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  1. Does anyone else have the problem that with the new NX Ocean way the headtracking app does not communicate with the VST? The other two NX versions (Regular NX and Abbey Road) work just fine.
  2. Seeing reall improvements in terms of engine session load in a heavy project with those latest improvements! Well done guys, I'm really grateful. If you were to ever add some adaptive CPU load processing like REAPER has I'd be in dream land.
  3. Now there is only Honey left if anybody wants the Harrison emulation, then please send me a PM:)
  4. Hi Noel, That would be a trade off I am happy to have in mixing Could be especially useful at higher sample rates. I am getting more and more of these sessions for blu ray audio. As an aside for further thought: Limitiing to 16 cores only brought benefits at 96khz. At 48 the performance is worse. Very interesting. My guess is there is some RAM/CPU communications going on here which Ryzen based systems seem to be very sensitive to.
  5. Indeed very interesting. Big thank you to you that you allows us to go into the engine that deep. I am afraid I dont know exactly what is going on there. I do have a lot of Scustica plugins so maybe limiting the cores forces them the to "stay in one lane"? If you want I can send my session to you if you want to analyse it. Also since you are here: Is it ever possible ti implement into Cakewalk something like a lookahead" processing liek Reaper has? For isntance my engine load is 90% but my CPU load only 20 so there are reserves if they could be adressed. Thats at 96khz with a 4096 buffer.
  6. Through experimentation I found a potential tweak for high thread count Ryzen CPUs such as my Ryzen 3950x. This tweak made a session run without crackles at 90% engine load compared to having crackles at 90% engine load. The tweak is setting the mix thread count in the config file to your actual cores in your CPU, not your logical ones. My Ryzen 3950x has 16 "real" cores/ 32 logical ones. Go into the config file under settings and set the max thread count to your real cores, in my case 16 and set the thread scheduling model to 2. Et voila! Let me know if this improves things for you.
  7. Hi folks, Acustica Audio has now enabled a license transfer feature where licenses can exchanged/sold among users. In true black Friday fashion I am selling some of my plugins listed below for 30 dollars In brackets is what they emulate. if you take more than one the others are half price, so 15 each. If you take them all you can have them for 60 USD . For an even more detailled look please check the Acustica emulations list: https://justpaste.it/AcusticaAudioAcquaMasterList Scarlett (Sontec) Aquamarine (Shadow Hills) Honey (Harrison) Lemon (Delay collection) Orange (Orban 627) If you want these get in touch
  8. Thanks Mark, I have attached a screenshot here showing my load at 96khz, 2048 bufferin Cakewalk running Ultramarine4 and Gold4 on a single track. CPU load is 1%, Engine load about 30%. Something seems odd here. Will also send this to Acustica of course.
  9. Thanks so much for being here Mark, appreciate that! SInce you are here can I please ask you this from my post above: I wrote: "As an aside for the Cakewalk staff reading this: Can you please look into optimising potentally the performance of Acustica plugins. Even though my engine performance imrpoved with this, I'm still getting 13% engine load at a CPU/System load of 1%!!!!! I'd be super grateful! " Do you have any idea why Cakewalk and Acustica have these load issues? meaning the discrepancy between engine load and CPU load in case i dont use jbridge was massive: 20% engine load at 1% CPU/system load. For full disclosure I only have SSD's, have a new 3XS system by Scan and Peter Kaine from Scan and I looked into everything with latency mon and bios and drivers. Its all up to date
  10. Thanks Tom same experience here. Even when switiching performance mode on in jbridge the latency is lower compared to BitBridge!
  11. Wow okay! I'm posting this in case any other Acustia Audio plugin fan ever googles this. Performance of Acustica plugins can be improved with Jbridge! Wrap your plugins from 64 bit to 64bit with jbridge by enabling the option for the plugin in the Cakewalk plugin manager. Then in the jbridge settings you will need to enable performance mode (otherwise there is no effect). This has reduced my engine load running 5 Acqua plugins from 20% to 13% at 48khz on a Ryzen 3950x with an RME interface. Very cool! As an aside for the Cakewalk staff reading this: Can you please look into optimising potentally the performance of Acustica plugins. Even though my engine performance imrpoved with this, I'm still getting 13% engine load at a CPU/System load of 1%!!!!! I'd be super grateful!
  12. Amazing! Will try that now! Do you happen to know the extra latency introduced by Jbridge?
  13. Hi guys, thanks for the answers. That is what I thought @msmcleod. Obviously with BitBridge there is an increase in latency as well but it does allow me to run more plugin intensive sessions. Isnt this a thing Cakewalk could implement? The option to run heavy plugins outside of the engine in a 64bit environment?
  14. Hi guys, I have Ryzen a 3950x, Windos 10 64bit and an RME ADi2 Pro FS. I love Acustica Audio plugins but of course they are crazy CPU hogs. When I run ten of those in a session my engine load maxes out and the playback stops for some reason. However, when I install them as 32bit plugins and let them load into Cakewalk via BitBridge my engine load is half of what they have when loaded directly as 64bit. Anyone got an idea why that is?
  15. Hi Matthew, You are awesome thank you! Yes that is indeed the Kush compressor!!!! How did you find this by the way? I've deleted the plugin and now it always works. Is there any way I can send you a Paypal donation? Thanks again!
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