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  1. En que manera trato de instalar el programa? Quita la programa and trata de usar este.
  2. Here are some ideas. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/jazz-upright-bass.114289/#post-4910405
  3. Otros tienen el mismo problema. Vea abajo.
  4. Are you saying that when you right click in the prochannel you can't insert any modules or that you can't find the prochannel to expand? Your comment about "older existing song file" confuses me. Are you saying when you open an old cakewalk project that the prochannel modules are not loaded. You may have to upload a picture to show what you are seeing.
  5. Check that the midi isn't just hiding in a take lane. Can't see why this would happen but is just a thought. Can you make a video showing it happening?
  6. Go into the piano roll view and add a CC lane by clicking on the '+' in the bottom left corner. Then you draw in the automation you want for the selected CC number you chose. While playing the track you should see the MODO Bass Gui RH Pluck position change according to the drawn in CC values. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=EditingMIDI.03.html
  7. Have you seen this thread Region FX/Melodyne Problems? It might have some things to try. Also, a bit more information about your audio setup, driver mode, audio interface etc. would be helpful.
  8. No need for Banlab Assistant anymore for Cakewalk. Use the web installer the first time then all other updates will be shown in Cakewalk itself. I don't know what synth presets your talking about. If they are presets for the build in synths of Cakewalk then you may need to re-install the synths or look for the presets on your hardrive.
  9. Please see the Record Latency Adjustment in the documentation:
  10. Is it the installer that crashes or the Cakewalk app after installation that won't come up? Submit a ticket to support@cakewalk.com
  11. You need to also show us the screen for your audio settings. Audio->Devices and Audio-Driver Settings. These need to be selected for the audio device out which you want to hear the sound.
  12. What you are experiencing is not called latency as it is normally described. What you seem to be describing is a delay between a button press and the application responding. This is probably a symptom of your laptop as a whole being used as an audio system. Everything from the audio interface (audio card) to the hard drive in your computer could affect this. With that being said, you could try some of the things listed here (https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013376/Windows-Optimization-Guide). Freezing synths is a good way to free up some computer resources. Freezing audio tracks only helps if they have plugins inserted into their tracks that you are freezing into the audio. Otherwise freezing audio tracks doesn't really change anything.
  13. Unless your Juno has an audio interface built into it then you are going to need to plugin the output, 1/4 output of the Juno, into an audio interface on your computer. The built in ones could work but is going to be a hastle to work with. The USB connection of the Juno is most likely only transmiting MIDI messages to the computer and not any audio. You could use this to trigger sounds on your computer. I would recommend reading the Reference Guide starting with the Beginners sections.
  14. Post a picture so we can see what your are talking about.
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