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  1. I'm so glad Bandlab got you on board Sir!
  2. Dear CbB team and users, I love the DAW we have now and really don't long for new features - despite one that I think would be extremely innovative. One of the things that constantly can fool us mixers is loudness..nothing new here. But how cool would it be if CbB could at the click of a button compensate for the loudness in a processing chain? CbB already has the great disable all FX button for each track. What I would like to see is another button next to it that can turn loudness comparison on and off. So if you want your track to be louder as a result of your processing you can do that. But if for instance you want your initial fader mix to persist and don't compensate for added loudness via plugins this thing could be a great innovation. And it already exists, albeit in plugin form: https://www.tb-software.com/TBProAudio/ab_lm.html https://www.meterplugs.com/perception I'm using this for my mixes at the start and end of every plugin chain I have. It has drastically improved my mixing decisions. This would be truly forward thinking. If many of you like this please comment here and get a discussion going to show Noel and team that his would be a great feature. I would be over the moon. And I think the mixing community would look at this DAW and think: Wow, this is really smart, why doesn't my DAW have that?
  3. Just downloading but the fact that the bug fix list is so long makes me very happy indeed. I don't need new features. I need what is there to work and to be rock solid. My clients don't need new features they need this thing to be reliable. And it seems this is the direction you are taking. And I love it. Thank you and Bandlab team! I love this Software. If I had a magic wand there are only two things I would like to see: 1) Further improvements to plugin load balancing are always always very welcome. If CbB was to reach Reaper levels of efficiency I would be a very happy man. 2) If we could color markers in the time ruler comparable to Pro Tools my sessions would be even easier to maneuver. So for instance marker section A in red and marker section B in green etc.
  4. Can someone explain how "fast bounce rendering has been optimized" in more detail please? :)
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