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  1. To my ears the vocals have a Paul Simon quality to them that fits the tune nicely.
  2. Listening & enjoying the track, structure & groove..The mix sounds nice on my cans too, balanced & full.
  3. Enjoyed the groove & playing on this. Mix sounding nice in my cans as well. The snare does pop but a bit dry, I could also hear more of acoustic patch to match the style.
  4. hsmusic

    The Gull.

    I like this introduction & the sounds used to set the stage for an upcoming series. Nice on the ears, enjoyed it.
  5. It's 4-track stereo tape on my Sony TC-560
  6. light jazz-symphonic instrumental, internet collab. test mix with more of trad. jazz stage setup (off center bass & drums) https://testmix.bandcamp.com/track/gftmx-stage-berlin
  7. I had 2 copies of that lp, I glued the lenticular off one onto my Jr. High notebook. I still have this 4-track tape with the lenticular cover. I think I was the only one that liked this album back then...not considered to be one of their better releases..
  8. I tried this a few months ago actually preferred the atoms mixes over the stereo ones when comparing them in regular stereo phones. Does anyone know if new Sonar is Atmos feature ready? I have several daws that already are.
  9. To me when the drums kick in it's dragging a bit..could be a bit of latency if recorded in real time.. Don't mind my ears, imagers or aural exciters do it to me..the high end, a kind of phase & balance effect. I wouldn't sweat it if sounds good to you or others..again great tune.
  10. Excellent songwriting as always..I hear the drum track being slid about minus 10-30 ticks or so..(the mix sounds good but my ears have problems with the processing you're using, a psychoacoustic- spatial-width type plugin.. but that's just me)
  11. ( I assume you're talking audio, not midi files using their vi's) Have the other musicians send you their tracks & mix it yourself..you don't need to worry if they have CW or any daw at all.
  12. hsmusic

    CD Baby sale

    Save 25% on all releases ($7.47 album or single) 25% off CDB Boost, CDB Video Creator tool, through March 20. Use this code at checkout: 25OFFCDB https://cdbaby.com/
  13. There is one in prefs..I stopped using the auto-save years ago after it once corrupted a file (started saving while editing). I use crtl+s, muscle memory at this point or after making any serious adjustments or edits.
  14. Thanks Lynn, appreciate it..am looking forward to the next version of Sonar.
  15. @equality Thanks, I like those two Z's myself! Appreciate your comments.
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