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  1. Back in April of 2010 I ordered my i7 Pro + Studio DAW from Jim Roseberry and I am proud to say that it is still humming along as the only DAW in my studio! I have since upgraded the OS to Windows 10 and swapped out all the original hard drives for SSDs. It runs beautifully and is STILL powerful enough to handle my largest mixes! It is so quiet, I record my vocals just a few feet away from the DAW! I would highly recommend Jim's company. To top it all off, Jim is a great guy! This Cakewalk forum is also my number one musical resource. Many good people have given me great advice and help here. I've made major purchases for my music making based on advice from people like Jim Roseberry, Bapu, and CCLarry to name a few! Thank you all! Mark
  2. Nice Beatles cover PavlovsCat! Talk about a challenging song to take on! You absolutely nailed the Lennon vocals and his sound! The vibe of the song is spot on as well.
  3. Ironically, I was able to load this awesome plugin with no problem whatsoever but I can't remember the last time I received an IKMultimedia newsletter! I have probably signed up for it multiple times. (inbf: Yes I check my junk email folder regularly! ) It's not important as long I have CCLarry and friends alerting me to all the great deals here on this forum! Thank you! This is a great plugin...I have been sadly neglecting my IK guitar products. This will change that (as did the amazing 25th Anniversary Sale.) Thank you once again IKMultimedia! Vi siete davvero superati!
  4. MGC59

    Paperback Writer Cover

    Thanks again for the replies and advice! Deering Amps: I agree the vocals are a little loud...I do a lot of reference mix listening and no matter what I hear from the source recordings I always end up running the vocals on the loud side. 1960's Music Producers used to complain that Motown studio producers always had their tambourines, shakers and supplemental percussion instruments way over the top. Eventually everyone started doing it. I doubt my loud vocal "style" will catch on! I tend to double record all harmonies and pan them wider (various width differences between each vocal part) than the lead vocals to get some separation. Inevitably, this makes me mix the entire vocal section too hot. Thanks for pointing it out!
  5. MGC59

    Paperback Writer Cover

    Thanks again everybody! (Lynn Wilson I am a big fan of your work as well!) I finally got back on the DAW and see what Plugins I forgot to mention on my previous post. The new Lead Vocal chain (thanks to IKMultimedia) Is an instance of TR5 Suite with White Channel/Black76 compressor and EQP-1A (Vintage Presence Preset) The Backing Vocals are almost the same without the EQP-1A and an added De-Esser to reduce the sibilance from all the vocal layering. All the vocals few to a short delay in Nomad Factory's Vintage Oilcan Echo/Delay which went to a Valhalla Room Plugin called "Golden Plate" I lengthen the Predalay to give the vocals some room. The Tremolo effect was done with a cool little free plug called PanCake2 by a company called CableGuys. (https://www.cableguys.com/pancake.html) The lead guitar is actually two guitars...one a Les Paul through a Scuffam S-Gear version of a Marshall Plexi called the Stealer. Everything is pegged to 10! which is apparently what the Beatles did. The other Lead Guitar is the Musiclab Rick through the Scuffham S-Gear Wayfarer amp. Both are dirty sounding and panned to 50% on each side. I had to add some Flange effect from the Scuffham on the Rick to get that nasally sound. I also mixed up the rhythm guitar parts between the two so that it broke up the repetitiveness. The guitar licks were identical to give it a bigger doubled sound without wasting another track. There is a 3rd guitar just strumming a long open chord on the 2nd beat of the measure and it was another Rick through a Scuffham clean amp called the Jackal. I kept all instrument effects to a minimum and relied on the vocal effects to fill out the sound. Since the entire mix came out to be 13 tracks total (7 for instruments) I was able to put individual compression on every channel. That helped a lot with the clarity. I've always made my own mastering chains but that is going to change with Lurssen Mastering Console. This mix was done using just their Pop Rock (More Glue) preset. I made no changes to the preset even though it is highly editable. It just worked and made EVERYTHING come together. I also grabbed some IKMultimedia Mastering software and haven't tried them out yet. I may not bother. It is always good to have other options though. Thanks again for all the kind responses. I hope to post more tunes as soon as I lower the learning curve on all these new plugin toys!
  6. MGC59

