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  1. Paul G

    Toontrack drum maps

    Don't the Superior kits all come with drum maps? There are also some GM maps for various Superior kits in the Groove Monkee Midi packs. However, because most of these maps contain all the i-mappings as well, they are rather large and cumbersome. Because of this, I've had to make my own. It's time consuming but not that difficult. I always end up moving the kit pieces around so as too keep them together. It's much easier to edit a midi track that way. I'll try and dig up what I have. HTH Paul
  2. Thanks Noel. This is good news! Paul
  3. Did the Clip Envelopes editing problem get fixed? I've had this problem for some time now. Every now and the , for no particular reason, clip envelopes will not respond to the smart tool. I have to add nodes and adjust the envelope up or down. Typically, restarting the project will fix it but not always. I brought this up several years ago and I think others were experiencing the same issues. Thanks. Paul
  4. Paul G

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    I'm using Valhalla Plate but that's the same verb I used in the test project mentioned above and it worked fine. That's a good idea though, Eric. I'll try it out. Thanks. Paul
  5. Paul G

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    Thanks, I will. Paul
  6. Paul G

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    Thanks guys. New stripped down project with 1 vox track and it works fine. Now I have to figure out why the other project is going bonkers! Paul
  7. Paul G

    Install issues

    Don't you have to DL it first and then install? I could be wrong as I've only installed it once, HTH Paul
  8. Paul G

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    Thanks Reginald. I'll try that. Paul
  9. Paul G

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    Thanks Steve. Are you placing the plugins in the FX bin or the Pro Channel? I can't see that making any difference though. Paul
  10. Paul G

    SOLVED: Sonitus comp side chain

    I've tried several different compressors in this scenario and CbB continues to lock up, (it's also locked the computer up as well). I must be doing something wrong. I'm placing the compressor in the verb bus behind the verb plugin. I'm creating a send from the vox track which outputs to the comps SC input. It should work. What am I missing? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Paul
  11. I side chained the Sonitus comp in a verb bus last night to duck the verb. CbB became unstable and then locked up. The file became corrupted. Is there an issue with the Sonitus comp in CbB? I use it all the time but not SC'd. Any ideas on what am I doing wrong? Thanks for any suggestions
  12. Paul G

    Is the latest Melodyne broken?

    Same here. I've stayed with 4.1 and all is well. Paul
  13. Paul G

    A new melodyne question

    You can also just hit the Alt key to temporarily disable snap as you move a blob. HTH
  14. Paul G

    Ever Melodyned a Melodyne Section?

    Yes. I think it has to do with how Melodyne interprets the pitch and breaks it into blobs. For example, if you split a blob into several segments you'll see these new blobs readjust to different pitches. Make some adjustments and then render. If you re-open that clip in Melodyne it will reanalyze the note pitches and the blobs well look different but the audio will sound the same. I see this all the time because when I edit in Melodyne I typically will split a blob into several pieces and make my corrections more surgical. HTH Paul
  15. Paul G

    Ever Melodyned a Melodyne Section?

    Like Morgan says. I've never noticed an issue outside of extreme moves. HTH