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  1. Quite often when creating a project I will use different audio or midi clips from different libraries and keeping track of where i got these files can be a pain. It would be very handy if I could click on a clip and enter information about that particular clip in the description window in the track inspector. The way it appears to work now is that what ever you enter in the description window applies to the whole track rather than the clips that make up the track. If possible, if you could add the ability to enter info on individual clips in a track, then later on if I wanted to view info on a certain clip I just have to click on it. This would improve organization and house keeping. What are your thoughts?
  2. I just installed build 88 and now I see there is a build 91. Did I miss something in between? Ok, now I’m up to build 91. Have to say I’m very impressed with the response of the baker team, way to go guys
  3. The issue I experienced with using the arranger was with vocals either leading into or extending beyond an arrangement. Now that you can arrange multiple tracks this may solve that issue. Awesome
  4. I have just installed the hotfix and will test it tomorrow, thanks
  5. I don’t believe so yet, just the update version 2019.11 build 54
  6. Issues prior to the latest update was crashing when using VST 3 instruments and plugins along with the ASIO audio driver. You recommended solution was to use WASAPI driver and use VST2 instead. This worked. I installed the latest update and opened an existing project and the sound from my studio monitors was as if my speakers were blown. There was a buzzing noise . I also started a new project and tried again to use ASIO and VST3 and it crashed when I inserted a midi clip from Ample guitar. I tried again, this time I only changed back to VST3 and left the driver to ASIO and it also crashed. I changed the driver back to WASAPI and opened an existing project with VST2 instruments and the sound is crackly on playback and soon after I got a “audio engine dropout (9)”. I created a new project with WASAPI and VST2 plugins and it was ok.
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