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  1. Well with Softube, the Softube Central downloader is required for installation and activation and MUST be linked to your iLok account. No direct downloads are in my Softube account. https://www.softube.com/softube-central
  2. I recently had an issue with the Softube manager getting in sync with the iLok License Manager. Even though iLok Manager and the Softube website showed my licenses activated, the plugins were not, and threw an error whenever I tried to use them. Turns out that I had an older point release of the iLok License Manager, and needed to update it. Also uninstalled/reinstalled Softube manager along the way... that step was likely redundant, as the iLok update was apparently the true fix here.
  3. This was a test to see if you are paying attention to Larry! If a deal seems to good to be true, it's probably a mistake! Better jump quick! 😂
  4. Yup, with my virtual cash I got Quadra and Spread for $6.83. That Quadra is one of a kind, even though I have the Korg ARP Odyssey, the Cherry and Arturia ARP 2600, and the Cherry ARP 2500 modules for Voltage Modular. Polymode is a good one, but I don't have Mercury. My Cherry Audio Synth Stack 2 offer now stands at $65.60. That would net me DCO-106, Mercury-4, PS-20, and MG-1. I have the others. But not sure I need all those missing here, as I already have the DCO-106 synth voice module for Voltage Modular, the Arturia Jup-8 V, the Korg MS-20, and for the MG-1, I already have a great Moog Mini emulation from Arturia. I think I have actually reached the point of avoiding duplication where possible, and only reaching for new and different tools.
  5. Spread! Or at least that's what I picked...
  6. You make some good points, and I will add some thoughts... MIDI was originally all about keyboards, and MIDI drums, both of which are well suited for input to virtual tone generators for chromatic note on/off triggers and velocity, some expression and modulation. MIDI only sequencers then became DAWs when they added digital audio recording/editing. So then guitarists, and singer-songwriters were able to jump on the DAW bandwagon from their Tascam tape recorders, to record their compositions via digital audio using their external mics & instruments. But good virtual instrument guitar playing has always been notoriously difficult to pull off from a keyboard, unless you are very skilled. Chord voicing on a guitar neck is more complex, due to multiple positions on the fretboard where a chord can be played, and thus the same note pitches can appear in multiple locations, unlike a piano keyboard. So regarding stock DAW instruments, virtual guitar instruments were probably not as much in demand by DAW consumers as were keyboard instruments, except by a some keyboard players that wanted to add guitar riffs to their MIDI compositions. As far as music instruction, I would think that modern DAWs have made access easier for young people to explore music.
  7. Real Radioactive Pianos from Strix. Pripyat Pianos, $29. Full Kontakt required! https://strixinstruments.com/pripyat-pianos/ RADIOACTIVE PIANOS FROM THE CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE
  8. I think all said and done, that Hybrid 3 and Loom II are quite good synths!!!
  9. With the Sine Player, I have noticed that when one adds more than one articulation (sound) to the Sine Player, it increments the MIDI channel number for each additional instrument by +1. Sine is mult-timbral, so it needs to assign a distinct MIDI ch internally to each sound. So MIDI ch 1, 2, 3, etc... Sine will only play the sound that corresponds to the MIDI channel that the controller is sending for live play. You can adjust them as needed. Spitfire, etc. is mono-timbral. One sound per plugin instance. So you have to insert a new instance of the Spitfire Player for each track, and then assign the MIDI ch numbers as needed for each track in the DAW.
  10. If you are looking for a top tier synth, here's one list of some for 2022. https://integraudio.com/best-synth-plugins/ I always take any "Best Synth" list with a grain of salt, but I have 3 listed here: Pigments, Vital, and iZotope Iris 2. Any of them can do great lush soundscapes, but Pigments and Iris 2 are both very well suited for that use. Iris 2 apparently has many haters, so be careful who you listen to. It's clearly not for everyone, but is rather unique! It seems to be too complicated for some, and too simple for others looking for a beastly synth. I also have the AIR synths, and they sound good, but don't touch them often any more as AIR never made the GUIs resizable.
