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  1. Kontakt 6 is on my list but I don't know if I really need it. Are there libraries that are requiring 6 right now? I can't figure out if I get any benefit from it now or if it is just a future proof thing? Opinions?
  2. You either need to assign your master bus output to your headphones or do it with your interface. Many interfaces have there own mixer and settings. If you tell us what your interface is someone might be able to help you with that
  3. Yep, Saw this and got it
  4. You should be able to assign your orphaned automation to the desired CC or plugin parameter. I would use the automation lanes for this purpose. I am not at my DAW right now so I don't remember the details. I don't know why it is losing the connection but you should be able to re-assign the envelope without having to re-do it. Look in the reference guide and check this thread on how to reassign an envelope. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Solved-Removing-or-reassigning-an-orphaned-automation-envelope-m3586154.aspx
  5. Try screen sets or lenses.
  6. It could be that you have a locked screen set or lens enabled. If they are locked then they won't update when you hit save.
  7. I am not at my computer right now but if you add an envelope to the desired track, just like you would add volume or pan automation, you should be able to select whatever CC you want.
  8. Did you solo the track? If so then click on the "S" in the track header to unsolo it. Maybe you soloed a bus instead of the track?
  9. Make sure that you have the audio routed to your main out. With an instrument track it is really a midi track connected to an audio track. In the inspector there are tabs at the bottom allow you to see the midi and audio channels. If you can see midi activity when on the midi tab then make sure that the midi track is routed to the Kontakt instrument and that you see Kontakt receiving midi messages from the track.
  10. I was waiting for this one. Grabbed it with 30 of my jam points.
  11. You have to change the recording mode to "sound on sound". The default is "replace". https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Recording.11.html
  12. If I am understanding you you want to remove the existing drum hits that are located at the same time as the fill that you just inserted? If that is the case then you can split the track in the track view and drag the edges to make room for the fill. You can also drag select the time range in the track you want to clear and hit delete. Another option is to go into the Piano Roll View (PVR) and manually select the midi notes and delete them thus making room for the fill. I you drag the drum fill pattern onto an existing midi track it should create another "take lane" inside the track. you can then swipe the cursor across the drum fill in the expanded take lane and it will replace the existing midi with that of the fill.
  13. This could be a lens or screen set that is locked. Set the lens to "none" and check for a screen set that is locked.
  14. I don't know why your ASIO driver would not work on your laptop. I am actually surprised that there is a ASIO driver for the built in realtek chipset. Usually those just use the built in windows drivers. As for #3. For a laptop without a dedicated external audio interface I would say that you are just fine use WASAPI.
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