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  1. OK, I thought there was a way to have multiple controller pans on above the other. So I now have the controllers overlaid and see what you mean, but I don't like it, so I want to go back to how it was, and now I can't seem to get the controller NOT overlaid again...
  2. jkoseattle

    Wheel to zero

    In the PRV controller pane, I'm having trouble setting the wheel to zero. Seems I have to click exaaaactly on the zero line in the controller pane, and if I miss by even a pixel, CbB sets the wheel to that spot, making the instrument just slightly out of tune. There are a few ways I've tried this, but all of them seem to require having to get ridiculously precise with the mouse. There must be some easy way...?
  3. I swear there used to be a way to show more than one controller pane at the bottom of the PRV, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I can switch between them with those buttons, but I'd often way rather just have them both visible. How do I do this?
  4. I like to have PRV grid resolution set to follow snap settings. This usually works, but not always. Right now, and intermittently in the past, the grid resolution gets stuck and won't change, no matter what I choose. I've learned that the resolution setting in the upper right corner needs to be disabled for this to work, but now it is, and my grid resolution won't change.
  5. Is there any way to remove those "ghost clips" from the track folders in TV? Or at least make them non-selectable? I find them so distracting, and the ratio of presence on the page to actual usefulness is way low. For example, I can't drag to select a bunch of clips that span multiple folders without CbB thinking I'm selecting entire folders, so to do that I am forced to painstakingly select each track individually so that I don't inadvertently select one of those track folder clips and thereby select everything in the folder. It's enough to make me want to stop using folders altogether and rely on track colors, except that that comes with its own inconveniences.
  6. jkoseattle

    Project manifest?

    Thanks, this is pretty cool. It still doesn't list patches for tracks, but it's going to be useful anyway.
  7. jkoseattle

    Project manifest?

    Is there any way to print out a "manifest" of a project? I'm thinking a text document that lists every instrument, every plug in, every effect in a piece. I want to use the same guitar patch I used in project X and I don't remember which patch that was, so I have to open project X (in safe mode) and dig in to see it. When I've finished a piece, I'd love to be able to print out something that lists everything I used for future reference. I don't even know what such a thing would be called to look it up. Is there such a thing?
  8. Looks like Shift-Esc doesn't work in PRV.
  9. @Chuck E Baby At some point I probably changed it. what you're saying is Clear Selection. I don't have any keyy associated with that. Good idea to add one though for this very reason.
  10. jkoseattle

    Show Note Names - WOW!

    Talk about a feature I never knew I needed.... I'm so amped about the Show Note Names feature in the latest update. Didn't even occur to me that I would need this. OMG, that's going to be soooo helpful! THANK YOU BANDLAB!!
  11. Ye that's correct, sorry I forgot about Themes. I'm using Tungsten. I don't know what you're referring to. For me that adds a new Audio track.
  12. Yes. I understand what it does. What I don't understand is what advantage that gives me. What are some use cases where having the selection indicated by the green bar is better than how it used to be? Here's how it's worse: In PRV I selected a passage so that I could edit velocities. The green bar sits up there representing that selection. Now I want to add something else, to the track and I want to start right at the beginning of the selection. I used to be able to just click in the ruler to the start time I want, but now I can't do that because that's where the left handle of the green bar is. So I have to either de-select before I move the now time, slide the green bar out of the way, or drag the shuttle.
  13. I'm confused by that new green selection bar thing appearing in the timeline. what exactly is that getting me? I use the loop tool all the time which creates a similar bar in yellow, but I'm finding that green one just gets in the way most of the time. I see that it shows me the selected range, but I can see that in the main pane anyway and usually don't care that much. For example, when a loop range is selected, I often rewind to the start of the loop. Rewind doesn't put me to the beginning of the green bar though. Also, when I want to move the now time to the beginning of the green bar, I have to slide it out of the way so I can change the Now time. I do appreciate the mouse cursor change depending on what you're hovering over - that became instantly handy. But what exactly do we need that green bar for?
  14. jkoseattle

