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  1. I forgot to mention one other item. The ' older' machine that the projects were originally recorded on, was built in March of this year, so there can't be any legacy old software issues. The installed instruments in question are from NI and IKM.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. This is my third machine build and first time dealing with this. Maybe I'm not be stating the issue clearly. The scan paths are correct because the plugin manager found the VSTi and I can install a new midi track using these 'missing' instruments. It's just when the project loads, CbB pops up a message stating these specific instruments in the project either didn't load or weren't found. The sample libraries are on 'D' drives on both machines, but the VSTi doesn't get that far. It doesn't load the player/instrument. When I do install a new track using these ' missing instruments, the libraries are all available. No issues there. My PITA work-around is to just launch the instrument again ( Addictive drums, keys or Kontakt) and then copy and paste the existing midi track over to the new synth track. Annoying, but it works. Also what I find interesting is this problem doesn't exist for any of the CbB SIs.
  3. I rebuilt a second music production machine and all is working fine. The latest version of CbB and all plugins and virtual instruments are installed and available in the plugin manager. I have cakewalk projects saved to an external drive and after transferring and opening them on this new machine, the plugins are found but not the virtual instruments (Addictive drums & keys, Kontakt) except for Cakewalk Studio instruments. Any ideas why? I can insert any of the missing synths as a new instance without any issues.
  4. Lately I have been having program crashes without any error message and also without a dmp file created. I have the latest CbB version installed and current on Windows 10 updates. Thanks.
  5. I should have mentioned that I was using multiple instances of the Kontakt Player on this project. Also I have five other projects set up in the same manner and this issue hasn't occurred...yet! Thanks for the feedback and I'll try some of the suggested fixes.
  6. In a project I'm working on, I have two VSTis (shaker and Hammond organ, via Native Instruments Kontakt Player 5). Without any intervention by me, suddenly the shaker MIDI data is being played by the organ, and the organ MIDI data is being played by the shaker. I was working on a completely different track ( Roland TD-11 midi drums & Addictive drums via USB, when I noticed this. These two tracks are Simple Instrument tracks, and I don't know how to change things back. Has anyone seen this, or can suggest a way to fix this? Thanks. Windows 7 64 - Cakewalk by Bandlab - Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 2nd generation
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