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  1. English is not my native language so I apologize for misspellings and maybe sometimes coming off as a bit impolite, which obviously is not intended. My thoughts anywho (you obviously get the idea "remove/disable anything not needed" for your use): The Bonjour service is installed as part of Ilok so I think it might need to be reenabled(?), never thought about experimenting with it though. Is ElanFPservice for fingerprintbased login? If so and unless you use it I´d stop that too (maybe set it to manual start depending on what you use it for?) or possibly uninstall it. Do you use the internal soundcard? If not I´d disable the RtkAudUService64_BG service or uninstall/disable that soundcard in Windows' device manager. The FLV stuff doesn´t need to autostart, you can set FLV as your default mediaplayer in Windows settings if it´s your preferred player. Apart from the above it´s hard to give advice based on just what CCleaner can do, as an example my printer's service shows up in Windows services panel, but not in CCleaner (I set that to manual start BTW which works fine on my machine). I learned a lot from Blackviper's tweaks and Tweakhound's tweak guide (back when Vista was new his guide turned my midrange laptop from unusable for DAW to recording 16 tracks simultaneously troublefree), when it comes to services I recommend to not mess with any service you're not sure of what it does exactly and just disable 1 (or at least just a few) at a time so if you run in to problems you know what probably caused it. This guide for that other DAW is worth reading too. I think Pete Brown's Unofficial guide is a good place to start before doing anything else. I hope the above is useful.
  2. Apart from the very low CPU speed and other already mentioned possible causes you seem to have a lot of processes going, in idle my (somewhat tweaked) Win 10 Pro machine shows 76 running services after a fresh start while my older (less tweaked) machine with Windows 10 LTSB only has 53. From memory a freshly installed Windows has a little over 100 processes in idle so I would look for unnecessary autostarting programs/services in the taskmanager and if that doesn´t help I´d also look for unnecessary Windows Services in the control panel.
  3. Don´t trust Windows update when it comes to drivers, my experience is that driver updates should be made manually, i.e. look for and download them yourself directly from the manufacturer - pre the February(?) 2021 cumulative update my DAW-machine worked fine, after the update it started crackling under relatively low load. After having torn my hair and making guttural noises for a while I started looking for added services and checking for driver updates since Latencymon results more or less looked like yours - installing the latest network adapter driver (just Wired, not PROset) from Intel solved my problems. The at the time latest network driver didn´t even show up in Windows optional driver updates. I have also disabled the HDaudbus.sys through Sysinternals Autoruns since (AFAIK) it´s related to the motherboards internal soundcard which (like the internal videocard) is disabled in BIOS - but Windows 10 persistently wants to use and install drivers for. This didn´t happen in Windows 8 when you disabled something in BIOS.
  4. Call it what you want, Steinberg's own comparison says Nuendo can do anything that Cubase does but has "more of everything" - the only thing missing in Nuendo but not in Cubase that I could see in their comparison is, as you mentioned, VST Transit.
  5. Nuendo does everything Cubase does, think Cubase XL/Platinum/Producer, so you don´t need it anyway afaik - I bought the competitive upgrade last week so maybe there´s some advantage to using Cubase instead that I don´t see yet? Being a Sonar XL/Producer/Platinum user almost exclusively for about 20 years I´ve got to say there are some things that feel a bit awkward usagewise - but I´ll learn sooner or later.🙂
  6. You probably have to get in touch with their support as I have the latest 2 versions for some reason - despite buying versions 4-6 and being registered on their forums I don´t get the deal-mails. They respond very quickly though. 🙂
  7. Hi Pathfinder, MS do have a strange sense of humour for choosing update dates.🙄 I have pretty much the same specs on my DAW ASUS Z370 TUF, 32 GB RAM, i8700 + Asus 2060 GPU + 2x M.2 & 6 SSD's/HD's + a Allen-Heath SQ-5 as audio interface. OS Buildinfo is identical, so I don´t think it´s the latest Win update that caused this. Do you experience sluggishness in any other way on the computer? If you do I think a virus and malware scan might be a good idea + look if any other programs/apps have been updated and possibly added an autostarting service or two, I always try to disable autoupdates in the programs/apps. Another thing to look at is what driver is used for the network adapter, I know it makes little sense but upgrading to the latest drivers from Intel can make a difference for various programs - including DAW:s. (Another, possibly better way, is off course to disable the network adapter when using the DAW) Latest Intel network drivers I installed the "wired 26.1_x64" version. Latest Intel chipset drivers - for some reason Win update don´t always (or rather rarely) install or even suggest to use Intel's latest drivers even though they might be useful for the latest Win update. Other than the above I´ve done pretty much the tweaks suggested by Pete Brown here + disabled a bunch of services that I don´t need on a dedicated DAW, especially disabling the (at the time new) "Connected Devices" services made the computer feel overall less sluggish. Good luck and I hope something of the above is useful for the solution.
