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  1. 13 hours ago, Tezza said:

    Just remember to tell your neighbors that their lights might go dim every time you start your computer!

    If the lights start to flicker be warned it might be the "Upside Down" and if it is you need to play your favorite song.... 

    (some will get above and some won't ;) )

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  2. Yep B&H I like to buy my printing supplies. I used local delivery from Staples and they sent the wrong product twice. What a hassle.  B&H once sent the wrong product but told be to do what I want with it and shipped out the right product for expedited delivery.   Now granted it was only Photo paper size they got wrong but still the service was wonderful.  

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  3. I suppose you could pause the music and do screen shots of select areas you want to print out.  If you have a high-end modern Smart-Phone you could take a video, I know Samsung Galaxy 20 series let you take a nice snap shots to print out.  Just a thought.  As far as CbB having the feature, NAH :) 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, telecode 101 said:

    i think this is  a cool idea. go daw less !!

    True if playing on-stage but for us home-warriors I think the controller - DAW approach works better.  For that money I would rather put it towards a $$$ digital stage piano.  YMMV :D

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