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  1. In my drunken youth I woke up with worse!
  2. If he goes down the modeling amp route i would not count out looking at the Boss Katana's. I picked up a Katana 50 ($250 )and love it. They have 50 and 100 watt combo's and heads.The 100's even have a connection to go straight to the power amp for people that play keyboards,etc. (See I was thinking about you too Bit). I'm an old geezer that likes classic tones too. https://www.boss.info/us/categories/amplifiers/katana/ Hopefully he has a place to go and check all these amps out?
  3. And the same type of people telling us they have the solution and fearmongering today will be doing the same then! Actually, if you look at the last three ice ages historically, it is suppose to happen about 5000 years from now. But, you better buy a bigger coat just in case.
  4. Hey Bob, "When I was a child, if the temperature got above 85 degrees, the headline on the Pompano Beach Town News screamed in giant headlines "IT'S A SCORCHER". And it rarely got over 85. Now 90s are common. That's global warming." Hey Bob, I do not know how old you are but I'm about 60. My time and your time is a speck compared to the history of the planet. How do you know that 90's is not the norm? It could be that is it was a cooling period when you were younger and what you thought was the norm was not the norm. What was the temp 300 years ago? "I grew up in Pompano and Las Olas Blvd and streets in Miami Beach never-ever flooded, even during King Tides. Now they flood on regular high tides. That's ocean rising." And I showed you a scientist that said that Miami is sinking at the same rate as the increase of sea levels ( due to it being built on swamp lands). It is also a fact that sea levels have been rising for around two hundred years. This is pre-combustion engine. But the fearmongers only solutions seem to be to force me to stop using fossil fuels and take my tax money. (Apparently, my use or anybody else's use of fossil fuels did not start this rise in sea levels.) "The ice caps are melting. The droughts are worse. The fires are worse. The reefs I used to skin-dive on as a child are dying, the naysayers are saying nothing is wrong, but to me the evidence speaks otherwise." And how many times have the ice caps melted before? How do you know droughts are worse now then a couple of hundred years ago? The country is only around 245 years old. Weather data has only been kept for how long? I'm not saying nothing is wrong. I'm saying these fearmongers do not know what is happening, are taking advantage of the changes happening whether it be natural or man-made,and are using it as a political tool to get there way. We was told back in the seventies that New York would be underwater by the year 2000, and that the oceans would be dead. Did it happen? I remember being told just ten years ago that we had til mid century to fix this so called problem, now they all say ten years. Every time a hurricane blows through the fearmongers start yelling climate change, global warming, etc. But as I showed the data says that storms were worse around the United States 1000 years ago then today. How has my behavior and use of fossil fuels made that worse? "So I will do my best to take care of what we have left. I think it's the civilized thing to do." And I commend and respect you for that Notes. Maybe if the fearmongers who use this as a political tool would actually use there time and resources to actually do things like creating better recycling programs, cleaning and trying to maintain the oceans, etc., instead of trying to control my behavior and take my money (taxes) they could actually make a difference. It's all about CONTROL!
  5. I would not fall for all that crisis crap "Notes", the earth is fine. As a matter of fact it is green and lush and thriving. Vegetation loves CO2. Here is a Nasa scientist in an interview that is eye opening to me. And he believes that humans are making an impact on the climate, but he put's it in perspective.
  6. Solar Panels on your roof... Oh wait, that has to be painted white. Put the panels on your lawn... Sorry, that is not very "GREEN" 😀
  7. It's called booze you lush. 😛 There is a organization called 'AA' that can fix it. But seriously I've had a snark for about 5 years and I have not noticed anything. ( except mine eats batteries ) I recently started using these about a month ago and so far I really like them and have not had to switch batteries yet. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/NSMicroClip2PK--daddario-planet-waves-pw-ct-12tp-ns-micro-tuner-2-pack
  8. You was offered a little "wengie" and you took cake? Must be some damn good cake! Or you are getting old. 😄
  9. CoveCamper

    Reason 11 Sale

    Reason Studios announces Reason 12 Reason Studios has announced today that Reason 12 is coming later this year. The new version, which will arrive about two years after the release of Reason 11, is set to bring many new features and a much improved user experience, Reason Studios says. According to the developer, one main goal for Reason 12 was to improve the Rack experience. To achieve this, they’ve made the user interface high resolution. Reason Studios says that you’ll be able to zoom in and out fit your setup, and they claim that all 3rd party Rack Extensions will be high-res ready on the day of the release. That’s pretty big news, and it has the potential to bring a significant improvement to the user experience. Reason 12 will also feature an all-new Sampler, which will be a significant upgrade to Reason’s current sampling capabilities. The new Sampler will cater to library playback and ad-hoc sampling, and feature „new ways to play your samples“, the company says. We’re curious what those will be! To bring it all together and ensure a smooth workflow, Reason Studios has also given the Combinator a complete overhaul. The developer says that they’ve implemented many user requests, such as more CV inputs and controls, as well as easier programming and more patches. The goal is to let you build Combinators that feel like new devices. You can create custom interfaces using your own images and custom panel sizes, and build your own set of macro controls. That sounds very nice! Last but not least, the new version of Reason will come with a new sound bank that takes advantage of all the new features. It’ll also include an improved browser, so you can find your stuff more easily. The weekly Reason+ packs will also make use of everything that’s new in Reason 12. Release date According to Reason Studios, Reason 12 will be released on September 1st, 2021. Reason+ subscribers will of course get access to the new version immediately when it arrives. We don’t have any pricing information at this point, but that’ll arrive when the release date nears. https://www.gearnews.com/reason-studios-reason-12/
  10. Some new music from the the Reverend Billy G.
  11. Wrong type Bass rack Ed. Here is what you are looking for.
  12. Those old Tascam cassette recorders can be expensive if tested working properly or refurbished ($200 to $500). You can buy a comparable new digital recorder for about the same price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133101265361?hash=item1efd7421d1:g:sKgAAOSw6w5dDd5J
  13. What? I was there and you did not show up. And I was stuck with the bill. Drank so much beer I could have bought a damn Cortex.🙄
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