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  1. It works in the main view pane but not in the floated pane, which I use on a second monitor for the console view.
  2. Post is now on page 2, where posts go to die. Ha ha!
  3. So, how would I go about making BandLab aware of this issue and see if there is anything they could do to rectify the situation??
  4. It should absolutely retain pinning in the console view when it is undocked to a second monitor. It is a huge worflow killer otherwise. Thanks to User905133 for all the testing he put into this.
  5. chuckebaby - Glad you joined in! Is this a bug or ?? I don't remember if you use 2 monitors or not. If you do, are you seeing the same behavior? For my personal workflow, this is maddening!
  6. Starship Krupa - My feelings exactly!!This would seem to be a bug/glitch in the Matrix to me.
  7. Yep! They are not closed, just hidden under the console display rather than on top, where they should be! With the pin engaged they should be staying on top! So.... I wonder what can be done to fix that?? msmcleod any idea? Maybe scook or Noel??
  8. I have track view on my main monitor and console view on my 2nd monitor. I like to have plugins opened on the 2nd monitor so I always have my track view visible. As I said earlier, it does work in Studio One so, I have to assume there is something in Cakewalk that prohibits this behavior. If there's a setting somewhere, I don't know where it is. if not, I would love to see if CbB could change it.
  9. This is really frustrating. Am I the only one with this issue? Pinning plugin windows is working properly on my main monitor but, will not work on my second monitor. Is there some setting I might be missing? BTW, it does work properly on both monitors in Studio One. So, it pretty much has to be something I'm missing in Cakewalk, right?
  10. Still haven't figured out why this behaves properly on my main monitor but not on my second monitor.
  11. msmcleod - You are correct! And, it works as it should on my main monitor but, if I try to open them on my second monitor, it still recycles them~ Hmmm, I wonder why that would be? Shouldn't the setting affect both monitors??
  12. On my main studio computer (Dell XPS Tower) when I open a plugin and "Pin" it, it doesn't stay. As soon as I open another plugin, the first one closes. I do have Recycle Plugin Windows unchecked. Pinning does work as it should on my laptop. Any ideas, anyone??
  13. BTW, I remember a time when Sonar advertised a "gapless audio engine". Anybody else remember that?
  14. Bapu Yes, Studio One has been glitchless for me. Cakewalk used to also be glitchless for me, as well. bitflipper I believe it doesn't happen with all plugins. I will try to take note of which ones do it and which ones don't.
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