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  1. 2 hours ago, Heinz Hupfer said:



    It's possible to change the FROM and TO locations in CAL language, so you can move Loop with 2 Shortcuts, 1 for moving the selection 1 bar to the right and press SHIFT+L again to move the LOOP to the new Selection, I can write a short CAL file.....

    Not possible to get or write the loop position in CAL but in conjunction with Autohotkey it should be possible to set 2 Hotkeys for moving right and left......that'sa nice idea:)

    Easier with the mouse or 2 Midi Controller Buttons! 

    Will write back soon;)


    Thanks, Heinz, but that does not actually quite do what I suggest. I want to be able to move the loop bracket by the snap resolution. One bar is not enough. The idea is to have a long recorded midi or audio sequence and slide the loop by, for example, sixteenth notes. I like to jam with hardware arpeggiators and sequencers, introduce random or generative elements and record the output. I then set a loop of the desired length, one, two, or four bars, and move the loop bracket with the mouse by the smallest resolution of the sequence to find and sample different rythmic or melodic phrases. In Ableton Live you can do this with the arrow keys, and it is much more convenient than using the mouse.

    Anyway, thanks again for the CAL scripts. I use a Contour Shuttle Pro, mainly for navigation, and I will set up a couple of buttons to try them. 

  2. 1 hour ago, chuckebaby said:

    Cant you use the Shortcut "S" ?.

    Position the now time over the place you want to split the clip and press S. OR.. Hold down ALT and click where you want the split.

    No, he means a shortcut for "Split at selection", the second option in the Split dialog box, that cuts at both ends of the selected region. "S", or ALT + Click only splits once.

  3. 4 hours ago, MikeyT said:

    Thanks for the suggestion JoseC, much appreciated. However, this issue is a very specific one for FL Studio and its pre-installed ASIO drivers interfering with the Zoom R24 drivers. Cakewalk does not come with pre-installed ASIO drivers.

    Yes, but I don¬īt know what other software you might have installed in your PC.¬†

  4. 11 hours ago, casio3000 said:

    Hi David 

    you are right. my beats are out of grids. This is why the quantize does not work. can be due to latency. what is the solution to this ? can you explain a bit more regarding nudging the clip ? thanks 

    As I said above, if both things are not synced, they drift apart over time. This has nothing to do with latency. And nudging the clip will not help, either, because you do not have a fixed offset. The solution that @William W. Saunders, Jr. suggests above is good, but I do not think that your keyboard is able to send clock if it cannot not  receive it. I had a look at a Casio CT-X3000 midi implementation chart, just to get an idea, not knowing of course whether it is your keyboard or not, and it does not send nor receive clock. If yours is this model, or something alike, you are out of luck. 

    You could still try to fix it manually, but it is probably too time consuming. I would do what I said above, just transfer your midi tracks to CbB (it seems that you could need a Casio utility to do it), and record them back from there using your keyboard as external sound module. 

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    I tell you what I'd find useful  ( and I am half hoping someone will tell me it can already be done ) 

    A quick way of duplicating midi notes either an octave above or below the current selection. I know you can select and CTRL-SHFT and move the mouse up or down 12 semitones to do it but just a single press of a key or two would be great. 

    This is especially handy when you are working with orchestral parts as you quite often double them in the arrangement.

    What you can do, if you use something like Autohotkey, is a simple key macro like this:



    CTL+ Num 8 

    This copies selected notes, pastes them again in place, and then moves the newly created notes up an octave. Same with Num 2 (both in the numeric pad) duplicates an octave below.¬† Or you can keep pressing CTL + Num to keep on moving octaves up or down.¬†¬†I just used a Contour Shuttle Pro to create the macro and assign it to a button, and it took me about two minutes. I haven¬īt used Autohotkey, but I guess that you can get the same.

  6. 5 hours ago, Heinz Hupfer said:

    for now you have to move the mouse a long way to the left and switch to either clip or clip gain.




    If you press the mouse wheel (acting as the mouse center button), the Tool HUD with the Edit Filter appears right at the cursor, you don¬īt need to move the mouse at all.

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  7. 1 hour ago, casio3000 said:

    Hi Jose 

    No i did not setup midi clock and as i checked now the clock is set to Audio. Change it to midi sync ? how does this affect the quantize process ? what i do is i add midi tracks and set different channels for each track and then record each track changing the track number from keyboard


    Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that you are using tracks in an internal sequencer in your keyboard. If you do, you need to sync them with CbB:

    - Set your keyboard to receive external midi clock. Most midi equipment with integrated sequencers will allow to do that.

