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  1. Upgrade to Cakewalk by Bandlab and never look back!
  2. Don't use ASIO4ALL! It will not work properly! M-audio have good ASIO drivers...
  3. Hello! Look at both computers in C / Cakewalk Content / Cakewalk core / Project Templates. What is in one should be in the other folder. If not, copy ... you don't have to reinstall the whole program for such a small thing ...
  4. Hello! I don't think it has anything to do with the latest update. If you work with an ASIO driver and Cakewalk is open ... you can't play or use another application on your computer ... That's why Cakewalk invented Wasapi shared mode ... you can use more applications audio at once ...
  5. read PRODUCT RELEASE INFO 2020.05 You can find it here ...
  6. I can't confirm this problem. For me everything works normally
  7. Hello! this is because there are stereo channels. So 1 means 1 + 2, 3 = 3 + 4 .... etc ...
  8. Hi Andeson! I think it depends on what theme you use ... those that have not been upgraded for version 2021/04, do not work. Try changing the theme to Tungsten ... the official version of Cakewalk and see if it works then.
  9. Hi USER ...! Go to Edit> Properties> Audio .... and set the Driver to ASIO. Check in Track View (or in the Console View) that Out of Master is set to go to the interface ... It should work ... if not ... let us know and see what else to do
  10. As far as I can see ... you have to have the 1394 legacy version driver. Look here again ...clearly write what needs to be done. Firewire with your diver doesn't work for me either. only with the Legacy. https://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/Firewire-1.htm
  11. Hello! It's definitely an issue that stems from the interface. I think the drivers are the latest version ?. Try to reinstall them. Then set the buffer size to 128 ... maximum to 256. With your interface and in the project you described it should go to 64. There is no setting in Cakewalk that introduces latency ... other than those related to interface. Try and let us know what we can do ... I have 3 firewire interfaces ... M-AUDIO PROJECTMIX, ALESIS IO26 and TC ELECTRONIC KONNEKT 24 and none gives latency. And try something else! As far as I know MOTU also has a USB connection not only firewire ... try it with USB! Success!
  12. M-AUDIO PROJECTMIX has drivers for Windows 7 and works perfectly with Windows 10! What sound card do you have? There are solutions for anyone! Generally Win. 7 drivers works under Win 10. Even those at Roland can be arranged to work ....
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