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  1. Hi Frank, I saw your earlier post that you had to re-install Sonar Platinum and Cakewalk by BandLab due to a Windows re-install. I assume that you recovered Sonar and its associated plugins via Command Center. There are two things you will still need to install manually from 3rd party websites, in addition to all of the Command Center content. The licenses for XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 and Celemony Melodyne were included in the Sonar bundle, but you needed to go directly to their respective websites to redeem your licenses. They are not installed via Cakewalk Command Center. In the case of XLN Audio, you will need to install their XLN Online Installer, which will install the licensed products from your account onto your computer.
  2. LOL!!! Figured that would draw some feedback! 🤣
  3. I want it, have been running the trial version, but I'll probably just wait for the next sale to roll around. It's really good, but not $199 good! Plus, have too many synths already including Analog Lab 4...😁
  4. Arturia was still listing the $99 sale price as of this morning (US-Eastern Time). It seems to have gone back to full retail this afternoon. I didn't see their sale end date listed.
  5. BandLab has been listening to us for 2 years, and I think they still welcome our suggestions... as diverse as they might be! Of course they will still do what is best for them, but with consideration for our feedback.
  6. Maybe a problem plugin in the scan path?
  7. Pigments 2 is currently $99 at Arturia.
  8. On a related topic, Arturia is offering a fully registered copy of Pigments 2, that is good until July 3rd 2020, when it will expire. Will probably grab it for the $99 sale price. I've really been enjoying it, along with studying the tutorials and manual! It's a synth beast, and very intuitive. One of the best UI's I've ever seen! I tried the Pigments 1 Demo when it first came out, but wasn't sold then. They have added the sample engine, and other improvements as well, in Pigments 2. With 3 engines to choose from now (VA, Wavetable, and Sample), the sound possibilities are much improved.
  9. Yes, it's tempting. That keyboard itself is beyond my preferred budget, but if I consider the cost of a V Collection it's probably more like getting the keyboard for half price! My current upgrade offer from AL4 to VC7 at Arturia is $399. 🙄 But with either keyboard, it's a pretty impressive value to get hardware that's tightly integrated to that many sounds!
  10. Congrats on your find! Waiting to hear how it works! Also looking at Keylab 49 MkII. On the Sweetwater site they mention that a free V Collection 6 from Arturia will be delivered if you register that keyboard in your Arturia account by June 30th 2020. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KeyLab2-49BK--arturia-keylab-mkii-49-keyboard-controller-black (And I realize that's VC6, not VC7, but since I don't have any of the full collection yet, that would be a nice bundle...)
  11. I was wondering about that with AL4 myself, in case I bought one of their controllers. So I looked into the resale policy at Arturia, and it appears that they have made the process as painless as possible. https://www.arturia.com/support/askforhelp/reselling "NEW To speed up the license transfer process, you can now manually unregister a license from your account without contacting the support. This can be done from your Arturia account MyProducts section. Once unregistered, the license can be freely registered on another account."
  12. In this example of yours above, I see 3 TTS-1 MIDI source tracks, with one synth audio output track. Are there specific benefits of a "MIDI Source"+"Synth Audio" track (& an output track) over a "Simple Instrument" track? Can it be said that the "literal" definition of an audio output is simply the Audio Output track of the DAW? Why would one choose four Audio Outputs / Audio Output tracks vs. one? 1. In your example above, you apparently used a "MIDI Source"+"Synth Audio" track. This does have the advantage for adding multiple MIDI source tracks with the least confusion, and works well with a multitimbral synth such as TTS-1. I prefer "Simple instrument" tracks for synths that only play one sound at a time, and generally only require a single MIDI source. 2. Yes. 3. The four audio outputs let you send up to 4 audio sub-mixes to the Cakewalk mixer. There you could do additional processing on them with audio fx plugins way beyond what you could do in TTS-1 alone. For example, you probably wouldn't want the same reverb on all instruments. Maybe just send a submix on one of the outputs for the sounds that you wish to share a reverb, similar to a reverb bus, and send the rest of the instruments on another output.
