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  1. Glad to help. Anyway, Cakewalk should place a bank event for those sysex messages that are stored as sysex banks. If not for those at the beginning of the sequence, that are marked for Auto Send, at least for the last reset at the end. If it does not, this is a bug, indeed.

    That Preferences option sould really be unchecked by default, to avoid situations as yours. 

    Please mark the thread title as SOLVED, so it is easily found for others searching for help.

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  2. 3 hours ago, scook said:

    TX16Wx does not see CbB audio but this is not unique to CbB. It appears that TX16Wx does not see audio from any DAW other than Reaper. This is why I suggest it is down to the plug-in developer. Note: the footnote on the TX16Wx site does not mention any hosts that support the feature, just a vague statement "Host dependent feature." It would be interesting to know which hosts it supports. AFAIK, it does not support recording in any other DAW. At least, I am unable to find any other DAW mentioned. The last mention from the developer I found is https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5900043#p5900043


    That said, there are FX and synth plug-ins when placed in a CbB audio FX rack that can record audio into the plug-in but I have not found any dedicated sampler synth plug-in that does. There are other synths when added to a CbB audio FX rack simply process the audio stream just like FX plug-ins. How synths handle audio in CbB is up to the plug-in developer.

     FXpansion´s Geist installs a small plugin called Spitter that is placed in the FX bin of any audio track as audio effect and captures the audio and sends it to Geist to be sampled. I haven´t used it in a while, but it used to work perfectly in Sonar Xx. You can even set an input threshold for it to start recording. The thing is that, at least for me, in practice is more convenient to record to an audio track and then drag what you want to  the sampler. I can see that if you want to do it in a live context you need other workflow, but if you want to mimic the MPC, for example, what you need first is a suitable dedicated hardware controller. That is IMO why live sampling is the realm of the MPC itself, and Maschine and Push, together with other totally computer independent solutions.

  3. 47 minutes ago, David Baay said:

    No, project templates can only be used to start a new project; they can't be applied after the fact in any way. But copying the tracks over to to the new project started from template should be as easy as opening both projects' track windows side by side, and dragging tracks/clips to the new project.

    But he can actually have a mixing Track template with all the tracks and busses ready with plugins and insert it in the project, and then drag the clips to those tracks.  

  4. On 5 de octubre de 2019 at 10:54 AM, Heinz Hupfer said:


    Don't know why this guy just want to use the Keyboard, to edit you have to use the mouse, so why? Doesn't matter!




    You actually can do a lot of editing with the keyboard. I use the Numeric Pad pretty much for moving notes around, and sometimes having to move your right hand from the keyboard to the mouse feels a bit awkward.  Of course it is not that much of a problem, I only asked because I thought that there should be a simple keyboard shortcut that I was missing. It seems that there is not, so I'll have to keep on using the mouse to change focus, hoping that a keyboard action gets implemented in a future update.

  5. 29 minutes ago, PeterMc said:

    Yes, I mean CTL + mousewheel for horizontal scrolling, or just mousewheel for vertical scrolling. Just noticed that CTL + left/right arrows (horizontal zoom) doesn't work by just moving the cursor. You need to click to change the focus. As you say, left/right arrows scroll the PRV but not the TV at all (be nice if this worked), and CTL + Page up/down requires a click to change focus but does work in both TV and PRV. This all seems a little inconsistent.


    Yes, that is basically my point. I think that the default keyboard shortcuts really need an overhaul and proper documentation.

  6. 4 hours ago, PeterMc said:

    Strange - scrolling actually works for me. Top half of screen is TV, bottom half is docked PRV. Simply moving the mouse cursor from one to the other (no clicking) allows me to scroll in the window containing the cursor. It also works going from the Track part of the TV to the Bus Pane.

    Edited: OK, I do see a problem, but it's tangled up with another problem. Shift-ESC clears the selection. If the TV has the focus, this works. But if the PRV has the focus (by clicking in it), then Shift-ESC doesn't work, which I reported as a bug in the Early Access thread. Moving the mouse cursor doesn't change anything for this operation. So maybe there are other actions that require clicking to give definite focus to the TV or PRV. But scrolling does seem to work without clicking.

    Yes, the problem is shifting focus to edit using just the keyboard. Now that you mention this, how do you scroll the TV without clicking? The only shortcuts I find and use are CTL+Page up/down, but this moves the Now Time, too, not like the Left/Right arrows that scroll the PRV leaving the Now Time where it is. Or you mean using CTL + mousewheel?

  7. 2 hours ago, CosmicDolphin said:

    Point taken. I still think there' s a better one key solution..somewhere 

    I was about to find it in Preferences-Keyboard Shortcuts but the ' Locate Key ' function doesn't help because ESC closes the dialog box even when shifted

    My vote would be move it to the opposite side then and use NUM SUB ( minus key ) ..seems to be unassigned by default


    The Numeric Pad number 5 (with the numeric pad unlocked) already unselects all. This is what I tend to use while editing in the PRV, even though I use the numeric pad (locked) for nudging notes up and down and I need to unlock it to use it to clear selection.

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  8. Just now, CosmicDolphin said:

    I appreaciate you have added SHIFT+ESC to clear selection

    It's not a very easy key combo though IMHO ,  quite a stretch and I can't do it without looking at the keyboard- what was wrong with just using ESC on it's own ? It seems intuitive and can be found without looking . 

    Speaking of which, it does not work in the PRV either here.

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  9. 1 hour ago, HIBI said:

    Press Alt + 2 (open console) and then Alt + 3 (open PRV)
    It seems changing focus from track view to PRV.

    Well, maybe I am not explaining myself too well. I already have the PRV open and docked. Docker at the bottom half of the screen. I am looking for a shortcut  to shift focus from the bottom half (PRV in the docker) to the Clips pane in Track View and back. If the PRV is already open, and focus is in the Track View,  Alt + 3 does not shift focus to the PRV.  The only way to do it that I see is clicking with the mouse. 

  10. Thanks a lot for your replies, but I already know and use those. My question is about changing focus from one to the other. Like focus is in Track view and I want to change focus to the docked PRV (with the dock open) and back without having to click with the mouse.

  11. I feel like we need more info on keyboard shortcuts, especially when some of them are changing with new updates. The manual is very much incomplete on this, and not all the shortcuts available by default are listed there. The Key Bindings dialogue in the Preferences menu is awkward, and shows that some functions have multiple key bindings, even though some are as obscure as "Enable/Disable GUI Throttle mode"., which if enabled by accident could cause much confusion and annoyance.

     I think that an updated, comprehensive list of existing shortcuts should be in the manual.  And maybe a way of exporting a text file with the Preferences Key bindings.

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