    Memory use oddness

    I have a project template which when loaded pretty much maxes out my RAM, about 6 Gb. I get a warning from CbB which I ignore. There are a few dozen EastWest instruments loaded. (Too much, I know.) Anyway, I unload 4 of these few dozen instruments and the memory usage shoots down to about 4 Gb, then when I check a few minutes later having changed nothing, it's down to 2 Gb. When I re-load the instruments I had unloaded a few minutes prior, the memory only goes back a little bit. So now my project has all the same instruments loaded that it had when I first opened it, but the memory usage shows ~2 Gb whereas it was over 6 Gb when I first opened it. Why is that?
  15. The newest version of CbB claims to have fixed the bug in which the Mouse cursor becomes boxed in Time Ruler when right-clicking Time Ruler Zoom. This appears to be fixed in Track View, but is still easily reproducible in PRV. As usual, Alt-Tab switching out of CbB and back in fixes it.
  16. Oh of course, I forgot about Ripple Edit, thank you.
  17. Big piece, full orchestra and rock band and multiple vocalists, about 60 tracks. I've decided I need to remove bars 88 and 89. From a musical standpoint it's extremely simple. Cut those two bars. Go straight from bar 87 to bar 90. But trying to accomplish that in CbB is a MAJOR PITA. Tried selecting all tracks, then highlighting just those two bars, with snap set to whole measure. I chose Edit > Delete Special, check every box in the dialog, and only SOME of the measures are deleted and the remainder slid over. Some just sit there stupidly and don't move. Every time I run into this hassle I'm astounded at how unmusical this action is. Is there some magic way I don't know about to simply cut a few bars from the whole piece ? This should be a very straightforward act. How do other people do this?
  18. jkoseattle

    Quick open?

    Wow, that was fast. Let me try it out.... OK, you have to hold SHIFT while clicking on the file name itself. You can't select the file, the hold SHIFT while you click the Open button. Works, thanks!
  19. jkoseattle

    Quick open?

    My projects are usually huge, taking over 10 minutes to load because of all the Play instruments it needs to load. That's fine, but sometimes I just want to look at a project to see a tempo marking or a measure number or whatever, I don't want to work on it, I just need to check something out real quick. Is there a way to open such a project quickly and tell it I don't need all the instruments to load, I just want a quick peek and out?
  20. 1) It takes over 10 minutes to load my project 2) Soak time! As you know, work on something for a long time and you can't hear it fresh anymore. It's a habit of mine to go away from a piece for an hour or three, then quickly pop in and take a listen, then maybe again a few hours later. You hear things that are now obvious that you'll miss otherwise. So I leave it open so I can pop in quickly. Maybe I should get in the habit of closing it at bedtime and then re-opening my project before I start making the coffee the next morning. Hmmm.... That's what's weird, the task manager never shows anything out of the ordinary. Though sometimes after I think I've exited out of CbB it will still show up in task manager, and I have to force quit that. (This never happens after a reboot of course) VST Plugins are a great idea to look into. I do have a few that I don't use really often but that sit patiently in some seldom-used Bus... hmmmmm.... Thanks! Never used any other DAWs. Blasphemer! I don't back up anything!! (But all data files are stored in Dropbox :-))
  21. Cakewalk is reliably unstable on my Windows 10 machine. While I do occasionally get the instant crash, which has over the years caused me to save compulsively as I work, the more reliable instability is that every morning when I get up to work, my project is frozen, and I need to end Cakewalk from Task Manager and restart. It always starts up just fine, but this is actually the NORM, not an exception. This is true regardless of whether anything else is running on the machine. Basically, I leave a Cakewalk project open overnight, and it's usually frozen by morning. Any idea why this is?
  22. So maybe it's that old habits die hard, or maybe <likely> I just never really knew what I was doing </likely>, but I am wondering about exporting to audio. for years when it's come time to export to audio I've painstakingly frozen every track and then exported, choosing the "What I Hear" preset. However, last week I wanted to export midway through the project, so I simply opened Adobe Audition, hit record, and simply played my project, which was then collected by Audition, then saved that as a wav. So now i'm wondering what the difference even is. My quickie export sounded as good as the painstaking export. Is there any reason I can't simply eschew my old method of freezing and exporting and simply play the beast while Audition is listening?
  23. I have an Instrument Track with Volume and Pan envelopes, and at some point they have stopped working entirely. I first thought it maybe had something to do with having frozen it, so I un-froze it and restarted CbB, same result. I can turn the knob and slider and that works fine. And I can write enable the track and when I move the knob and slider both actions create all kinds of appropriate envelope nodes. But then playing back immediately afterward and those fresh envelopes have no effect on the track. What am I doing wrong? I tried an adjacent track and it works as expected.
  24. Moments after posting this, I discovered that there was in fact no audio from the Midi track. I re-loaded the synth and all is good. So as not to waste a perfectly good post here, the questions are now: 1) Is there a known cause for synths to just up and quit and need to be re-loaded again? Is this a thing or is something wrong that I can fix? 2) Is there a way to freeze all tracks in one operation?
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