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  1. Got it + 2 AAS Packs !! Thanks King !
  2. My upgrade price is 9..... Planning to get this one..... Version 1 was superb..... Great chorus for guitars..... And then I loved Godfazer too....
  3. Excellent plugin..... Have used it on my guitars and synth parts.... multitude of options..... sounds great.... a lot of tweakability.... and very honestly, I just enjoy the feeling of turning the knobs on that gorgeous interface..... 😉😋
  4. I have the Concert Grand and the Estate Grand.... Both the libraries are top notch !!
  5. This seems good.... But I already have the Audiothing Springs, which is a great Spring Reverb plugin.... Not sure, if this has something not already covered there..
  6. Hyperion Strings Elements and Micro, both are super awesome !!
  7. Now, you're really putting me in a dilemma.... I feel gaseous, but it's true, this might be the sound I'm missing.... 😤
  8. I always wanted to have the Reamp, but since emptying my wallet on all the Black Friday and December deals, I've made a new year resolution to only spend wherever it's really necessary....
  9. Does it require the ilok dongle ? I believe nowadays everything works with the ilok cloud, isn't it?
  10. The Joey Sturgis studio pass is quite good.... You get to learn a lot of new aspects of and insights on production. I'm yet to have a look at the Eyal Levi courses.
  11. I think these alongwith the ProjectSAM TFO and of course, the Spitfire LABS are some of the finest freebies one can get.... And all of these are really pro level ! In fact, I can add the recent 8Dio freebies alongwith the aforementioned as well..... Amazing stuff !!
  12. Happy New Year everyone !! Greetings from India 🤘May you all have a Year full of Deals and Gas !!
  13. Got this one and the sound library is just brilliant..... You can keep on exploring, it's just huge.. EVE5 is my favorite and it really rocks. The Station is brilliant though I had one instance where it crashed (I'm assuming it had something to do with my other apps open at that time). The ZR is a new one and it's a great addition with it's multiple tweakable possibilities. I haven't really tried the others yet but for even the above three instruments, this is an absolute no brainer deal as John says above..
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