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  1. The 2018.11 Cakewalk release contained an updated version of BREVERB 2 Cakewalk edition. You may have issues if you try to use the older .dll from Sonar.
  2. Nah, cool your jets! I'm a dude! 🤣 Do you really think that chicks dig Genesis???
  3. I wonder how many women use non-gender specific user names on forums so they don't have to deal with that s h i t? 🙄
  4. This is a bonus for Studio One 5 users of UJAM virtual bassists v2.1. The key switches are already mapped and named in the Studio One 5 menu, so no manual key switch mapping is required. And the bass can follow the chord track, with the virtual player adapting to the changes in the chord track. A short tutorial demo:
  5. Have now completed my UJAM virtual bassist collection! ALL at sale prices!
  7. That was a nice thing to do. I understood your point, but unfortunately some folks probably will think that Reaper is free, due to it's open ended "nag" policy. We don't need to be encouraging the intentional breaking of software license terms. And as you said, $60 ain't that much for a DAW with great community support, and frequent updates.
  8. 60 days of free evaluation is a great deal!
  9. This free PDF eBook called "How to Make a Noise", by Simon Cann (293 pages), was published in 2007. It featured the original Surge Synth as one of the synths used in his examples for synthesizer programming, as well as a few other popular VSTi synths of that time, including Cakewalk z3ta+. Click the link contained on this page to get the download: https://noisesculpture.com/how-to-make-a-noise-a-comprehensive-guide-to-synthesizer-programming/
  10. You are quoting the VST3 licensing options here. I believe Matt was referring to the now deprecated VST2 licensing terms.
  11. Robert Bone shows his last visit to this forum as last Saturday. Just hover over the link to his name above and you will see a member status popup.
  12. Just keep it simple, and start with sforzando! 😉 I find that I need to open the TX16WX manual EVERY time I attempt to use it. It's probably the best all-around free sampler, but a bit of overkill for playing a sound font.
  13. Free Field Recordings https://www.luftrum.com/free-field-recordings/ The field recordings in the playlist are free to download (click ‘view track’ and ‘more’ to download). There are 60 recordings and they serve as an excerpt of the full library which contains over 300 different field recordings and found sounds and is 22GB of size. The recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 3.0) which means you are free to share, copy, remix or otherwise transform the sounds for commercial or non-commercial use, on the terms that you give appropriate credit when using the recordings. You can also purchase a user license of the full 22GB library and gain access to over 300 recordings, including the recordings from the playlist. With a user license, the CC license is waived, so you do not need to give credit + you will receive a download link to the full library and your donation goes to WWF.
  14. I think it would likely upset a lot of folks if any other DAW hosts discontinued VST2 support. There is a large body of plugins that are and forever will be VST2 only, as they are no longer being actively developed. But they are still good plugins. Only true open source plugins could be picked up and migrated to VST3. For the rest of the VST2 plugins at "end of life" that have proprietary licenses, not so much, especially if the original developer is no longer in business. But in any eventuality, the workaround would be to use a host within a host, such as PluginGuru's Unify. It's available as a VST3 plugin, and can host VST2 plugin layers internally. They have a small dev team of 1, and I am sure he is not controlled by Steinberg!!!
  15. Then I would recommend staying as close to up to date as you can. Some folks have dedicated DAWs, and keep them isolated from the net and updates, but those are mostly pros that cannot afford any interruptions to their productivity. My preference is to only delay monthly updates by a few weeks, and the major feature upgrades by about 6 months. I delay the monthlies for a short period because most patch related issues are quickly identified and corrected by Microsoft in the days following release. I choose to let other users be the Day 1 "early adopter" testers. Then I tailgate when it's "all clear". FYI, if you let the feature version get too far behind, you will no longer receive support or updates, so avoid that. And as @msmcleod mentioned, you may run into extra issues trying to update a way out of date machine. Since you have Windows 10 Pro, just take advantage of the group policy editor to automate your decisions for you, such as how long you may wish to delay the monthly updates. You will then get the current monthly updates offered when that period (# days) expires. You really don't want to never receive updates. Then once a year, just set a new target version when you are ready to upgrade. If you leave the target set to your current version, you will never receive the next version. Windows is switching to an annual version upgrade (Feature Update) model from the previous semi-annual one.
  16. This installer worked great! I had attempted to uninstall/re-install Cakewalk, but then discovered that I had only saved the "update" installers, when I actually needed the full installer to run. The update installers from BandLab Assistant had failed as they were dependent on an installed version of Cakewalk.
  17. "Steinbug". Hehehe... 😂
  18. I completed my Andre Ettema collection with these 2 packs 30.876 Hz and Raw for UA VA-3. Good times!
  19. I believe Live added VST3 support in version 10.1.
  20. Just use VST3 if available. Some DAWs, such as Studio One, will automatically ignore the VST2 version if the developer has set the appropriate flag in their VST3 plugin. In Cakewalk preferences, you can choose to have only VST3 if both are available.
  21. You can't add 2 discounts in the IKM cart. So no Jammies this time...
  22. Unify is a great idea! It can host a variety of plugin formats, including VST2, and can then present itself to a host as VST3. But just pointing out that this latest announcement only affects Steinberg hosts and VST2. So for anyone else, including me, that is NOT using a Steinberg host, then you can relax for now... at least until your host of choice decides to bail out...
  23. With Win 10 Pro you can set a few useful items in group policy editor (gpedit.msc) to prevent "early adoption" of newly released updates. In summary, you can set a target Feature Update (major annual version release, i.e. 21H2 is the current one) so you will not get an entirely new Win 10 version by surprise. Secondly you can set an automatic "deferral" period for monthly quality/security updates. I tend to defer them for about 3 weeks (21 days) so Microsoft can fix any current problematic monthly updates, but I do want to stay fairly current security wise, so I don't put them off forever. And definitely learn and make use of a regular disk image solution if you are not using one already. That way it's much easier and faster to roll back if things ever go sideways, than it is to rebuild Windows and all of your applications from scratch! Recommend Macrium Reflect Free that is perfect for home use and is very reliable! The Windows Update policies in group policy editor that I use are: Select when Quality updates are received: [Enabled, 21 days] Select the target Feature Update version: [Enabled, 21H2] I am currently updated to Win 10 Pro 21H2, and will not receive the next one until I update the policy to that effect. 21H2 is supported until June 2023. Windows 10 Home and Pro follows the Modern Lifecycle Policy. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/products/windows-10-home-and-pro
  24. abacab

    Soundpaint Mello D

    MODO Bass and The Arturia V Collection 8 have me sold on that idea! An extensive bass and keyboard collection with hardly any footprint compared with sample libraries. I did have to add samples for a decent upright acoustic bass, however. But orchestral and band instrument samples will still probably be required for now and the foreseeable future. But never say never!
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