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  1. We went down to the beach a few weeks back and shot this. First time I've ever done a video for a song before. Well...that's not entirely true. The band I was in when I was 17 made a music video with a friend's camcorder. But, it was only watched by us and our parents and is currently (probably) under a diaper in a landfill somewhere. Anyway, kind of proud of how it turned out and just wanted to share it with folks.
  2. The forgetfulness certainly is written from a place of experience.
  3. Lee Neitzel

    Free Fall

    This is just begging to be in film. It has a great soundtrack quality to it. Excellent job on creating a moody atmosphere.
  4. So, I've heard the name Harry Styles...but never really clicked on anything before. Two things to note... 1 - He looks like the guy John Wick wanted to kill in the first movie. (Or we can call him Reek) 2 - I think I like your version better than his. It has a shoegaze quality that speaks to me.
  5. This kind of sounds like some vintage video game music. I could see myself killing some virtual nazis in a 32 bit environment with these sounds.
  6. Here is one I put out on the Spotify a couple weeks back. It's the first song I've "released" in over a decade. It's fun to be back on this horse.
  7. I like the subtle Ooo's happening in the background. Well produced song overall as well. I also really like the sound of that guitar. Nice and muted and lofi. Has a real campfire feel to it.
  8. Drilled into my head over and over and over... Literally!
  9. This is some very smooth smoothness! For me...for some reason I feel like the bass and drums are lacking an 'Oomph' in the mix. The bass seems plenty loud...so it might be the percussive stuff that isn't hitting for me. And, maybe this isn't the type of song where the bass and drums are supposed to slap...but for some reason I found myself missing that on this one.
  10. This is really fantastic. Great song and great visualizations. I could hear Neil deGrasse Tyson narrating something fantastic over this to those images.
  11. This one does not fit neatly into any box. I'd say the keyboards could come down...but that's just trying to fit the song into some sort of "vocal prominent" box. Awesome as is.
  12. This song is fantastic. A great vibe and performance all around. This would sit exceptionally well on a playlist with Peter Bjorn and John.
  13. Yea, that's me yodeling. And, thanks on the pic. At the end of November (when I do that no shave thing) I like to leave the stache for a day or so. My girlfriend hates it...so it's a lot of fun.
  14. I highly recommend picking one up. They're so cheap and actually record quite well. And, yea, they are little idea factories. Basically, it turns everything on it's head and I'm finding myself with ideas that I then move to a guitar sometimes. It's pretty fun attacking music on a new instrument. And, since it's stringed, you basically get to hit the ground running.
  15. So, it sort of organically grew into this thing where it evolved from the beachy thing to the pop thing. I might give your suggestion a go and try a couple versions. I kind of like how it builds and grows to something new. But, at the same time, hearing it keep the same feel would be a good A/B to see where it sounds best. Also, the bass and drums in here are generic placeholders (Still waiting on the drummer). But, do you think a full drum kit has a place in the lifted sections? Really appreciate the input and making me think outside my little box
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