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  1. Thanks Ralph. I've uninstalled my Focusrite drivers and Control software as well as Sonarworks SoundID Reference and CbB will still not open. I really don't want to reinstall CbB but that's what support is advising, a clean reinstall. I'm concerned that doing a complete uninstall will wipe all the previous versions of Sonar I have installed. While getting everything back in is possible, it's a lot of work! Paul
  2. Well, I've tried everything I can think of except reinstalling CbB. Guess I'll give support a call and see what happens. Thanks all. Paul
  3. Thanks much for that. Paul
  4. Thanks Mark. I'll give that a try.
  5. Thanks much, James.
  6. I have a fairly new install of CbB on Win10. I've been working my way through various issues but so far it's been working. Last night I got my Frontier Tranzport installed and was hoping to track some vocals this afternoon. When I started Win10 and clicked on the CbB shortcut the program refused to open. It would put up the opening splash screen and after one or two seconds, it would be gone. I've tried everything I can think of but it's no go. I uninstalled the Tranzport drivers and even updated CbB to the latest version, (I think, as it won't open, I can't check that). I didn't try to open CbB using the executable file inside the program folder, (don't see that making a difference though). The only other thing I haven't tried yet is to completely uninstall CbB and then reinstall. I don't really want to go through setting it all up again. I was able to open other programs, even Splat. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  7. Thanks Mark. That's interesting as the only thing that's different is I've moved to Win10 and I don't remember ever seeing this before. I'll load up some other projects and see if I can locate the VST that's causing this. Paul
  8. Thanks HIBI. True but I don't think CbB is one of them. Either way, after setting it to 100, it made no difference. FYI, moving my Waves Licenses to a thumb drive did solve that problem, (at least, so far...). Paul
  9. I been having some problems with my Waves licenses, (they keep deactivating), so I moved them from my HDD to a thumb drive. Lo and behold the Auto Save began to work properly! After a few hours of editing it began to start saving more often than the setting. Not as bad as before but still.... Very strange. I'll see what happens tonight. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks. Paul
  10. CbB V2021.01, Win 10 is not following the Autosave settings. I normally set it to 5 minutes and 5 or 10 changes. It saves almost constantly. I can raise it to 100 changes and it still saves after several moves. I think this may have been discussed a while back so if anyone could kindly point me in that direction, I'd be grateful. Thanks. Paul
  11. Thanks Tim. I'll know more when I actually get some hearing aids. I think you're right. The hearing aids I would need would likely be designed to hype frequencies that increase intelligibility vs. flat response so I'd probably not wear them while working on music. If that's the direction I go, that solves the issue of wearing aids, glasses and headphones. I've worn glasses since I was in my 40's so I've overcome the headphone and glasses issues. Thanks to everyone for your responses. Paul
  12. Thanks for the reply and the information. I'd be concerned that the "in-ear" type of aids could easily fall out if you were, say, mowing the lawn. lol Paul
  13. Thanks much for the reply, Brian. Very helpful. Paul
  14. Thanks for the reply, Tim. I need to look into the "process" of fitting for hearing aids. I assumed that they were just a mic and an amp with maybe some filtering. I'd be concerned that they might feed back while using headphones. I like your idea though. If they could identify which frequencies your ears were rolling off, could they just boost those freq's? I've been using Sonarworks for years. Works good. Paul
  15. Thanks for your reply. Does Costco have a hearing department or are these 'off the shelf' hearing aids? It seems to me that 'over the ear' type of aids would certainly be more uncomfortable when used with glasses and headphones. Paul
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