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  1. reginaldStjohn

    Guitar mix tone (eqing)

    I took a quick listen on my laptop speakers, all I have in front of me right now, so I could be way off here. However, what I have found useful is to compare, both using my ears and using an analyzer tool, my sounds with those I want to attain. I have used Melda's MAnalyzer and Izotope Ozone EQ to compare an Isolated guitar track, or the beginning of a guitar intro, to my sound and compare the difference. This helps me find the frequencies that I am missing or have too much of. Most of the distorted guitars that I have analyzed in similar genres as you are mentioning are mostly a flat frequency response between about 100Hz and 4-5KHz. Just listening quickly to your guitar sound it isn't bad but it seems to lack some in the lower mids (200-800Hz) or have too much in the 1-2K area. Hopefully that is helpful.
  2. reginaldStjohn

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    Doesn't sound like your doing anything wrong. It could be a corrupt project. Can you try to create a new project and just re-create tracks to reproduce your side chain and see if it still happens? You can also contact tech support and send them your project to see if they can reproduce it.
  3. reginaldStjohn

    East West Release Pop Brass

    Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have the standard or the Pro Version?
  4. reginaldStjohn

    East West Release Pop Brass

    I have been looking for a good pop brass section. However this one is a bit too rich for me right now. Any suggestions on other similar ones at a bit lower price?
  5. reginaldStjohn

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    I listened to the demos when I saw the email. I thought they did not sound good. Very synthetic.
  6. reginaldStjohn

    Problem integrating Nektar Lx25+ with cakewalk

    I have a LX88+ that I use with Studio one and it did integrate pretty good. However, There are drawbacks to Studio One controller support. For one there is no indication what console channels you are controlling. It also only supports absolute position for faders and pan. So if you switch channels and move a fader it will imediately jump to the fader location and not wait for the fader to reach its current value before moving it. Those are some things that I have found annoying.
  7. reginaldStjohn

    Graphics Card

    The only suggestion I have is get a AMD (ATI) card. I had latency problems with my NVidia card that I could never get resolved. I installed a Radeon and the latency went away. You can find many video cards sufficient for a DAW for around $100. If you can find a fanless one even better.
  8. reginaldStjohn

    Albion One is Half Price!

    Awesome review. Thanks Amicus717
  9. reginaldStjohn

    Albion One is Half Price!

    I have been eying since I learned about it some years ago. Can someone explain how Albion One is different then just an orchestra library? Is it loop based or sample based or both? Is it mostly for film scoring or is it good as a general orchestration tool? Sorry, I have looked at some of the videos and read the marketing material but I still don't quite grasp what this is?
  10. reginaldStjohn

    Akai Advance 49 Keyboard

    I don't have the Akai keyboard but a few months ago was comparing keyboards as well. I think you have to specify what you are going to do with the keyboard/controller. Are you just interested in the keyboard or do you care about the control aspects of it as well. The Komplete Kontrol series has some neat features if you use Kontakt heavily. If you are just trying to find a good keyboard for recording midi there are other options such as weighted keys etc. that may fit what you want better.
  11. reginaldStjohn

    Clearing up muddy bass

    People have given you some good suggestions but I have one that others have maybe not mentioned. Have someone else mix your music or at least listen to it to give you feedback. If you really do have some hearing issues, many of us do, you will need someone else to help you judge any moves you make anyway.
  12. reginaldStjohn

    Take Lanes overwriting themselves?

    I have often recorded in the same way you mention. However, I have never seen it overwrite a take in a lane. It will start to fill in empty gaps so that you don't get so many take lanes created.
  13. reginaldStjohn

    Silent buses

    This really sounds like a flakey hardware connection or problem with your interface. Maybe try to change what port your Quad Capture is plugged into (it is USB right?). Silent busses mean that they are not routed to an actual hardware output. When you get this message check your routing and see if your Quad Capture is showing up or if the project has reverted to some other audio output.
  14. reginaldStjohn

    Graphics Driver Latency

    I can verify that the nVidia cards tend to have higher DPC latency then the Radeon cards. I swapped my nVidia GT card out with a Radeon and the DPC latency went down quite a bit.
  15. reginaldStjohn

    Strange track-related anomolies

    I have had times where a track appears to stop working. In my particular case it always had to do with a pro channel module. If I turned off the pro-channel my track would sound again. If I started deleting modules until it sounded again it would usually come down to the console emulation modules or once it was the concrete limiter. Just a thought.