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  1. hsmusic


    Thanks Wookiee, yes, been doing the online collab thing since 2001...on this track Sax (Germany) bass gtr ( N.Y./ U.S.) drums ( Germany) & myself on gtrs & keys (FL/ U.S.)
  2. Nice vibe on this, enjoyed it. Yes, busses come in handy!
  3. hsmusic


    Enjoyed it, pulsing & relaxing at the same time. Made for a nice mid day break listen.
  4. hsmusic

    t10ch remix

    Final mix- thanks for listening. https://testmix.bandcamp.com/track/2hi-fmix
  5. hsmusic


    yet another remix using a different set of plugins.... https://testmix.bandcamp.com/track/spn
  6. hsmusic


    Enjoyed the chord progression & melody, always love maj to maj7...
  7. hsmusic


    Thanks Paul. appreciate it.
  8. hsmusic

    My Girl Rita

    Cool track, mix sounded nice in my cans..not overproduced with too many fx, enough to keep it interesting while keeping a good rock vibe.
  9. Hi Mark, on a quick listen on Soundclick to my ears the kick/ sub @35-40 hz. is too much. I think you might try lowering the whole drum track 2-3 db as the high end on it seems a bit hot too. Also try boosting the bass 400hz- 800hz a tad. Grain of salt I'd use either the drum stick or Side Stick but not both & alternating them as you're doing & simplify the part a bit (might try brushes too if you haven't already.) Great tune, enjoyed it. Nice warm vibe I think you just need to dial in the drums a bit..
  10. hsmusic


    Thanks HOOK, I used to listen to them back in the day, great tunes.
  11. hsmusic

    BTW mixcheck

    @HOOK @jack c. @KSband @Bajan Blue Thanks all for listening & your feedback, really appreciate it.
  12. hsmusic

    Late Nite Groove

    Nice track & enjoyed the groove.
  13. hsmusic

    BTW mixcheck

    Mix for system translation checks...close to release. album cut, internet collab/ instrumental. https://testmix.bandcamp.com/track/btw-mixcheck-14 alt pan v - https://testmix.bandcamp.com/track/btw-mixcheck-14-altpan
  14. hsmusic


    Thanks for the feedback. I never had vocals in mind for this track so thanks for the insight.
  15. hsmusic


    Thanks Nigel, I appreciate the feedback!
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