  13. Another example would be USB MIDI. It is much faster as far as throughput than the old serial MIDI cables. Some carry multiple MIDI connections over USB. But each still has 16 channels per port. In the case of controller keyboards, in addition to the main MIDI-IN, many also offer an additional 5-pin MIDI-IN port (for external MIDI hardware) on the rear panel that can be passed thru the USB cable connection and routed within the DAW host. Some controllers also use a 2nd MIDI port for the MIDI control surface input, in addition to a port for the regular keyboard input. But each of those MIDI over USB ports are discretely defined by the driver in the host as individual 16 channel MIDI ports.
  14. In Cakewalk, the MIDI channels available to a single device is 16. I believe that it was designed to comply with the MIDI standard, over 30 years ago. So there is an actual limit on the number of channels per MIDI port (instrument or device). You can insert multiple devices (ports), each with 16 channels, to get the aggregate number of channels that you require. In the case of TTS-1, you could add a 2nd instance of TTS-1, and use channels 1-16 in the 2nd for additional channels, although they wouldn't be numbered in Cakewalk as ch. 17-32. Each virtual instrument would occupy one 16 channel MIDI port. So for example, two instances of a TTS-1 instrument would require two instrument tracks and end up with [TTS-1 #1 / ch 1-16], [TTS-1 #2 / ch 1-16].
  15. Well the first thing to know is that's known as "audio to MIDI" conversion. The resulting MIDI track may or may not be an accurate depending on the nature of the source audio. YMMV. Assuming the the resulting MIDI track(s) are close, you would still need to assign the MIDI to play back through instrument sounds similar to the original. In general "audio to MIDI" conversion does not work well on full arrangements of songs (more than one part), as the technology cannot separate the instrument sounds once they are in a mix. You can't "unmix" audio. So you would probably need to be working with the individual audio tracks. The best results are usually with single instruments that play a single note at a time (solo melody or rhythmic parts). The premium versions of Melodyne can convert harmonic parts with chords of a single instrument.
  16. The limitation is a MIDI standard, not a Cakewalk environment specification. But as scook stated, the limitation is per MIDI cable (port/instrument), not per DAW. You can add as many MIDI ports/instruments as your hardware or DAW can handle, each with 16 MIDI channels.
  17. I finally caved on the Arturia Analog Lab 4 deal for 50% off. 😁 Now I'm craving one of those Arturia controllers, such as KeyLab Essential 49 at $249 https://www.arturia.com/products/hybrid-synths/keylab-essential-49/overview or Keylab 49 MkII at $499 https://www.arturia.com/products/hybrid-synths/keylab-mkii/overview
  18. I've noticed quite a few "out of stock" signs on various 49 key controllers at different suppliers and for various brands. I wonder if all the bedroom musicians have been stocking up to stay at home during the Covid-19 outbreak? It might pay to just wait for what you want, rather than settling for what's available at the moment. Nektar Impact LX49+ is currently showing in stock at the Amazon US website. Not so just a few days ago...
  19. Z3TA+2 and Rapture Pro were developed by the Cakewalk dev team, based on Rene's earlier work on the original z3ta+, Dimension Pro, and Rapture. You can see him listed as development lead on those earlier synth's credit pages. Rene had left Cakewalk before the newer versions were released. Rene was the founder of RGC Audio, which Cakewalk had bought, and then hired him. If you look carefully at the Z3TA+2 credits, you will see Rene received credit for the architecture and development of the original z3ta+. Rapture Pro was a convergence of Dim Pro and Rapture, which was possible because both shared the underlying multisample synth technology using .sfz files. Speculation: BandLab probably now owns the IP rights to the software.
  20. I believe that you nailed it right there!
  21. I think I'd be OK with 8 cores locked at 5Ghz. 😁
  22. I use wifi isolation on my router for my guest network, and attach all my mobile and IoT gizmos to that. They are happy because they can get to the internet, but it keeps them from connecting to my personal computing environment on the main wifi network. But the point about an attack via an obsolete Win7 OS connected on the main network would still be an issue. Best to isolate that as well...
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