  11. @PiotrSame to you! At first glance I thought your thread title said "Barbarians". LOL!!!
  12. Yup, I'm aware of GOG. That's where most of my game collection exists. But most of mine were released after 2010, some as recent as a couple of years ago. My gaming PC is a 2012 era Intel Ivy Bridge 3rd gen quad Core i5 CPU, with a GeForce GTX 950, and does best with games made in the last 10 years. Not running a Pentium 4 these days, so need for bargain basement legacy DOS games, LOL! 😉
  13. Serum is getting pretty old now, so you might be better off with Pigments for wavetables and much more, unless EDM production is your thing. In that case, Serum would be a must have. It seems to have held up very well. And of course, if you already have Komplete, then Massive X needs a look as far as wavetables are concerned. It's also very highly rated for that.
  14. Yup, well the Tomb Raiders collection is about $90 worth of games. So not bad for free!
  15. Bump... Wotja v22 is here! Tested the lite version, then upgraded to Wotja 22 Pro for the early bird price of $24.99 (regular $29.99). V22 for Windows is now a VST3 host in the standalone version, and also ships with a VST3 plugin version for your DAW. Free lite version available here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/wotja-22-generative-music/9nh2tj3jgnvp?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Pro version here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/wotja-22-pro-generative-music/9nt5fk61nvdw#activetab=pivot:overviewtab Full disclosure: the standalone Windows version works fine, but at the moment there are still a few VST3 plugins out there that give the host plugin scanner some grief. The devs are aware and looking into the problem. Also the VST3 plugin version is brand new, and still needs some love. Hence the "early bird" price... but the plugin will make this a very interesting new tool! "History: SSEYO Koan (1990 – 2002) generated what came to be known as 'Generative Music' (see sseyo.com); the SSEYO Koan Music engine was developed by brothers Tim & Pete Cole, Intermorphic co-founders History: Wotja is the evolution of SSEYO Koan + ALL the other generative music apps & tools we've lovingly crafted & pioneered over ~ 30 years - and it just keeps getting better & better!"
  16. That's a good suggestion, and so I will mention I assume that even a lot of folks with the full Kontakt factory library often forget to look there first before chasing the next shiny VSTi... Of course, not to diss the Ample Bass, which IMHO is a really good emulation of a fingered P-Bass.
  17. Fyi, cclarry posted this over on the deals forum thread about an Ample Sounds sale. This player makes me want to burn down my DAW, LOL!!! 😎
  18. I wonder how that Ample Lapsteel compares with the Indiginus "The Steel"? The Ample sounds perfect here for this part!
  19. The DAW plugin is pretty cool. And you can still bake your own songs, while using BIAB for session backing tracks to jam with, and as an idea generator.
  20. Ah, OK Jim. Understood. Then I don't really know what to recommend. The built-in instruments in most DAWs generally require a similar learning curve as a VSTi does. I had assumed that you were approaching the question from a strictly cost/benefit perspective. I suppose the old advice of just plugging your instrument into the DAW and recording that to a track still makes great sense as far as musicality is concerned.
  21. Another option for electronic drumming, there is this Drum Synth 500, a hybrid 8 channel drum synth which has 2 sampler channels, where you can load your own waves. Comes with 500 drum sounds, 50 kits, 500 samples, and 500 MIDI loops. No sequencer included, but the MIDI can trigger the synth from your DAW. So there is potential for "atmospheres" using the sampler channels... ADSR has it now for $44.70 until Jan 10th. I have seen it for less, though. I got it direct from Akai back in March in one of their $9.99 daily deals. https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/air-music-tech-drum-synth-500-drum-synth/
  22. Same here. I upgraded to the 2021 UltraPAK+ on HDD last year, and I believe it has all I need for now! And speaking of Toontrack, my budget took a severe beating this year as I acquired EZdrummer, EZkeys, and EZbass, along with some expansions and MIDI packs...
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