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  1. And the same thing happens to me ... I have both versions ... 5.06 and 5.11 ... I wonder if it bothers the fact that there are both versions?
  2. Dimension Pro and Rapture are inside the Rapture Pro synthesizer! all banks, all their subsequent developments. If you have Rapture Pro you have Dimension and Rapture ...
  3. Yes! it works very well in Cakewalk live! I helped my daughter, Dorothea, composer, musician and stage designer two years ago, and I made a show / installation / performance based on Laptop, m-audio projectmix , 8-10 tracks with virtual synths, most of them omnisphere, dimension pro ... two voices live, two live synthesizers, a set of 6 microphones to capture the drums, another 4 microphones for percussion instruments. Some of the instruments were pre-recorded in the MIDI system, or freezed ... there had been musical themes from performances performed in different theaters in Romania and abroad, over which she, and a percussionist ,played live with voices and other instruments ... and everything synchronized with the video projection (on the Resolume Arena) and two other actors who were still telling pieces of texts from the performances ... and it worked perfectly! .. ... so you can!
  4. http://www.azslow.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=63
  5. VST3 is installed by default in: C/Program Files/Common Files/VST3.
  6. Normally, in.... C/Program Files/Cakewalk/VST Plugins...
  7. Hi Noel! I do not remember using MODO BASS more than 2-3 months ago. Actually my wife is a composer (I help her mix and master the music of the show) and she uses it pretty much, but at the last theater performance she wrote music, I'm sure she did not use it (the premiere took place on March 4th ... love labour's lost, W. Shakespeare ). Usually I avoid using the fast bounce system. We better have a few extra minutes of patience and get a better result. So I do not know how to help ...
  8. dear Detwoen: 1. Start screen appears to me normally. I can not confirm your problem. 2. Modo Bass does not work in fast bounce mode either as a freeze track or as a bounce to track. It only works normally. So I confirm the problem. Omisphere works correctly both in quick freeze mode and in fast bounce to track mode. Hope it help!
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