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  1. PC specs for SampleTank 4: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st4/index.php?p=specs
  2. Not if you only typically use 5-6 GB max.
  3. Rapture classic was bundled with Sonar X2, X3, and Platinum. If your source was only with the Platinum bundle, you would probably need Command Center. Rapture session was bundled with Platinum, so that and Rapture Pro would need Command Center. But if you had Sonar X2 or X3, the Rapture classic installer would still be in your download files at your Cakewalk.com account. That and your serial and registration code would still be available if you could sign in here: https://www.cakewalk.com/My-Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fMy-Account I have X2, X3, and Platinum, plus a purchased standalone version of Rapture classic from the long ago days, so I see both options.
  4. Bass Chord Pro - All The Chords You'll Ever Need On Bass - Lesson 1 - The Major Chord
  5. I have had issues with some of the big guitars while using the ST4 plugin in Cakewalk. They have a lot of sample content. The "Parlor L Pick Full Keyswitch" crashes Cakewalk with an unhandled exception upon loading. On the other hand, the "Parlor L Fingered Full Keyswitch" loads and plays fine, but after a while it will crash. The "Black LP Full Keyswitch" will load and play. And the "Red Strat Full Keyswitch" in MAX goes boom here too, but sometimes not until I try to load a different instrument into the same slot in ST4. Still trying to sort things out here with Cakewalk and ST4. Considered that maybe I need more RAM, as I currently only have 8GB. But if you are having issues with 16GB, that implies that Cakewalk may be struggling with memory demands from the plugin, rather than physical memory limits. I don't have any issues with running ST4 standalone.
  6. Audio Engine on/off button is show here in the Transport Module, figure 216-L. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=ControlBar.06.html
  7. I can reproduce that audio dropout every time with the C7 Grand. If I restart the audio engine, I can play the instrument. My system specs: Window 10 with the latest Cakewalk on SSD, Intel Core i3-3.4GHz, 8GB RAM, SampleTank Max 4 on 7200 rpm internal SATA HDD. Have you opened a support ticket with IK support yet?
  8. Totally hooked on "Orville" now. Love how Seth has riffed on all the earlier space operas with his take on a space dramedy!
  9. That's a good set of presets for $5. Plus then you will have an upgrade path to the full version of SynthMaster for $59. http://www.synthmaster.com/synthmaster.aspx
  10. abacab

    Sandisk 1 TB SSD

    Dang I hate I missed that deal! I want to upgrade my samples content drive from a 1TB spinner to an SSD.
  11. abacab

    SampleTank 4 is Out

    Yup, now I'm looking for a REALLY good deal on a new 1TB SSD for all of my samples.
  12. Craig, no offense to your idea, I was typing before you submitted your reply. It's a brilliant suggestion! But it would still be nice to have a real "scratchpad" so that the "just another workaround" gang would shut up.
  13. Thia is where adding a "scratchpad" feature to Cakewalk would make a lot of sense. Especially If you could open up other projects up in the scratchpad area, and then easily move/copy parts of them into your "active" project.
  14. abacab

    25% Off Reason 10

    I have enough DAWs already, thank you! But that new synth "Europa" that comes bundled is very cool. I recently got Reason 10 Lite for free, and that has Europa. Unfortunately that version is not a VST and I cannot rewire Lite. But I would love that synth! https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/reasons-europa-synthesizer REASON 10 New Synth Europa | Pop Music Production Tutorial
  15. It's probably server maintenance. https://www.lifewire.com/503-service-unavailable-explained-2622940 Cakewalk.com is still up.
  16. I wonder if I can use Jam Points?
  17. That is just a sample instrument player. You would need Falcon to load samples. https://support.uvi.net/hc/en-us/articles/115005611265-Can-I-import-custom-samples-into-UVI-soundbanks-
  18. If you are considering the SampleTank 4 upgrade, and have some old SampleTank 2 libraries sitting around that you want to use with it, you will need a copy of ST3 to import them. This version of ST3 SE should be an option to import those old libraries. ST4 cannot import ST2 libraries directly, but can use them if they have been imported into a version of ST3. I don't think ST3 Custom Shop (free) is available for download anymore, but that would also have been an option. I'm not sure if this giveaway bundle version would count as a retail version of ST3 SE towards the ST4 upgrade pricing. But if you already have any IK retail product with an MSRP value of $99 or higher, you should qualify for upgrade/crossgrade pricing. Here is the IK eligibility check: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/eligibilitycheck/index.php?a=sampletank-4-max
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