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  1. Yes, I do have Hyperthreading enabled but, SpeedStep and SpeedShift disabled.
  2. Just updated to the latest update. This was also happening before the latest update, as well. I recently completely wiped my C drive and completely reinstalled Windows and everything else to try to help but, it didn't.
  3. CPU min & max is set to 100%. I find nothing saying anything about C States in my BIOS. Typical plugins, mostly Waves stuff. Latest Focusrite drivers. Onboard sound is disabled. All the latest updates from Windows, Dell, Waves, etc.etc.
  4. I am troubleshooting frequent, random dropouts. I have disabled SpeedStep and SpeedShift. Should Hyperthreading be enabled?
  5. scook - I have tried lower buffer settings, as well. (I monitor through an analog console so, latency does not effect me.)I have also been through all the system tweaks I have found from many sources.
  6. Thanks. I guess I'll have to start from scratch and investigate EVERYTHING again. I feel certain this system should be capable of running without issue (Dell XPS, i7, 16 ghz RAM, Win 10 64 bit, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, Focusrite Octapre, 2 tb audio HDD) I have been working on trying to get a stable setup with Cakewalk (This journey actually started with Sonar Platinum). Over the course of this, I have bought a new interface and a new computer to try to make things work properly.
  7. Can't raise my buffer, it's already at 1024.
  8. Is anyone using ESET antivirus? I'm getting frequent dropouts and am trying to weed out things that may be responsible.
  9. So, apparently Waves rolled out an update for all my Waves plugins that I was not aware of. Once I applied that, the problem went away! However, now every time I open a project I get a warning about Breverb not being recognized and asking me to choose one of two different installs, neither of which makes any difference. I reinstalled it and it still gives me the warning. Once I click through the warning, Breverb works but, I'll have to see if I can get that figured out Also, I had to get a new computer so, this is a new install of Cakewalk. It just dawned on me that, because I no longer have my old install of Sonar Platinum on this computer, I no longer have access to all the stuff that came with it. Is there any way to get my old Sonar Platinum back??
  10. Didn't think it was necessary since everything was fine until I installed the update. This led me to believe I should just try to roll back. What's happening is.... everything starts off fine, going along mixing and editing then, all of a sudden, I start getting a very loud, high pitched, pulsating tone. I have to physically stop the audio engine to stop it and, as soon as I restart the audio engine, it's still there. The only way to stop it is to close the program. As I close the program, with the audio engine stopped, it still lets out two more loud beeps as it is closing. I opened Studio One and did some work in it and, everything is fine there. No issues. It all started after the latest Cakewalk update and ONLY effects Cakewalk.
  11. I installed the latest update and am suddenly having major problems. How can I roll back to the previous version? It was working fine. I am in the middle of mixing a client's album and am desperate to get this solved! (Yeah, I know, it was a dumb move updating when I'm working on a project! Never again!)
  12. I have this same issue. It's really frustrating.
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