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  1. I'm going to do a fresh install of CbB in win10, (from Win7). I seem to remember a discussion about the proper order to install the previous versions, (Sonar, Platinum, etc.), but I can't seem to find it now. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Also, I haven't updated CbB in quite some time, (don't ask). Is there a way to install the various updates one at a time from my current version to the newest? I was thinking it might be easier to get a grasp of all the new features that way. Thanks for any help. -Paul
  2. You could also just drag the files from the old projects audio folder into the new project. Of course, you'll need to know the names of those particular files. HTH Paul
  3. Hi Chris. You'll want to check if the Presonus has Win10 drivers. Good luck! Paul
  4. I just tried this, (on my desktop), and it really screwed things up. My entire desktop is now scrambled. I guess I should have waited till I was in a program. rats!
  5. Cake Crew. Thanks so much for the PC presets! Been waiting for that for a long time.
  6. If your piano was an audio file and you've deleted the track, the audio is still there in the audio folder. Good luck.
  7. I use often use the FX Chain Module to put just a single plugin a various positions in the ProChannel. It would be nice if the FX Chain Module could be resized such that you would only see the one plugin so as to not take up so much vertical space in the PC. It would be even better if it would auto resize. Just a thought. Thanks. Paul
  8. Paul G

    ez drummer

    I'm sure you have, but did you scan the plugin? HTH
  9. What you're looking for is the RealGuitar Stroke Map. ins HTH
  10. Gimp is a free graphics editor. It takes a bit of learning though. HTH
  11. Good to know. Thanks Jim.
  12. Thanks Francois. Very helpful. This might well be exactly what I'm looking for. I noticed that many of the cheaper models boast about being bass heavy and that's what I was trying to avoid. Thanks again. Paul
  13. What??! I thought that's how it was done! Thanks. Paul
  14. I have nothing to base this on, but I'd tend to agree. Thanks.
  15. Hi all. I don't know if this is the right forum for this question so feel free to move it if necessary. I'm wanting to get a pair of ear buds to use as a listening system for mix translation but I'm not sure what to buy. I'm looking for something that will be in line with what the average listener uses. I see most of the models are designed to use with a smart phone and I don't want/need that, ( I don't have one...). I need to be able to plug them into the headphone out on my interface. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Paul
  16. Don't the Superior kits all come with drum maps? There are also some GM maps for various Superior kits in the Groove Monkee Midi packs. However, because most of these maps contain all the i-mappings as well, they are rather large and cumbersome. Because of this, I've had to make my own. It's time consuming but not that difficult. I always end up moving the kit pieces around so as too keep them together. It's much easier to edit a midi track that way. I'll try and dig up what I have. HTH Paul
  17. Did the Clip Envelopes editing problem get fixed? I've had this problem for some time now. Every now and the , for no particular reason, clip envelopes will not respond to the smart tool. I have to add nodes and adjust the envelope up or down. Typically, restarting the project will fix it but not always. I brought this up several years ago and I think others were experiencing the same issues. Thanks. Paul
  18. I'm using Valhalla Plate but that's the same verb I used in the test project mentioned above and it worked fine. That's a good idea though, Eric. I'll try it out. Thanks. Paul
  19. Thanks guys. New stripped down project with 1 vox track and it works fine. Now I have to figure out why the other project is going bonkers! Paul
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