  8. I didn´t feel burned, maybe a little disappointed, I see it this way - I still got more updates/stuff in $/day than what the (kind of) yearly update fee would have cost me, my biggest concern when the doors closed was about the servers so I still could do new installs when necessary.🙂 I´m VERY grateful💖 to Bandlab and the CW-staff for what they´ve done after the shutdown, from keeping the servers alive to updating the renamed Sonar platinum in the same (maybe even more) forward thinking spirit as before the shutdown.🙂
  9. I also remember the early Sonar (I started with Sonar XL) days when there was about 2-3 updates a year and no one worried about it unless there actually was a problem with the latest release.🙂
  10. My spontaneous thoughts for what they're worth(about .01 $ I guess🙄😁). Swapping electronics on a semi-acoustic guitar is not a biggie, TVJones has the solution, I made my own cheap kit from latex surgical tubes, there are videos of him using it on u-toob. Are you sure the bridge is glued? It might be just dirt or that the lacquer was sticky when the bridge was put on it and depending on what(maybe the previous owner knows?) glue was used you might be able to remove it anyway. Another thing that might rattle which I stumbled on when swapping pickups on my cheaper Gretsch (Korea) is stiff (i.e. cheap) cables inside that aren´t fixed well. I had a sunburst Epi Joe Pass 8-10 years ago, great guitar IMO, even the pickups which I assumed would be kind of crappy sounded good when adjusted to the right height. When it comes to strings I use DÁddario XL 0.011-0.049 on my Gretsches and yes they are a bit tougher to bend than .010's but make up for it in tone + if the guitar is well set up you might actually get away with lower action than if you use thin strings, IMO you should at least try .011's before you make up your mind. Enjoy your new guitar!☺️
  11. Latency is not a problem either if the USB connectors in your computer are good(most are afaik), I´ve been using a SQ-5 for about 2 1/2 years, as an audio interface it´s excellent, I never got it to work satisfyingly as a DAW controller for Cakewalk (or Sonar Platinum) though. The only problems I´ve had when recording is not related directly to your question. You can record directly to a USB-drive on the SQ models but it has to be fast enough, i.e. not even expensive thumb drives are guaranteed to work well. I put an older SSD that I had in the drawer in a cheap USB-HD-cabinet which solved the problem. After that the band disbanded and I wanted more inputs so the SQ ended up replacing my RME FF400.
  12. Oh, it´s there if you look under "Excluded" VST's in the plugin manager, I have no clue why it isn´t enabled as default.
  13. DSOTM - wouldn´t surprise me a lot of it´s true. A bit late but I hope you had a really great and merry Bapday, oh go on celebrate for at least a week - you deserve it Bapu! Anywho: My thoughts on explaining old "classics" to people who haven´t heard it or don´t get what´s so great about it is kind of "you had to be there at the time", i.e. put it in perspective of what other music (& in some cases what was going on i society) was around at the time it came out. When people are talking about 70´s music they´re usually referring to Led Zep Orchestra , Deep Purple, Boney M etc. - what I remember actually hearing on swedish radio though was old folks music, primarily jazz and folk music on fiddle and accordion with maybe 4-5 hours of what was modern music at the time thrown in on late friday nights or saturday afternoon. Imagine the contrast between slow accordion jazz and Jimi Hendrix´ Fuzzfaced strat and the impact it had on (at the time🙄) tiny me. I remember seeing on the news that he had died and how cool I thought he looked with the strat, I was a 6 year old runt at the time but he made a lasting impression.
  14. Oh, I wouldn´t worry, thats Frank Sinatra (aka Ol' Blue Eyes), he probably heard your jamz and wanted in.😉🙃
  15. Per Westin

    SSL UF8

    No dedicated profile, but shouldn´t it work anyway? Quote from SSL´s own product info: "Many other DAWs have HUI & MCU controller integration. At the time of writing, we provide dedicated UF8 profiles for the list of DAWs above."
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