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  1. I'm sure there will be more users complaining about this.... Those guys should fix this as the VST GUIs are too small in this version, which was never a problem with Reaper earlier
  2. I have all three..... The Cypress, which I use often is a brilliant amp sim for crunchy 70s rock / old school / classic metal tones..... I got their pre-amp in the BF sale, which I'm gonna try today
  3. My BF stuff - 1. Abasi + Nameless (Thanks Zo! Really this is a must have) 2. iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle (this completely drained my wallet) 3. Wavesfactory Cassette (absolutely brilliant!) 4. DDMF Chord Detector (what a great little utility for just 9$, wonder why haven't they made an Android/iOS version yet) 5. Mercurial AMT (Have high hopes on this, yet to use this one) What I couldn't get - That's a huge list but the key ones out of those which were on my scanner - 1. Acoustic Samples bundle on APD (feel that shouldn't have missed this) 2. EZKeys Dream Machine 3. Flux Session 4. NeuralDSP Plini & Nolly 5. STL Andy James & Libra 6. Plug & Mix (which I miss everytime) 7. UJam Stuff 8. Captain Plugins 9. Xhun Bundle 10. Eventide stuff on AD, you, which were on massive discounts 11. PSP Nexcellence and Hertz Rider 12. The most important.... PA discount coupon of $50
  4. Excellent DAW..... And along with CbB, my go to for everything and anything
  5. Yup, they've always replied back.... Excellent customer service
  6. Ashay Arekar

    APD Deal #8 Open

    I was thinking of buying one of the acoustic guitar libraries. As of now, I only have the Strummed Acoustic (which comes bundled in Komplete) and Strum GS2 session. But I want to increase the library. I use it primarily as a background rhythm and not as a lead instrument. Thus, I would look for an instrument with lots of built in strumming patterns. Would this be a useful tool or should I go with ujam Amber or NI Strummed Acoustic 2 or the Pettinhouse acoustic bundle or the Riffendium ?
  7. SpeakSim seems good.... Might be similar Audiffied MixChecker..... Also how is their amp sim Dark Wolf? Has anyone tried it....
  8. Is that plugin so good ? Didn't give it much attention earlier to be honest....
  9. This seems to be a good deal
  10. Ashay Arekar

    UJAM BF Sale

    How is the SOLID 2? Incidentally, I'm also married to AD2.... Will SoLId2 be any useful? And does it have a good groove library?
  11. Got the VPRE-73 !!
  12. Guys, check this - https://bluetechaudio.com/product/fabfilter-fabfilter-pro-mb/ Add to cart and the price comes down to $126.86 Lots of other plugins too and you get additional upto 20% on the original discount
  13. Cassette makes everything sound so damn 80s..... I was looking for a plugin like this since a long time....
  14. Hey Zo, hold on for mine too.... I'll confirm as I'm demoing all 5 of them....
  15. Their effect boxes are equally good.... Sigmund & Repeater delay units, Syntorus chorus & I recently got the Godfazer modulation unit.... All are superb.... I have demoed Redoptor and loved it..... Not sure I can spare some cash for it now though
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