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  1. Actually, the closest comparison to Syntronik is UVI which is also sampled. Arturia and Syntronik are two different beasts !
  2. One can never have enough reverb......
  3. Well, it’s in the developer’s name...... it’s Rare !
  4. I love this one. Use it more than any other saturator. A really strong piece of plugin
  5. Welcome back King !
  6. Yeah, I always preferred Recabinet over Nadir. Very simple GUI and great to browse through countless IR folders. Have used it on multiple tracks. Nowadays, I also prefer MCabinet which is a wonderful IR loader ***** tweaked with some really cool parameters.
  7. Always got great deals from jrrshop. Hope they get their website back soon......
  8. I have this one. It’s a good one, especially for adding subtle colour and saturation. Beautiful harmonics when turned on slightly. I use it on vocals sometimes. It’s very subtle though. Recommended for harmonic coloration.
  9. I think these vouchers are the best for buying 29$ stuff as there is no minimum price condition. Got myself the Engl 765 and Chandler amps. Already have the 646, rockrack and other oldies which I use a lot in my tracks, so I'm hoping for some great tones with these two.
  10. I've subscribed to Groove3 since last year and it's a brilliant thing. Eli Krantzberg is amazing as pointed out by everyone here. But even others are great too. It has got everything from fundamentals like EQ, Compression, etc. to almost all concievable plugins and DAWs. Only thing is one must watch the videos and not procrastinate. Only other tutorial series I like are Producertech, especially the Rob Jones tutorials which are super awesome and CreativeLive tutorials by Kenny Gioa and Graham Cochrane.
  11. This looks like a nice one. Gotta try
  12. Love this EQ. My go to mixing EQ
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