    Paperback Writer Cover

    Thank you Erik and Jack! I'm not on the computer right now so this is what I remember.... The latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab was used... The virtual Instruments are: Superior Drummer (Ayotte Kit w/Tama Snare), Scarbee Rickenbacker Muted Bass, MusicLab Real Rick through S-Gear Marshall Plexi and S-Gear Tweed. MusicLab RLP is the rythmn guitar. Another Real Rick played a long chord on the 2nd beat of all the verses.... Vocals had IK Multimedia White Channel, Black Compressor, and the De-Esser....plus the Vintage 670 compressor on the bass. There is a Black Compressor on the drums as well. The main vocal Delay is Oil Can Delay by a company whose name escapes me and the Golden Plate from Valhalla. I mastered the entire mix on Lurssen Mastering Console using the Rock (Pop) setting with more glue. Lurssen really made it all shine.....I made no adjustments.....it just worked. I also use Waves Vox Renaissance on all the vocal takes (which were many 12+) It is my go to 1st plugin for vocals..... I'll correct my memory lapses tomorrow when I am back on the DAW
  7. After a few months of sifting through all the IKMultimedia Plugins acquired in the amazing 25th Anniversary Sale I finally used a bunch to create this cover of one of my favorite Beatles songs. I tried to stick to their version as much as possible and use the original amp and Guitar plugin simulations as well. The real acid test was mastering it all with The Lurssen Mastering Console, which passed with flying colors. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers! Mark
  8. Has anyone else had problems getting this amp due to Custom Shop not updating to the current version? IK Manager will only reinstall CS version 2.0.0, which IK Support told me is the older version....they could not provide me with a link to the latest version and I have scoured their website to no avail. Thanks Mark
  9. MGC59

    Talk (Coldplay Cover)

    Thanks for the comments and tips! Sorry I've been away from the forum for a while..... Bajan Blue - I pretty much always use Music Lab's Real Guitar for acoustics and 12 Strings, Real Les Paul and very occasionally, Real Strat. I believe I used through S-Gear on this one and there was some layering. Wookie - I have learned after almost 40+ years of gigging to hone my mimicing skills. It's a lot easier these days not being in smokey clubs any more. Thanks again for the feedback! Cheers! Mark
  10. MGC59

    Talk (Coldplay Cover)

    I agree on the drums with you both. I usually use Superior Drummer 3 but it wasn't playing well with Cakewalk and Kontakt. Now that the SSD drives have restored some order I will go back to using it. SD3 has a lot of fat kick drum choices! Thanks for the advice! Cheers! Mark
  11. I've been away from music for a while. I was also having so much trouble with my Octa-capture (or so I thought) that it made recording almost impossible. This tune was the last song done with countless crashes. I finally installed a 1TB SSD on the C Drive and almost all my problems went away! It's like I bought a brand new PC, considering that it was purchased 9 years ago from Jim Roseberry and it is still kicking butt! Anyway, this is my 1st attempt at recording a complete song in a long time. While I'm not a huge Coldplay fan but I came to appreciate the synth sounds that they layer behind their music. They use a lot of sounds on top of one another and effects to create their sonic background. Fat, rich tones that are usually slightly out of tune. As always, this was recorded in my home studio using Cakewalk by Bandlab and a plethora of virtual instruments. No real instruments were harmed or even touched in the making of this recording. Enjoy! Mark
  12. Larry, I have played in several pretty successful Floyd tribute bands (PFX, Floyd FX and Pink Froyd in San Diego) Nice work on the mix. You nailed their DSOM reverb. My only wish is that the hi harmonies were brought up just a tiny bit more. Bravo my friend! Mark
  13. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Thanks everyone. Believe it or not no guitars were harmed nor played in the making of this recording. All programmed on Sonar with MusicLab's Real Guitar. The Goo Goo Dolls John Rezeznik uses alternative tunings on a lot of their songs. This particular song the tuning rendered my only acoustic almost unplayable. I also couldn't keep it in tune. Using Real Guitar I was able to layer in a 12 string (which I do not own) and a few other guitars to fatten the mix up a little. Thanks for listening! Mark
  14. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Thank you Paul!
  15. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Thank you Lynn! I actually filled up that page and am in the process of starting a 2nd soundcloud page....as always I enjoy you tunes as well! Take care and thanks for your kind words! Mark
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