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  1. You are supposed to start this fred after lunch dammit. Off to the store I go.
  2. Do not worry guys, it is just a temporary fix.
  3. My GAWD! First time hearing this. Thanks for ruining my morning coffee! 😀
  4. Well that sucks! Does that mean I can not dump my wife for a younger woman, buy a Ferrari or get hair plugs for over a year?
  5. You guys do not want to know what this guitarist is guilty of!!!! I'm just glad Floyd Rose can keep his mouth shut!!! And the time I left the bar with my guitar, that put a whole new meaning to the word "Pickup". Oh! And the time I almost broke my neck, let's just say I adjusted my truss rod a little to tight. BTW, I confess, Iam a noodler.
  6. I bought this DVD https://www.amazon.com/ZZ-Top-Texas-Frank-Beard/dp/B0018M6J72 about ten years ago and still to this day about once a month I pour a drink and sit down and watch it to the end.
  7. Who is the bigger jerk? You or the guitar for hanging around you for 35 years? 🤪 Tell the guitar if he is ready to retire I can give him an address of a old folks home he can hang out at until he dies!!!
  8. So, can I eat brown sugar or not?
  9. Well, it is World Farm Animal Day. I will go out and tip a cow for you Bit. Happy Birthday
  10. I wish the companies and people who put out these videos would mix it up with the sounds more. They all seem to use the same type sounds from the same genre of music (pop, electronic, dance, etc). Why not mix it up a little and put Modo Bass on the bassline, then put a metal type bass in there. Try an orchestral violin on the melody, some strings on the pads, an electric guitar on the chords.
  11. No, they are too old for Pete!
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