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  1. I've subscribed to Groove3 since last year and it's a brilliant thing. Eli Krantzberg is amazing as pointed out by everyone here. But even others are great too. It has got everything from fundamentals like EQ, Compression, etc. to almost all concievable plugins and DAWs. Only thing is one must watch the videos and not procrastinate. Only other tutorial series I like are Producertech, especially the Rob Jones tutorials which are super awesome and CreativeLive tutorials by Kenny Gioa and Graham Cochrane.
  2. This looks like a nice one. Gotta try
  3. Love this EQ. My go to mixing EQ
  4. This is a nice little freebie!
  5. Yes, Re-Guitar is a handy tool to get your single coil guitar sounding like a humbucker or vice-versa
  6. Being an HR, this is a useful post
  7. That’s a really steep discount!
  8. I think they should increase the price of all their 29.99 plugins to 32.99......
  9. I have it..... cool machine..... it’s fun creating presets on this one......
  10. This is a brilliant spring emulation. Got multiple vintage models and there’s a lot of tweakability. The Baxandal EQ is brilliant too. Basically you don’t need to load another EQ plugin on the track. I use it primarily on my instrument tracks. Best thing of all, it sounds great!
  11. Yeah, the Mesa Rectifier is a tough beast to tame...... Although it has its own late 80s sound, I’d rather prefer an ENGL or a Randall for high gain crunch
  12. Yes, there is a version for iPad and I’ve got all my desktop presets loaded onto this !
  13. After watching your review, it is near impossible not to get this one. Got it immediately......
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