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  1. Like this? pp 714 of the reference guide.
  2. Sounds like if no audio program can open the wave files then they must be using a codec or format that your machine does not have or understand. If you right click on them and look at their properties what do you see?
  3. reginaldStjohn

    Audio dropout

    This is a common problem new comers often have. It can depend a lot on the audio device you are using, what driver mode you have and what your audio buffers are set to. Please tell the community more about your windows version and audio settings are for people to help. Most common causes are you are not running a separate audio interface from what Windows is using, the audio driver selected is not optimal for playback or you have some system background process that is taking too much time. I recommend looking at the documenation for the audio settings or try some tutorials like this
  4. I will wait till later when it is $79-99.
  5. Well, I can't be sure but it looks like in your top picture you are showing both tracks in the PVR. To the right there is a track selection slide out, hidden in your picture, that allows you to have multiple tracks visible. The white notes look like you have the clip associated with those selected. I would recommend looking at the documentation for the PVR or look at the tutorial videos in the Tutorials forum.
  6. In one instance I had an NVIDIA card that I could not get to play nice for low latency, or any decent latency for that matter. I got a new video card, AMD this time, and the problem went away. Just a point of reference.
  7. I don't use bundle files but here is what I would suggest. Take your current project and "save as" marking "copy audio" and save to a new location. Then open your bundle file to see what it does. Then open your "save as" project and either drag copy the audio you need from the opened bundle project to your "save as" project or export the desired audio from the bundle file and then import the audio you want.
  8. Please tell the forum what audio interface and driver mode (ASIO, WASPII etc.) you are using. What is your operating system and what sample rate and bit depth are you working with? Are you using Audio tracks or Virtual instruments. The more information the more likely someone can help you
  9. Submit a support request to Support@cakewalk.com
  10. I don't know why that would happen. Have you searched your hard drive for the preset to see if it moved somehow? You could also try to re-install your Waves plug-ins to see if that restores the presets.
  11. You can try to rollback to the previous version and see if it fixes your issue. I doubt it is the new update but you never know.
  12. You can certainly change the speed and length of audio clips in Cakewalk or other Audio programs. The problem will be that slowing it down by that much will probably have artifacts. Whether these artifacts are too bad to live with would be up to the listener. Record that output of your tape into cakewalk. Then use the audio tools to stretch the audio and see how it sounds. Bouncing the clip will render it with the better algorithm as well.
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