitch of an audio file would be with something like Melodyne.
  9. The code didn't work for the Bass Midi loops when I tried it.
  10. When you create a project there is a setting to use per project audio. This will create the audio file under the project directory. Otherwise it should use the global folder. Do a complete search on your hard drive(s) and see if you can locate where the bounces are going.
  11. I think what you are hearing is the MIDI velocity of the TTS notes might be low. When you preview things it often uses the highest midi velocity so it sounds louder. It actually doesn't sound that soft in your video when playing it in Cakewalk. If you look at your meters the audio track is hitting -2.7dB which is really hot. It should probably be turned down so it it showing maybe -12 dB or so no the meter. You can make the piano part louder by turning up the volume, the input gain on the audio track and/or making the midi notes have higher velocity. I don't know why your exported audio would sound louder except that you may have the audio player volume turned up louder?
  12. When you record to take lanes you are creating layers of clips on top of each other. Depending on your recording settings you can use these as "takes" where only one lane is heard at a time and you pick your desired lane at each time interval to create a mixture of your takes to get the best piece of each take. Pieces of a take lane that are not chosen are muted so that only one take is played at a time. If you bounce to clips this kind of midi track all the clips that make up the audible portion of the track will be merged into one clip. If you have your recording options set to "sound on sound" then your take lanes will all playback at the same time. However, underneath each take is a separate clip. The track only shows the top clip, or lane, in the track even though there are more underneath it playing. If you select all clips in the lane, by lassoing or select by time range then bounce to clip, it will create one clip where you can see all the notes from all the layers.
  13. Sounds like the project file itself might have gotten corrupted when you had the crash. You could try "save as" and click to move the audio data with the new project and save it in a new location. You could also bounce all your tracks out as stems and then create a new project and drag your tracks into the new project to see if this fixes your problem.
  14. The answer is a solid "maybe." None of us forumites really knows. You would have to get a response from a Bandlab employee to be more official.
  15. I have seen times, mostly using screensets, where the track view and console view don't stay in sync even when the checkbox is marked. For me if I hid the console and opened it up again it would re-draw. I don't know if this is the same issue you have or not.
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