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  1. Not new, but as zoom issues are being mentioned in this and other threads, just a reminder that the ALT-Z zoom undo command is not working in the PRV. You can zoom in with the Zoom tool (Z), but ALT-Z does not zoom out. It works fine in Track View.
  2. BTW, if you press Z (and keep it pressed), cursor changes into a magnifying glass. If you drag select (with Z STILL pressed) the track area you want to zoom to, and you release Z, it will zoom instantly. You don't need to drag in the time line, you drag over the area that you want to zoom to. The narrower the area selected, the closer it will zoom. ALT-Z undoes. It works very well in Track View, but in Piano Roll ALT-Z does not work, so you must zoom out by other means.
  3. Yes, I noticed that recently because I started to keep the Help window floating in a second monitor.
  4. Besides all that, it seems that there is some metronome related malfunction.
  5. I was having strange interface behavior in a project I was working in yesterday, like the browser opening too expanded horizontally expanded on project load, occupying half of the screen with the synth rack on top instead of at the bottom. Clicking Auto Zoom in the menu would result in all tracks expanding vertically to cover almost all the screen without having clicked or resized any of them yet. This project was created months ago. A new project seemed to behave correctly later. I am noticing certain instability with the new update. I had a crash to the desktop just after updating, after a while exploring the new features in a new project with just a couple of tracks loaded. With the transport stopped I held a chord in my keyboard and Cakewalk went poof. The Bandlab Assistant was still open, and I thought that maybe it had something to do with it. I had another crash yesterday, this time in the same project I mentioned above, but it managed to save all my work before. Anyway, I think this update is great, and the Arranger Track is a very useful tool. I'll keep on working these days and see how it behaves.
  6. When I set Auto Zoom with all tracks minimized and only one active, it expands all of them, instead of just one.
  7. On that Downloads page is this document: https://www.zoom.co.jp/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/Issues_and_workarounds_about_DAW_software_R-Series.pdf It only mentions FL Studio by name, but nevertheless...
  8. Puedes verlos en la propia pista midi, abriendo el panel de controladores que hay en la vista de Piano Roll, (ALT+3) o en la Event List (ALT+8)
  9. I was having this today in a Screenset, not locked. Close the browser, change Screenset to save state, go back to the previous one and the browser was open again. I ended up floating the window and closing it for good.
  10. By the way, notice that if you set Snap to Ticks, you can cut your notes in almost any length.
  11. You need to set Snap to the desired value. Then you´ll get perfectly cut notes.
  12. Semantics are never trivial. Believe me, I should know, my GF is a foreign languages teacher
  13. It is not that hard. An "Instrument Track" is actually a pair of tracks , one on top of the other. You can separate them and put them back together as you please with the right click menu. If I have an IT with midi data and I want to assign those data to a hardware midi output, I just split the track and route the midi to that port. The VSTi remains in the Synth rack until you decide what to do with it. If you then want to try another VSTi, you can also insert it in the Synth rack with no associated tracks and just rerout your midi and audio ins and outs to it. If you need another channel, just add it. Routing audio and midi in CbB is not any more difficult than in other DAWs. The only potentially confusing thing is understanding that an Instrument Track is actually a pair, not a single track.
  14. Zero crossing is where the waveform crosses the Zero line. If you split audio at other places you get clicks. Unless you add a fade in.
  15. Left, not right. @chuckebaby is saying the same as @User 905133 and I, hold and press DEL.
  16. Actually, I tried the Press and Hold + Delete here, and it works fine. I am used to the Markers View, so I had not paid attention to that way, but as I said, it works. You need to have the cursor change to the Marker cursor. that appears when you move the Marker with the mouse, two little arrows with an "M". Keep the mouse button pressed and hit Del. Edit: I did not read to the bottom @User 905133 beat me to it.
  17. Open the Markers View. Select your marker(s). Hit Delete, or the minus (-) icon. Done. It is very convenient to keep the MV open and floating somewhere (you do not need it streched too big), for Markers navigation. You also have the Markers module in the Control Bar, but I prefer the MV.
  18. For those synths that don´t have front panel midi learn, a good workaround is creating knobs in the Synth Rack for the automatable parameters and adding remote control to those. CbB reloads the knobs whit the synth, but it would be great to be able to save different assignment presets, especially for programs like Reaktor, virtual modular synths, or others that can have completely different configurations, to map to controllers with limited number of knobs.
  19. Funny when people take for granted that there is something "to fix" when they don´t get the results they expect. 🙄
  20. Thank you for the tip, I used to use the old Geist, and I liked it, but it was too big and a little buggy. The new version is even bigger, too many things for a plugin and for an MPC kind of standalone workflow sorely needs a dedicated controller, but having a trimmed down Geist could be nice. 😀
  21. I tried that. I downloaded a few loops directly fron Bandlab Assistant, and all of them came with a little silence at the beginning. You need to load them in a track first and trim them to make sure that they loop properly before loading them anywhere, if you want them to loop. In fact, I tried to load them in Ableton and they won´t even load. What you can drag and drop from Bandlab Assistant are .M4a files at around 100 kbps. Horrible quality, not worth the effort. The matrix is fine, I drag loops from my library , or of from Loopcloud and other quality sites all the time.
  22. The Event List is the best view for investigating mystery midi.
  23. Ok, I think I get what you want now. The only way that you can record two tracks without stopping the transport is arming both of them and using two separate midi controllers, each one assigned exclusively to each track, or a single midi controller that can change its output channel. I just did that without problems, using a keyboard for bass and a pad controller for drums, both to an external module. So, it is this, or briefly stopthe transport to disarm a track and arm the other. If you have two armed tracks and play the same controller, there is no way Cakewalk knows which one you want to record. For this, Input Echo is irrelevant, because that only determines what you hear. Even if you mute it, notes get recorded in both tracks. If it did not, it would be a problem for several musicians recording at the same time. And depending on the recording options, you might hear or not what you are loop recording. If you selected Comping, you would not hear what you recorded until you stop, but if you select Sound on Sound, like for recording drums one at the time, you hear all you recorded in previous passes.
  24. There is no bug in something so basic, it is most probably a set up or a routing error. It looks like you have the Input Echo button in the track header set to On in both tracks instead of Auto. If you set it to On in both tracks, all of them sound as you play your controller. If you set it to Auto, you only hear the selected track. That would be why everything is fine when you stop playing and listen to what you recorded. Anyway, if this is not the cause, be more specific about how exactly you have your midi inputs and outputs set up, and how the Input Echo buttons are.
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