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  1. I was a few months off the free upgrade...
  2. Hi, mate. I'd go so far as to say that these are in a different league. I'd start with Vocalign Project (I did) if I were you. If you have any version of Melodyne, you can do most, if not all of the things the upper tier can do (perhaps not as fast). And you're going to have to align 2 and 2 tracks, whereas the upper tiers can do multi-tracks. Not a big deal(breaker) IMHO. All the best.
  3. Perhaps wait a couple of days, just in case?
  4. Up to the top again.
  5. Zargg

    AAS Give Away

    Nice gesture(s) indeed 👍
  6. So it doesn't fall too low on the page, let's do this.
  7. I performed this update several days ago. I got the update email yesterday. I got an email from support regarding this update and Console 1/UAD LA3A, and I said it wasn't new for me. And that the problem still persists. Wonder if they sent out the wrong update...
  8. It/they have different modes, and all sounds a little different. Worth demoing, IMO.
  9. I'd put it alongside Pro L2 and Ozone Maximizer. It's a good one.
  10. Words become meaningless in times like this 😟 My thoughts goes out to you and yours.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this Terry! My thoughts goes out to you and your family in these tough times. Wish I could be of any help. All the best from Norway.
  12. Thanks, Jack! The guitar was tracked DI (Drawmer MX60), using S-Gear and Softube British Class A (Console 1) for tone, and a Waves L1 for controlling peaks.
  13. Thanks for the positive feedback, (and waking up your neighbors) Kenny!
  14. I did the PP check, and got the confirmation e-mail. No download code yet. They are not listed in my PP account for having any access. I have a 2 factor verification on PP, but will change my password, just in case.
  15. I've changed the link to Bandcamp.
  16. It has unlocked a discount for a time, using the code "UNLOCKJANUARY" (not sure for how long).
  17. I've been playing geetar for a synth-pop band for 20 yrs, and we've just released a re-mix album (as a follow up to the release before new year). I've done a metal(ish) remix of a synth-pop song from this album. They've gotten my name wrong a couple of places... Trying Bandcamp instead of Spotify. https://subculturerecords.bandcamp.com/track/tomorrow-is-a-new-day-zarg-remix
  18. Happy New Year to you and yours! All the best from Norway,
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