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  1. Has anyone else had problems getting this amp due to Custom Shop not updating to the current version? IK Manager will only reinstall CS version 2.0.0, which IK Support told me is the older version....they could not provide me with a link to the latest version and I have scoured their website to no avail. Thanks Mark
  2. MGC59

    Talk (Coldplay Cover)

    Thanks for the comments and tips! Sorry I've been away from the forum for a while..... Bajan Blue - I pretty much always use Music Lab's Real Guitar for acoustics and 12 Strings, Real Les Paul and very occasionally, Real Strat. I believe I used through S-Gear on this one and there was some layering. Wookie - I have learned after almost 40+ years of gigging to hone my mimicing skills. It's a lot easier these days not being in smokey clubs any more. Thanks again for the feedback! Cheers! Mark
  3. MGC59

    Talk (Coldplay Cover)

    I agree on the drums with you both. I usually use Superior Drummer 3 but it wasn't playing well with Cakewalk and Kontakt. Now that the SSD drives have restored some order I will go back to using it. SD3 has a lot of fat kick drum choices! Thanks for the advice! Cheers! Mark
  4. I've been away from music for a while. I was also having so much trouble with my Octa-capture (or so I thought) that it made recording almost impossible. This tune was the last song done with countless crashes. I finally installed a 1TB SSD on the C Drive and almost all my problems went away! It's like I bought a brand new PC, considering that it was purchased 9 years ago from Jim Roseberry and it is still kicking butt! Anyway, this is my 1st attempt at recording a complete song in a long time. While I'm not a huge Coldplay fan but I came to appreciate the synth sounds that they layer behind their music. They use a lot of sounds on top of one another and effects to create their sonic background. Fat, rich tones that are usually slightly out of tune. As always, this was recorded in my home studio using Cakewalk by Bandlab and a plethora of virtual instruments. No real instruments were harmed or even touched in the making of this recording. Enjoy! Mark
  5. Larry, I have played in several pretty successful Floyd tribute bands (PFX, Floyd FX and Pink Froyd in San Diego) Nice work on the mix. You nailed their DSOM reverb. My only wish is that the hi harmonies were brought up just a tiny bit more. Bravo my friend! Mark
  6. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Thanks everyone. Believe it or not no guitars were harmed nor played in the making of this recording. All programmed on Sonar with MusicLab's Real Guitar. The Goo Goo Dolls John Rezeznik uses alternative tunings on a lot of their songs. This particular song the tuning rendered my only acoustic almost unplayable. I also couldn't keep it in tune. Using Real Guitar I was able to layer in a 12 string (which I do not own) and a few other guitars to fatten the mix up a little. Thanks for listening! Mark
  7. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Thank you Paul!
  8. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Thank you Lynn! I actually filled up that page and am in the process of starting a 2nd soundcloud page....as always I enjoy you tunes as well! Take care and thanks for your kind words! Mark
  9. MGC59

    Name (Cover)

    Been away for a few years....Here is my cover version of the 1995 Goo Goo Dolls song "Name" done in my home studio last year using Sonar. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/mark-casta/name-cover Mark Casta Sonar Platinum by Bandlab Version: (64-bit), Roland Octa-Capture Intel i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz 2.83 GHz 12 GB RAM Windows 7 SP1 64-bit OS, A-800Pro Controller, Acronis True Image Home 2011,
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