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  1. Thanks man. This came together nicely and hopefully we’re doing it justice. Larry, the first chunky E-guitar when the second verse comes in or that first pre chorus blow up??? Thanks for the mix comments, I’ve wondered how the reverbs are sitting on the vox as well. I never quite feel like I’m finished 😂
  2. Damn man this is really nice. Big mix, clear presentation, well played, and the vocalist had a nice voice and groove. My *only* suggestion would be bump those harmony vox by 1 db or so across the board.
  3. Haha It is questionably predictable and yes, forced, but when building drama early on it tricks your ears into thinking that first all in is way bigger than it is. Dichotomy is the only reason it’s there… Thanks man! It’s coming to together
  4. Hey Rikkie, thanks for the listen and suggestions. Oddly I have another set of guitars takes that are muted that are more chunky / rhythmic and I still feel it fights a little. I dropped the eq of the guitars a little in that low tenor range and they seem to fit a little better. Still not quite there…
  5. David Rossi

    Far Cry

    This a fun interesting track. A little quirky in both presentation and vocals and instrumentation and has a nice little groove moving with it. There’s almost no low end on the entire track tho and the drums could be pushed a little to give a bigger sound. I would also suggest maybe shortening it a little, as it starts to feel a little repetitive at almost 5 minutes. Dig it, nice work.
  6. Nice melodic sparse use of the guitar. Very impactful. Definitely a soundtrack looking for a short film feel…
  7. Hi all, Would love some critical mix feedback on below. Seem to be fighting the volume wars in the chorus and can’t tell if my ears are getting tired or it needs some readjustment. Kinda like the way it’s shaping up tho… The Underhills / Faith
  8. Thanks @KSband and @jack c.. We’re trying to record a full album stripped down ala the Milk Carton kids with just guitars and vocals, maybe a little piano here and there. Unfortunately my voice hasn’t left the grunge era lol. @treesha so much de-essing. My next task is to load the vocals in Melodyne and tamp those down. It is a sibilant nightmare track for sure. @markno999 this was a good suggestion. I have a tendency to overuse the UA EMT140 and just loaded up the Ocean Way on the last run as well as the hittsville chambers. See if I can back off the wetness a bit… @FreeEarCandy yes, I agree this track needs some housekeeping. Even the bleed through breaths on the guitar tracks are frustrating me. Gonna de-ess and try to back off some of the harshness that the neve high air EQ tends to give if overused. Thanks all for the listen
  9. This is a really nice faithful recreation. My only constructive suggestion is that the vocal cadence seemed maybe a little “straight” / robotic in a few places. That’s nitpicking tho cuz the notes are there and it was really nicely put together…
  10. David Rossi


    This kind of has a David Byrne feel to it? A little quirky and upbeat but with a somber message. I liked it. I agree with the other commentators tho I did have to work a little to understand the words. Michael Stipe made a career out of that tho so your mileage may vary on your intention. Good work…
  11. There’s a lot of Pink Floyd influence here, at least to my ears. The 2 things I would suggest is to reprocess the drums, they are too far back and overly compressed, and although I understand the vocal effect desired here, it is used throughout the song and muddying the mix and presentation. I would use it on certain parts of the song for affect, and then ditch it to get the vocals clearer, more up front. You’ll probably find it builds the drama a little more… My 2 cents. Overall nice tune…
  12. This is pretty wonderful. You do have a really nice and forward country voice and I like the vocal pads that fill it out. My only suggestion which may be a betrayal to its simplicity, is to add some color acoustic hooks / licks in the various emptiness under the strings. It’s a wonderful song, just maybe needs a little more break up the repetitiveness of the base tracks.
  13. Hey all, was an active member of the way old Sonar / cakewalk forum back in the day. Need a few mix comments for this. The parts seem there but the cohesive glue seems a little, eh, lacking? Buffalo Thanks for your time in advance…
  14. Weird behavior I am noticing with Melodyne plugin - When I create a region FX, the editor opens at the bottom dock. Workflow wise, I will then undock it and work free on my second monitor. However, if I undock and then minimize, there is seemingly no way I can ever seem to get the window back. Even new instances will not show the editor. I think it's there, I just think it's somewhere I cannot access. I would expect if I tiled or cascaded my windows it would show, but still, no avail. I have a project with 5 instances of Melodyne and none of the editor windows will now show. If I remove all instances of the plugin and then start anew, it will show up again at the bottom dock. But then I lose all my work. Using Melodyne 5.3.1 and CW build 21 / 2022.11 Helppppp
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