    - Set CbB to send Midi Clock/Start/Stop to the midi port where your keyboard is connected in Preferences/Project/MIdi

    That way, both are using the same tempo and grid, and the keyboard's transport is slaved to Cakewalk's.  Depending on your tempo, 1/32 note is short enough to have troubles if both are not in sync and your backing tracks and CbB drift away in time. If they drift too much quantizing will not fix that easily.

    That should be the first thing that you check, because it is what will mess your timing completely.  Once you are sure that everything is using the same tempo and grid, and is starting with a single transport, you can check if you somehow need to set a fixed offset for any reason, hardware latency, or whatever, like @Blogospherianman was saying above.



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  8. I have a screenset for a full screen Console, and I am using two monitors. I used to have screensets where the Multidocker was in the second monitor, because I did not like it that much either, but I have found that it is more ergonomic for me just to press D and keep looking at the same monitor than changing my point of view, so nowadays I am using the second monitor mainly to park plugins, VU meter, Big Time window, and such.

  9. I am not quite sure about your specific problem and about VST plugins and Sysex, but I am pretty sure that Cakewalk can route  sysex in realtime. As a matter of fact, Studioware panels are still supported, and they could use sysex to control external hardware in real time. Not sure about the possible limitations with VST plugins.

  10. On 5/15/2020 at 5:33 PM, winkpain said:


    This more fluid zooming (like in Melodyne) did take a little getting used to. It can make you a little "sea sick" at first. But once I got used to it, it was like a switch flipped and it became second nature. You feel more "one with the machine", so to speak.

    BUT, of course each person has their own preferred style. Both methods have their benefits. For sure making a quick, concise indexed jump to a precise point is necessary at times.  And for me a more fluid pan-and-zoom controlled with a single hand movement is the usually preferred way to hone in on something, especially something that you might not know exactly where it is but know the region.  After all, it's like the two-finger pinch/zoom and move that we've gotten so used to on touchscreens.

    To have the choice, 'tho,  is the point here. Clearly the function is possible,so let's add it to the arsenal alongside Mouse Wheel zoom, Z/drag-select, Key bindings, etc.

    Yes, that fluid but kind of shaky zooming is something I personally do not like.  I prefer drag selecting an area with the zoom tool and zooming in instantly. It would be enough for me they did fix that ALT-Z does not work in the PRV,  but of course  I am ok with having well implemented choices.

  11. 59 minutes ago, spacekid.90 said:


    I would not like to control the Volca by Cakewalk for now. I'm glad the option exists though :)

    Stupid question: what happens if I connect an audio cable from the  Volca's Out straight to the laptop's jack? 



    You will want to be able to send midi clock and start/stop commands from Cakewalk to the Volca, in order to sync both.

    Your laptop input is meant to be a microphone input. It will record the Volca, but it will most probably sound awful. 

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  12. On 1 de mayo de 2020 at 8:12 AM, Dave G said:

    Thank you for the prompt response. ūüėä

    I thought I saw this done somehow though. For example, I've seen video tutorials where an instrument track had several separate parts, each one with a label on top. How's that done? I'm surprised this isn't documented anywhere.

    This function is to help visually identify different parts of the song, as opposed to all the notation in one long continuous track. That's what I want to do. Does this make sense?

    Those "parts" are clips, and each can have a name, but the Piano Roll View will show them as a continuous  line. You can see them in the Track View as separate clips. There are several ways to (re)name them, like right clicking in a clip and choosing (!) "Rename clip", or in the Clip Properties in the Inspector...It is documented, not only in the online help but also there is a beefy .pdf manual (1,700+) pages, a.k.a. the Reference Guide. You might want to have a look at it.

  13. 52 minutes ago, Peter Hintze said:

    Thanks Jose, but this all this does little what it is seen in the video. 

    It zooms to the desired area, faster. It is of course different, because it zooms instantly. In the video each time he zooms he needs to zoom in and out a little and then center the area in the screen. With the zoom tool in CbB you just need to drag select a marquee and it zooms instantly to it, centering it in the screen. No "camera movements". 

  14. You don¬īt really need to drag in the timeline in Cakewalk, either. Use the Zoom tool. Press Z, the cursor changes to a magnifying glass, like in the video. Drag select the area in the clips pane where you want to zoom to, and it will zoom to it until it fills your screen. Press ALT-Z and instantly go back to where you were before. If you drag select while keeping¬†Z pressed, when you release it changes back to the previous tool, also. If not, you need to press Z again to let go of the Zoom tool. You can zoom in repeatedly this way, and if you want to go back, you also need to press repeatedly ALT-Z, which might be inconvenient, so what I do in that case¬†is to press SHIFT -F so all the project fits on screen, and then zoom select the area where I want to go. I think this is a faster way to navigate than any other possible method. The only problem is that in the PRV the Zoom tool works, but ALT-Z does not.

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